Licensing application and payment processes

Tips for completing the forms and information about incomplete applications, payment processes, and how to lodge your application.

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Preparing your application

Checklist before you apply

Please send a single email for each application. Before you send your application, check that you have:

  • completed the certification section. Make sure you have all the required signatures. They do not need to be witnessed by a JP or lawyer. You may either:
    • get signatures on a paper copy, and then scan that
    • use electronic signatures as long as the form can’t be changed once the signatures are added.
  • saved floor plans and photos as jpg or png files, so they are easy to add to your licence and certification documentation.
  • scanned the signed application form, and all supporting documents as separate PDFs. If you send other formats the application may not be able to be processed. 
  • named all the files clearly to avoid delays - include your existing licence number if you have one, and first and last names in the filename for the personal information form.
  • attached ALL the required documents. Otherwise the application will be returned as incomplete, and the file will be closed.

Using fillable PDF forms

Information can be typed directly into the forms. You need the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can download and install Acrobat Reader for free from the Adobe website.

Save and keep a copy of your application.  You can re-use the information for future applications.

Scanning documents to PDFs can produce very large files (>1Mb) and this can create issues in sending and receiving the email. Check your default scanner settings or get your technician to check them for you to ensure that the settings are optimised for scanning documents. 

Where there are calculated values within forms, these will insert automatically as you complete the form.

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Incomplete licence applications

We do not accept incomplete applications. 

This reflects our move towards streamlining processes as we move to a new licensing system.

When we receive your application:

  • It will be created in the system and the fee will be invoiced.
  • A regulator will do an initial assessment to ensure all the required information has been included.
  • If the application does not include all of the information, it will be returned as incomplete. You will receive an email notification with advice about missing information.
  • The file will be closed.
  • Any fees paid will be refunded.

You may re-submit a returned application, with all the information, but that will be a new application.


Your licence(s) may expire if a complete application for renewal is not received before the licences expire. 

If a complete application is not received within six months of a venue becoming unlicensed by surrender, cancellation, or expiry:  

  • You may need Territorial Authority consent (under section 98 of the Act) for your application
  • You may lose your Section 92 gambling equipment entitlement.

The date we receive a completed application will be the date we use to determine whether you have met these requirements.

Sending your application

Send a single email with all the documents attached. 

Your subject line should include:

  • the words:  Gambling Licence Application
  • your Operator Licence Number/Your Venue Licence Number (if applicable)
  • the form number
  • If the application is too large for one email, label multiple emails clearly, for example 1 of 2, 2 of 2.

This will ensure that the email is easily identified as an application. 

Send it to

You should receive an email acknowledgement from DIA within 24 hours.

If you do not receive an email acknowledgement, it is likely that we have not received your application. Please contact 0800 257 887 to report any issues. 

No payment should be included with the application.

We will send an invoice for the amount due when we receive your application. You do not need to calculate the fees, but you can check the gambling fee schedule.  

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Payment process

An invoice for the amount due will be sent by email when we receive yourapplication. We will use the email address already held on our records for previous payments.

Payment instructions are provided on the remittance advice on the bottom of the invoice. We ask for immediate payment.

There is a direct relationship between each application and its invoice. A payment corresponding to each invoice reference is required.

The payment amount must exactly match the invoice amount to avoid a delay in processing payments.

Payment can be made:

  • by direct credit (preferred option; can be made through online banking) using the invoice number as the reference.
  • by cheque using the remittance slip provided.

Refunds will be processed on 20th of each month. The refund will be made to the bank account held on file, and a remittance advice will be sent.

Payment queries

For all enquiries contact  or call 0800 257 887