Public notification of an application for a resource consent under the Resource Management Act 1991.

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About the notification

Resource Management Act 1991

As Territorial Authority for Motiti Island, the Minister of Local Government has received a Land Use consent application to erect a residential building on Motiti North C1 Block, Motiti Island.

The proposal is a non-complying activity in the Te Tai Whenua/Rural Zone in the Motiti Island Environmental Management Plan (MIEMP) and it has been determined in accordance with section 95C of the Resource Management Act 1991, that the application shall be fully notified.

Have your say (submissions now closed)

Submissions on this notification closed on Monday 8 June 2020.

Supporting material

Resource consent application to the department of Internal Affairs (PDF, 128KB)

Resource consent application response RC19 - 13 January 2020 (PDF, 128KB)

RC19.01 notification decision (PDF, 128KB)

Letter motiti resource consent issue (PDF, 128KB)

Description of proposal for resource consent (PDF, 128KB)

Auckland council reporting letter to Department of Internal Affairs (PDF, 128KB)

Māori Land Court records of owners (PDF, 7MB)

Liza Faulkner affidavit in Maori Land Court (PDF, 15MB)

Appendix-A - Hoete V Faulkner mlc decision (PDF, 128KB)

Appendix B - Telfer Young report (PDF, 128KB)

Appendix C - Location of house site (image, 3MB)

Appendix D - Airstrip setback map (PDF, 128KB)


Officer’s Report

Beca has been engaged by the Department of Internal Affairs to process the application.

Beca has prepared a report in accordance with Section 42A of the Resource Management Act 1991. The Report provides a summary of the proposed activity and the issues raised by submissions, an assessment of the environmental effects of the activity and an analysis of the application against the relevant statutory documents. The report provides a recommendation to the Hearing Commissioner, with respect to the decision on the application required under Section 104 of the Resource Management Act 1991, to grant or refuse the application.

A copy of the Section 42A officer’s report is here: 

Statement of Evidence

The Applicant’s statement of evidence compiled by Mr Aaron Collier can be found here:

Statement of Evidence of Aaron Mark Collier - 15 September 2020 (PDF, 151KB)

Hearing Details

An Independent Commissioner has been appointed to hear and determine the application.

The hearing has been set down as follows:

Date: Thursday 1 October 2020

Time: 10am

Venue: Beca Office, 32 Harington Street, Tauranga


For any information regarding this application you can contact Keith Frentz at Beca by email or phone 07 578 0896 

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