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The Minister of Local Government has directed the Department of Internal Affairs to post the following Cabinet paper and minutes on its website. These papers are released consistent with the Official Information Act 1982.

Some parts of these documents are not available for release, and some deletions have been made to these published documents consistent with the provisions of the Official Information Act 1982 (Part 1, Section 9 [2] f, g & h) for the withholding of information.

About the Cabinet paper

The paper proposes a review of local authority transparency, accountability and financial management mechanisms. It encompasses mechanisms for strategic planning, financial management, accountability to ratepayers and citizens, and ratepayer and citizen participation in decision-making.

To read a paper, click on the highlighted title below:
  • Cabinet paper EGI (09) 44 - 6 April 2009 (.pdf) 620k
    Improving Local Government Transparency, Accountability and Fiscal Management
  • EGI Min (09) 6/10 - 8 April 2009 (.pdf) 35k
    Minute of Decision of the Cabinet Economic Growth and Infrastructure Committee
  • Cab Min (09) 13/6 - 20 April 2009 (.pdf) 30k
    Minute of Decision of Cabinet (Report of the work of the Economic Growth and Infrastructure Committee: Period Ended 17 April)

The papers are all in .pdf format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe site.

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