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The Department of Internal Affairs

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Stage Two Fact papers

1. 12 June 2017 MfE Fact Paper on NES Regulations (PDF, 130KB)

2. Water Testing Results sent to Inquiry (XLSX, 747KB)

3. Crown Fact Paper on Issue 2 (PDF, 556KB)

4. Watercare White Paper, New Zealand Operator Certification Scheme, May 2017 (PDF, 934KB)

5. Web pages (PDF, 1MB)

6. Fricker’s Notes on risk of Cryptosporidium (PDF, 53KB)

7. LGNZ Fact Paper re NES Regs (PDF, 475KB)

8. Hawke's Bay Submission Group, subs on NES Regulations (PDF, 930KB)

8. GNS stage two fact paper on water aging science (PDF, 429KB)

10. 4 July 2017 - Notes by Dr Fricker on WSPs (PDF, 49KB)

11. 24 July 2017 - Dr Fricker's notes on drinking water regulators in other jurisdictions (PDF, 42KB)

12. 24 July 2017 - IANZ briefing paper on accreditation of laboratories (PDF, 154KB)

13. 15 July 2017 - LGNZ facts paper on Issues 9 and 10 (PDF, 4.9MB)

14. 26 July 2017 - Fact paper from the Crown (MfE) on issues 8, 9 and 10 (PDF, 209KB)

15. 15 July 2017 - Dr Fricker's notes on DWSNZ compliance criteria for bacteria (PDF, 227KB)

16. 23 July 2017 - Dr Fricker's notes on Cryptosporidium regulation in New Zealand, UK and Ireland (PDF, 52KB)

17. New Zealand Drinking-water Supplies: Disinfection Status to 30 June 2016 (PDF, 324KB)

18. Frost, Craun & Calderon: Waterborne disease surveillance (PDF, 510KB)

19. Issue 3: Drinking-water safety and compliance levels in New Zealand (PDF, 183KB)

20. GNS paper re earthquakes and aquifers (PDF, 121KB)

21. Table of E. coli positive tests; Late August - present (PDF, 115KB)

22. Water treatment for small supplies – balancing risks and costs, Philip La Roche, Andrew Watson and Craig Freeman  (PDF, 97KB)

23. Water Testing Results through to 17 September 2017  (XLSX, 819KB)

24. Update on status of aquifer investigations, Heretaunga Plains (PDF, 132KB)