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Leniency and co-operation policies adopted

7 April 2010

The Department has introduced leniency and co-operation policies to assist in preventing and detecting behaviour that contravenes the Gambling Act 2003.

Under the policies, immunity from proceedings is available where the Department has not commenced an investigation or attained suitable evidence during an investigation. Where the Department has already progressed an investigation, concessions may be available to persons who co-operate and are able to assist in any proceedings.

National Manager Compliance Debbie Despard says the policies apply to all gambling conducted in New Zealand and are available for all illegal activities ranging from underground casinos to breaches of the conflict of interest provisions involving gaming machine operations (e.g. a person receiving a benefit with a condition attached).

"The policy particularly lends itself to disrupting arrangements involving several parties seeking to capture gaming machine funding. If you wish to know whether the Department’s leniency and co-operation policies will apply to you or your organisation, you (or your advisers) may approach the Department for clarification," said Debbie Despard.

"The Department will deal with such inquiries on a 'hypothetical' or 'off the record' basis. Any information provided to the Department in this context will not be used by the Department for any purpose other than to provide the requested clarification."

If you wish to make an inquiry about immunity from proceedings or co-operation, please contact Debbie Despard on: (04) 494 0617 or 021 246 3928, or email:

The complete policy, contacts and associated documentation is available on the Department’s website

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Leniency and Co-operation Policy .pdf (54k)*
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Media contact:

Debbie Despard, National Manager, Compliance
Ph (04) 494 0617; Cell 021 246 3928

Mike Hill, Director, Gambling Compliance Group
Ph (04) 495 9449; Cell 021 979 427

Nicola Grindle, Communications Advisor
Ph (04) 495 9399; Cell 027 460 5292