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Infringement Notice Process

The infringement notice process is set out in the
Gambling Act 2003 and the Summary Proceedings Act 1957. These Acts detail the way in which infringement notices may be served and the administrative process relating to them.

Gambling Inspectors may issue infringement notices when they believe a person has committed one of a number of offences that are prescribed as an infringement offence in Schedule 6 of the Gambling Act.

Gambling Inspectors may serve the notice personally or post it to the person’s address. The notice is then deemed to have been legally served.

Action must be taken no later than 28 days after the notice was issued. If the infringement fee is paid within 28 days after the issue of the notice, no further proceedings will be taken.

If you wish to deny the offence, or give an explanation as to why you committed the offence, you must contact the Department of Internal Affairs, in writing, within 28 days after the notice was issued. You may also choose to have the matter heard in Court. If the matter is not progressed in some way within the 28 days, a reminder notice will be sent to your last known address.

If, after another 28 days, the matter has not been resolved, the issuing authority will usually lodge the matter with the Court as an unpaid infringement fee. It then becomes a matter for the Department for Courts. Additional costs are added to the original fee.

Options Available

A brief summary of your rights and obligations is given on the back of the infringement notice.
  • If the fine is paid within 28 days, no further action will be taken.
  • If you wish to offer an explanation, deny the offence and request a court hearing or admit the offence but make written submission to the Court for consideration, you must write to the Department of Internal Affairs.
The Department of Internal Affairs may:
  • Withdraw the infringement notice and fee
  • Reject your explanation and require you to pay the fine. If your explanation is not accepted you will be sent a letter advising you of this and outlining any further options you may have (paying the fee, denying the offence at a court hearing, or admitting the offence in a court hearing and making written submission to the Court for consideration).

Paying Infringement Fees

Infringement fees can be paid by cash or cheque at any branch of Westpac Trust. You must ensure you have the infringement notice or reminder notice with you for the bank to be able to accept payments, OR you can send a cheque to:

GCG Infringement Officer
Department of Internal Affairs
PO Box 10-095

For further information regarding processes related to fines, refer to the following organisations:
  • Department for Courts
  • Citizens Advice Bureau

Requests for Review or Complaints

All requests for a review of notice and/or complaint must be made in writing and sent to the above address. All requests are acknowledged and responses take a minimum of seven days.

Please include the following in your written correspondence:
  1. The notice number
  2. Your full name and address
  3. A contact telephone number.

  • The person named in the notice must sign the letter
  • The letter should include a copy (no originals) of any supporting documentation you have.
  • Since requests require a physical signature, we cannot accept letters via email.

What is the Infringement Fee For?

Gambling Act 2003, Schedule 6 - Infringement offences

Provision Description of offenceFees ($)
s 16Advertising overseas gambling prohibited $5,000
s 82Certain information that must be displayed at class 4 venue$2,500
s 83Obligation to provide information on disposal of gaming machines$2,500
s 84Prohibition on certain gaming machines in class 4 venue$5,000
s 104Requirement to bank gaming machine profits $2,500
s 105Requirement to bank interest, investment return, etc, on gaming machine profits$2,500
s 110Publication requirements for corporate societies $2,500
s 117Failure to provide information Secretary requires for investigation and audit$2,500
s 121Casino branding $5,000
s 172(2)Operating outside restricted hours $5,000
s 175Information that must be displayed to customers in casino venue$2,500
s 176Failure to provide training for employees $2,500
s 179Obligation to provide information on disposal of gaming machine$2,500
s 180Prohibition on certain gaming machines in casino venue$5,000
s 203(6)Licensed promoter may only be employed by society as licensed promoter$500
s 213Requirement of licensed promoter to render an account to a society$1,000
s 251(2)Person other than broadcaster who publishes or broadcasts announced result of New Zealand lottery$100
s 267Protection of name of Lotteries Commission $2,500
s 268Protection of product names of Lotteries Commission $2,500
s 301(1)Restriction on purchasing a ticket in an instant game or similar game by person under 18 years$500
s 302(1)Restriction on class 4 gambling by person under 18 years$500
s 303(1)Restriction on casino gambling by person under 20 years$500
s 308(5)Requirement to display notice of policy for identifying problem gamblers$2,500
s 312(1)Breach of an exclusion order issued under section 309 or section 310$500