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Content Complaint Form

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Complete this form to report your concern about content you have encountered online which you think promotes or supports:
  • The sexual exploitation of children
  • Sexual violence or coercion
  • Torture or extreme violence
  • Bestiality
  • Sexual conduct involving the body of a dead person
  • The use of urine or excrement in association with degrading or sexual conduct
For more information see Online Digital Child Exploitation.

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Remember to include chatroom names, networks, URLs, usernames, passwords, trigger commands, email and newsgroups headers etc. If you don't know what some of these things are, just give us all the information you can.

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If you prefer to remain anonymous, the following fields do not need to be filled out. However, a contact email or phone number would be of great assistance to us should there be a need to clarify any points that you have made. It would also allow us to advise you of the results of the inquiry.


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