Minutes, Memoranda and Decisions

17 October 2016: Minute No 1: Preliminary matters and initial hearing (PDF, 192KB)

28 October 2016: Minute No. 2: Stages of Inquiry and processes for evidence (PDF, 211KB)

14 November 2016: Minute No. 3: Preliminary matters and initial hearing (PDF, 195KB)

21 November 2016: Application by Hastings District Council that Inquiry be postponed (PDF, 150KB)

22 November 2016: Memorandum of Counsel for Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (PDF, 1MB)

22 November 2016: Memorandum of Counsel for Hawke’s Bay District Health Board (PDF, 38KB)

22 November 2016: Decision of the Inquiry Panel on Application for Postponement (PDF, 580KB)

24 November 2016: Minute No. 4: Directions for hearing into Issue 8 (What actions or further actions should be taken to ensure the safe supply of drinking water to Havelock North) (PDF, 2MB)

12 December 2016: Recommendations on Issue 8 (PDF, 38KB)

15 December 2016: Interim report and recommendations of the panel in relation to the safety of Havelock North drinking water for the next 12 months (PDF, 513KB)

15 December 2016: Minute No. 5: Further Briefs of Evidence and Experts' Conference (PDF, 138KB)

19 January 2017: Minute No 6: directions for hearing of evidence and presentation of submissions (PDF, 187KB)

1 May 2017: Minute No 7: Stage 2 Issues (PDF, 139KB)

23 May 2017: Minute No 8: Directions Stage 2 Hearings (PDF, 54KB)

14 July 2017: Interim Report and Recommendations of the Panel following Hearing in June 2017 (PDF, 372KB)

28 July 2017: Minute No. 9: Further Directions for Stage 2 Hearing in August (PDF, 224KB)