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G.7 (2005)

The Department of Internal Affairs - Te Tari Taiwhenua

Annual Report

for the year ended 30 June 2005

Presented to the House of Representatives
pursuant to Section 39 of the Public Finance Act 1989


Section 1: Chief Executive’s Overview

Section 2: About Us
Our Business, Our Organisation
Legislation We Administer

Section 3: Year in Review
Strong, Sustainable Communities/Hapu/Iwi
Safer Communities
New Zealand and International Communities Trust the Integrity of New Zealand’s Records of Identity
Executive Government is Well Supported
Reducing Inequalities

Section 4: Performance Information
Statement of Responsibility
Audit Report
Statement of Service Performance:
Section 5: Financial Information
Accounting Policies
Financial Performance
Financial Position
Cash Flows
Net Surplus to Net Cash Flow from Operating Activities
Movements in Taxpayers’ Funds
Contingent Assets and Liabilities
Unappropriated Expenditure
Memorandum Accounts
Departmental Appropriations and Expenditure
Notes to the Financial Statements
Departmental Financial Results
Non-Departmental Statement of Accounting Policies
Non-Departmental Financial Statements and Schedules
Non-Departmental Schedule of Expenses
Schedule of Non-Departmental Expenditure and Appropriations
Statement of Non-Departmental Unappropriated Expenditure
Schedule of Non-Departmental Assets
Schedule of Non-Departmental Liabilities
Statement of Non-Departmental Commitments
Statement of Non-Departmental Contingent Assets and Liabilities
Notes to the Non-Departmental Financial Statements
Trust Money Administered on behalf of the Crown