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Factsheets on commonly used documents

Factsheets provide details about documents that are commonly used during identification processes. They are listed in alphabetical order and provide information about the purpose of the document, how it is issued and the key features for verifying the document, including images.

Currently they also contain what aspect of the now replaced EOI Standard they meet. This will be progressively removed and may be replaced with updated information to reflect the controls in the new Identification Standards.

Some of these documents are issued based on unverified information and organisations should consider the issuance process, the purpose and information contained in the document and the level of identification-related risk in their service, before deciding to incorporate any of these documents into their identification processes.

Birth Certificate (pdf 286kb)
Certificate of Identity (Immigration) (pdf 250kb)
Certificate of Identity (Passports) (pdf 405kb)
Citizenship Certificate (pdf 289kb)
Civil Union Certificate (pdf 164kb)
Community Services Card (pdf 255kb)
Death Certificate (pdf 281kb)
Driver Licence (pdf 281kb)
Emergency Travel Document (pdf 359kb)
Firearms Licence (pdf 284kb)
Immigration Visa (pdf 384kb)
International Driving Permit (pdf 156kb)
Kiwi Access Card/18+ Card (pdf 75kb)
Licensed Building Practitioner ID Card (pdf 262kb)
Marriage Certificate (pdf 256kb)
Name Change Certificate (pdf 155kb)
Passport (pdf1mb)
Refugee Travel Document (pdf 389kb)
Steps to Freedom Form (pdf 155kb)
SuperGold Card (pdf 274kb)

Supporting documents and information

These additional Factsheets provide general information on other documents/records that can be used to support identification.
Adoption Records (pdf 144kb)
Confirmation Original Grant of Residence (pdf 152kb)
Credit and Bank Cards and Financial Statements (pdf 169kb)
Gender Reassignment (pdf 165kb)
Inland Revenue Number (pdf 163kb)
Professional Registrations (pdf 152kb)
Qualifications (pdf 144kb)
Store Cards (pdf 144kb)
Student and Employee ID Cards (pdf 144kb)
Utility Accounts (pdf 143kb)

These documents are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe site.

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