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The process for transferring gaming machines from one society to another changed with the implementation of the Electronic Monitoring System (EMS). View information for step-by-step instructions on the new process.

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Venue Transfers

So you are connected to EMS and transferring gaming machines to your society. What do you do?

1) Obtain a letter from the venue’s current society stating that they would like to surrender their Class 4 Venue Licence. To ensure a ‘seamless’ transition, incoming and outgoing societies may negotiate a future surrender date.

Note: The date on the letter from the society surrendering the class 4 venue licence is the date that the society must ensure its class 4 gambling ceases at the venue.

You cannot surrender Class 4 Venue Licences on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday and if you choose to surrender machines on a Friday they will not be able to be operated until the following Tuesday.

2) Complete a ‘New Class 4 venue’ application form, and ensure that it is signed by two trustees or officers of the applicant society.

Note: You must include the following information when you return the form:
  • Completed Personal Information forms for all key persons
  • Approved venue agreement between all named parties
  • Venue specific harm minimisation policy
  • Evidence of ownership of the gaming machines detailed in the application
  • Financial agreements if finance is being sought to purchase the gaming machines
  • A floor plan certified by the venue operator
  • Liquor licence (if applicable)
  • Territorial Authority consent (if applicable).
3) Send the application form and information listed above to the Department of Internal Affairs.

Note: The Department will process the application as soon as possible. We are committed to processing it within 20 working days.

4) On the surrender date the venue manager must read meters, clear cash from the gaming machines and contact the Intralot Help Desk to decommission the machines before midnight.

Note: Machines must not be operated until they are re-commissioned on the second working day after the surrender date. EMS will generate reports if the machines are operated during this time.

5) Arrange for a service technician to arrive on the second working day after the surrender date. The service technician will contact the Intralot Help Desk to commission the machines.

Note: EMS reports will be available from 9am on the day after the machines are commissioned.

Following this process ensures Intralot are able to electronically disable machines while they are still connected to a working Site Controller. If machines are not decommissioned correctly, they will not be able to reconnect to EMS.

Venue transfer timetable

If venue manager calls Intralot to surrender machines on:Gambling may resume once service technician calls Intralot on:
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Saturday No surrender
SundayNo surrender

For more information see the EMS website or contact the EMS support team.

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