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Crime Prevention Projects - Evaluation Report

This report is an evaluation of five crime prevention projects administered under the Community Project Workers Scheme (CPWS) in communities around New Zealand.

The evaluation provides process and outcome information. It also discusses best practice and recommendations for the projects, the Department of Internal Affairs, and Government administrators generally.

The complete Report and Reports sections are available below as .pdf format downloads. To read or print these documents, you need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download this program free from the Adobe site.

Download the document you want in .pdf format by clicking on a link below:

Complete Report: Community Project Workers Scheme Crime Prevention Projects: Evaluation Report (full report) 700k

Executive Summary: (pages 3-10 of complete report) 92k

Introduction: (pages 11-20 of complete report) 83k

Discussion and Analysis: Overall findings (pages 21-32) 146k

Individual Case Studies: References (pages 167-168) 10k

Appendices: Reporting format, questionnaires, client interview schedules etc (pages 169-218) 363k