Keeping New Zealand in business for good. ​

Every year an estimated $1.35b from fraud and illegal activity is laundered through legitimate New Zealand business. Part of our role as a supervisor is to help businesses understand the AML/CFT Act and what they need to do to help protect their businesses, and New Zealanders, from the social and economic harm caused by money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Ready. Review. Respond.  

The ugly business of dirty money

Every year, millions of dollars in proceeds from crime are laundered through legitimate Kiwi businesses  Jeopardising reputations and our economy. Together we’re keeping New Zealand in business for good.

Dirty money dirties business

Protecting your business is not a one size fits all solution. Be ready and know your business’s obligations under the law.

Beware of the signs of business unusual

In business there’s ordinary and then there’s out of the ordinary. Reviewing your risks and vulnerabilities can protect your reputation.

Shining a light on dark money

Dirty money thrives in the dark. Respond to business’s risks by putting in place a plan to protect your reputation and clients.

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