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    Data tracking used by this website

    This website uses cookies to record information about user behaviour. A cookie is a piece of code that creates a file on your computer to track the pages that you view on our website. This information is collected so that we may provide you with a better web service.

    This data cannot be used to identify individuals or any personal information. The aggregate data is collected and stored on our internal servers only and accessed only by authorised staff. We do not share this information with any other agency.

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    Personal information submitted to the Department of Internal Affairs

    The Department of Internal Affairs collects personal information to assist with the provision of a variety of services (For example, in the provision of passports and birth certificates). You may browse and access information contained within this website without providing personal information, however, where you voluntarily provide personal information (e.g. through online forms) we will only keep and use that information for the purpose with which it was collected.

    Information matching and disclosure

    The department will not disclose personal information provided by you to any third parties, except where authorised by statute. Information provided by you may be used by other government agencies to allow more effective verification of information including your identity. This is important for maintaining the integrity of our services and to help in assessing your eligibility for various services. Information matching is carried out in accordance with Part 10 of the Privacy Act and is monitored by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. See more about information matching.

    Information sharing with Inland Revenue

    The department has entered into an Information Sharing Agreement with Inland Revenue to provide contact details from adult passport renewals or applications.

    Inland Revenue will use this information to make contact with overseas-based student loan borrowers in default and child support liable parents living overseas (either in default or whose contact details are out of date).

    A copy of the Information Sharing Agreement is available online at or at:

    Inland Revenue
    Asteron Building
    Level 5
    12-22 Featherstone Street
    Wellington 6011

    Confirmation Service

    The Confirmation Service allows approved organisations to electronically check certain identity information. This check determines whether an individual’s supplied identity information is consistent with the information held by the Department.

    This is allowed under the Identity Information Confirmation Act 2012 (Legislation website). The individual’s consent is required before organisations can perform any checks.

    The Confirmation Service helps to prevent identity-related crimes and assists organisations to provide products and services more efficiently.

    Further privacy information

    Much of the personal information collected from individuals relates to births, deaths, marriages, civil union services, name changes, passports and citizenship. Click here for further information on privacy issues and personal information as relates to births, deaths, marriages, civil union services, name changes, passports and citizenship.

    Concerns or feedback

    If you wish to view any personal information held by the department or you have concerns about the personal information we hold, please email us at:

    Or write to:

    The Privacy Office
    Department of Internal Affairs
    PO Box 805
    Wellington 6140

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