About LIAC

LIAC reports directly to the Minister of Internal Affairs, whose portfolio includes responsibility for the National Library of New Zealand on the role of library and information services including Mātauranga Māori, in the social, cultural and economic life of Aotearoa New Zealand.

In its reporting role, LIAC:

    1. maintains a strategic overview of the library and information sectors;
    2. encourages ownership of the process amongst wider stakeholders;
    3. provides stakeholder perspectives on issues and proposals;
    4. comments on specific papers and policy that lie within LIAC’s ambit of responsibility, or responds to
        requests by the Minister for such comments; and
    5. undertakes public consultation on matters related to LIAC’s work programme, as appropriate.

Before giving advice to the Minister, LIAC must have regard to:

  • recent national and international developments in relation to library and information services; and
  • the appropriate means for promoting collaboration among the museums, libraries and archives sectors, in relation to protection, preservation and promoting access to information.

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