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We undertake authorised Information Matching programmes with Government Agencies

As the government department responsible for registering key life events including births, deaths, marriages, civil unions and citizenship in New Zealand and the issue of passports and RealMe verified identities, the Department of Internal Affairs – Te Tari Taiwhenua – is the custodian of the largest and most complete public record of New Zealand identity related records. Certain Government Agencies have been authorised by Parliament to have limited access to this public information in order to provide better services. In addition, information is shared with the Department of Internal Affairs identity verification service to assess applications for RealMe verified identities. This process of sharing information is known as Information Matching.

What is Information Matching?

Information Matching is the comparison of personal information held in one set of records with personal information held in another set of records for the purpose of producing or verifying information about an individual. Information Matching can only be performed where it has been authorised by statute and conforms to privacy legislation. Information matching is carried out in accordance with Part 7 of the Privacy Act and schedule 6 of the Privacy Act 2020 and is monitored by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

Why is Information Matching taking place?

Information Matching can be done for a number of reasons, such as making it simpler to deal with Government Agencies or reducing overall costs to taxpayers. Information Matching may also help to tidy up government databases (e.g. by identifying duplicates and reducing fraud).

Who can we provide information to?

Who can we receive information from?

The privacy of your information is important to us

We take our role as custodian of records of key life events very seriously. Agencies involved in Information Matching will only have access to the information they are legally entitled to. The Privacy Commissioner reviews the setting up of our programmes and monitors their operation.

What can I do if I think my personal information may have been misused?

You can lodge a formal complaint with the Privacy Commissioner.

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For further information about our information matching programmes call us on Free phone 0800 22 52 52.

For more general information about privacy issues please contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner 0800 803 909 or see

See the RealMe website for more information about RealMe verified identities.

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