Gender pay gap action plan 2021-2022

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We are all in this together, our goals cannot be achieved unless we work together

Gender pay gap action plan 

Title: DIA Gender Pay Gap – September 2021  Gender pay gap – 10.8%  Average salary men = $99,963 Average salary women = $89,249  Bar graph shows: DIA Gender Profile DIA: Men 38% Women 62%  Senior Leadership Men 43% Women 57%   Pie graph title: Ethnic Profile  Pie Graphs shows:  Unknown – 2% Asian - 10% Maori - 10% MELAA - 2% NZ European - 49% Other European - 14% Other – 5% Pacific - 8%   Pie graph title: Senior Leadership Ethnic Profile  Pie Graphs shows:  Unknown – 2% Asian - 3% Maori - 10% Other – 6% NZ European - 63% Other European - 13% Pacific - 3%   Graph title: Average Salary by Ethnic Group  Bar graph shows (from bottom to top):  MELAA Women: 73K Pacific Women: 75K MELAA Men: 80K Asian Women: 81K  Pacific Men: 84K Asian Men: 89K Maori Women: 90K Other European Women: 91K NZ European Women: 93K Maori Men: 96K NZ European Men: 103K Other European Men: 106K    Line graph shows: Gender Pay Gap Trend  DIA:  February 2019: 14.9% February 2020: 13.5% June 2020: 13.9% January 2021: 12.5% September 2021: 10.8%  Public service:  February 2019: 12.2% February 2020: 10.5% June 2020: 9.6% January 2021: 9.6% September 2021: 9.6%    Bar graph shows: Average salary by band and gender   C: Men: 50K; Women: 50K  D: Men: 52K; Women: 54K  E: Men: 56K; Women: 56K  F: Men: 69K; Women: 70K  G: Men: 81K; Women: 82K  H: Men: 95K; Women: 95K  I: Men: 116K; Women: 114K  J: Men: 137K; Women: 136K  K: Men: 159K; Women: 160K  L: Men: 194K; Women: 193K  M: Men: 225K; Women: 225K

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