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Pursuant to Section 39 of the Public Finance Act 1989

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The Department of Internal Affairs is a recognised leader in public service – known for innovation, essential to New Zealand, and trusted to deliver.


The Department of Internal Affairs serves and connects citizens, communities and government to build a strong, safe nation.

Part One: Outcomes

Part Two: Statement of Forecast Service Performance

Part Three: Forecast Financial Statements

Declaration by the Minister and Chief Executive of Internal Affairs

This Statement of Intent outlines Government expectations of the Department of Internal Affairs in 2005/06. The information contained in the Statement of Intent is consistent with the policies and performance expectations of the Government.

The Statement also sets out the strategic outcome framework for the Department’s operations and activities over the next three years. The relevant sections have been agreed with the Department’s other Vote Ministers (Community and Voluntary Sector, Emergency Management, Local Government, Ministerial Services and Racing).

The Statement of Intent is the principal public record of the decisions of the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Chief Executive of the Department of Internal Affairs on the overall direction of the Department and the alignment of strategies and resources to support that direction. It also identifies environmental factors impacting on the work of the Department and risks to be managed in achieving the desired outcomes and in maintaining Departmental capability.

Information is also provided on the shorter-term work programme. The Statement also includes performance information to enable progress to be measured, financial forecasts for 2005/06, and other technical requirements of the Public Finance Act 1989.

Minister's signature
Hon George Hawkins

Minister of Internal Affairs

Chief Executive's signature
Christopher Blake

Chief Executive

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Chief Executive's Overview

This Statement of Intent is the 4th produced by the Department. A look back over these statements and the corresponding achievements reported in our Annual Reports shows our success in improving the coherence and clarity of our reporting, and the improvements we have made in our effectiveness.
Everything we do works towards outcomes of support for central government, making our communities stronger, sustainable and safer, and ensuring trust in the records establishing each New Zealander’s identity as a part of those communities.

Because we focus on outcomes, we now see the Department as “one organisation” - an understanding previously obscured by the diversity of our tasks and legislation.

We are the oldest government department, and the only department which provides direct, continuing personal services to every Minister. We take seriously our purpose to serve and connect citizens, communities and government to build a strong, safe nation.
The strategy which underlies this Statement of Intent responds to the new legislative roles and responsibilities given to us by reform of laws governing local government, civil defence, citizenship, gambling and civil unions.

We face challenges of critical importance for New Zealand’s future. Issues of national security and identity of citizens are now linked throughout the world in the struggle to contain terrorism. The democracy threatened by terrorism is at the same time being strengthened by the Department’s work in building stronger links between central and local government, and promoting the community outcomes process. By 2021 it is expected that one in five of us will come from an ethnic background. The Department supports ethnic communities in their dealings with government and this also strengthens our nation.

Threats to safety are not limited to those of human instigation. Natural disaster awareness is now at a high point for recent years. The Department is well-placed to take advantage of this in helping citizens prepare for the role we must each take up when disaster strikes.

The uncertainties and risk of our world can confound and frustrate the most careful and detailed planning. We are implementing strategies to manage risk and improve our capacity. We are developing new leaders, improving our recruitment and the way we manage our performance. We are reviewing our technology.

All this is done in the context of new business arrangements which strengthen the Department’s central services and leadership, and use the resources of our “one organisation” to improve the work of all its parts.

The old adage remains true: “ma whero, ma pango, ka oti te mahi”. Every one of us, the staff of the Department, has a clear contribution to make to the work with which the government has entrusted us. I look forward, in the Annual Report of 2005/06, to reporting on the way we have delivered on this trust.

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