History of the Gambling Act

The Gambling Bill was introduced in February 2002, and received Royal assent on 18 September 2003 to become the Gambling Act 2003. 

The Gambling Bill was introduced to Parliament as the Responsible Gambling Bill on 19 February 2002, and was referred to the Government Administration Select Committee. Public submissions on the Bill closed on 2 April 2002. The Select Committee presented its report to Parliament on 19 November 2002.

It was retitled the Gambling Bill during its second reading in the House on 12 August 2003. The Bill passed through the committee stage on 9 September, and received its third and final reading on Thursday 11 September.

The Bill received the 'Royal assent' on 18 September and became the Gambling Act 2003.

Previous law

 Gaming and Lotteries Act 1977 and subsequent amendments

 Gaming and Lotteries (Licence Fees) Regulations 1992

 Gaming and Lotteries Prizes Notice 1993

 Gaming and Lotteries (Problem Gambling Levy) Regulations 1998

 Casino Control Act 1990 (and subsequent amendments)

 Casino Control (Moratorium) Amendment Act 1997

 Casino Control (Moratorium) Amendment Act 2000

 Casino Control (Applications and Hours) Regulations 1991

 Casino Control (Certificates of Approval and Warrants) Regulations 1994

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