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The following publication was produced by the Department of Internal Affairs' Research Unit and published in 1989. It documents censorship issues, policy and practice in New Zealand from the colonial period until the 1980s. See our Disclaimer and Copyright information.

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(Title page, Acknowledgements, Foreword, Contents. Pages 1-19: Introduction, The Early Years, The Modern System is Founded, Early Film Censorship, Political Censorship.) (Pages 20-39: The Comics Scare, Publications Censorship Reformed, Film Censorship in the 50s and 60s, Theatre and Broadcasting, Recent Censorship Issues.) (Pages 40-46: Conclusion, Appendix- A Chronology of Censorship History, Bibliography.)

Publication details

Censored: A Short History of Censorship in New Zealand
By Paul Christoffel, Research Officer, Department of Internal Affairs
Monograph Series No. 12
Research Unit
Wellington, 1989
ISSN 0112-1502
ISBN 0-477-05633-4

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