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Numbers and types of societies licensed to operate gaming machines at approved venues. Annual expenditure statistics on the four main types of gambling are also available.

About these statistics

This information is posted at quarterly intervals. It shows the numbers and types of societies licensed to operate approved gaming machines at approved venues on that day. It does not include any gaming machines, societies or venues that were, or may become, the subject of an amendment or new application to operate gaming machines and were therefore unlicensed on the date shown.

Gaming machine statistics on this page represent a 'snapshot' of the current state of affairs at the time the statistics were collated. Other factors may affect future machine numbers in a district and therefore this information should NOT be taken as conclusive. Please contact the Gambling Compliance Group directly if you want up to date information about current/future machine numbers in a district.

For more information about the latest gambling statistics, please read our media releases.

Hard copy versions are available from the Gambling Group.