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These Guiding Principles for the Use of Biometric Technologies were produced by the Cross Government Biometrics Group (CGBG), an inter-agency group chaired by the Department of Internal Affairs. They should be used by agencies to inform decision making when considering biometric technologies for identity-related business processes. They are best applied early in the scoping, analysis and design phases of a project. Download or print out the PDF version of the document below:

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About the Cross Government Biometrics Group

The CGBG was formed in 2007 in response to the growing interest within the State sector in the use of biometric technologies for identity processes and the need for active co-ordination. Their role is to provide leadership on biometric technologies, and to ensure that relevant information and experiences are shared across government. This should ensure the State sector takes a well informed, coordinated and managed approach to the use of biometric technologies.

Members of the CGBG at May 2009 included: Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Department of Labour (Immigration), Inland Revenue, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Development, New Zealand Customs Service, New Zealand Police, New Zealand Transport Agency and Department of Internal Affairs. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has observer status on the CGBG.