AML Online How to videos

We have a few videos available with step by step instructions on how to use AML online. Click on the link to see the video and instructions about what to do.

Register with AML Online

Find out how to register with AML Online. 

If you’re already registered with DIA you should have received an email inviting you to activate your account. Otherwise you can follow these steps to register.

The below video shows the process after you’ve logged in to AML Online with your RealMe verified identity.  If you don't have a RealMe verified identity you can apply online now. The application can take up to five working days to process so please allow for this.


File your annual report 

This will show you how to file your Annual AML/CFT Report using AML Online for your reporting entity once you’re logged in. For guidance about the questions and what to include, please also read the Annual Report webpage or click on the Annual Report guidance available from your business sector page.


Submit an enquiry

This video will show you how to submit an enquiry using AML Online including adding a document. This will send a query through the AML Group. Before you submit your enquiry AML Online may have some articles that potentially answers to your question – this video will also show you what these look like.


Submit requested documents

Follow these steps in AML Online if you are requested to submit compliance documents as part of a desk-based or on-site inspection.


How to create or update a role within a Reporting Entity 

Follow these steps if you would like to add a delegate to have access to the AML Online information for your business. You can modify the compliance officer or set up delegates. You can also set start from dates and end dates for roles.


Manage Designated Business Groups

In AML Online, you can create or update an existing Designated Business Group (DBG). You can also add or remove members once the DBG has formed. For guidance on DBGs see the DBG Formation Guideline available from your business sector page.  Please note that AML Online is another option available to using the forms in the ‘Formation DBG guideline’ which is currently being updated to include AML Online.

Create DBG 

This video shows you how to create a designated business group and should be followed by the lead DBG. All members of the designated business group will need to approve the application using AML Online.

DBG Membership

This video shows you how to add and remove members from a Designated Business Group once it is already set up.

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