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Film and Literature Board of Review Relevant Court Decisions

About the Film and Literature Board of Review Relevant Court Decisions
Below is a list of court decisions relevant to the Film and Literature Board of Review

Please be aware the decisions may contain reference to sexual themes, abuse, self-harm, suicide and other topics that may be upsetting.

It is not advisable for young people or those under 18 years of age to access this material unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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To read a decision, click on the highlighted title below. The decisions are all in .pdf format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe site.

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Visitor Q (CA 59/04)
Description: 30 June 2005
File Size: 285k

Irreversible (CIV-2004-485-1741)
Description: 27 August 2004
File Size: 708k

Visitor Q (CIV-2002-485-238)
Description: 16 January 2004
File Size: 754k

Baise-Moi (CA 239/03)
Description: 18 November 2004
File Size: 180k

Baise-Moi (CP 300/02)
Description: 11 November 2003
File Size: 199k

Baise-Moi (AP 76/02)
Description: 23 July 2002
File Size: 219k

Baise-Moi (AP 76/02)
Description: 12 April 2002
File Size: 181k

Baise-Moi (AP 300/02)
Description: 5 December 2002
File Size: 175k

Moonen Decisions (CA 238/01)
Description: 16 April 2002
File Size: 975k

Moonen Decisions (AP 208/00)
Description: 2 October 2001
File Size: 873k

Vixen Digital Ltd. (AP 101/00)
Description: 11 April 2002
File Size: 977k

Living Word Distributors (CA 58/00)
Description: 31 August 2000
File Size: 1532k

Living Word Distributors (AP 26/98)
Description: 1 March 2000
File Size: 837k

Moonen Decisions (CA 42/99)
Description: 17 December 1999
File Size: 998k

Jung, Frei and Die Angler (AP 318/98)
Description: 17 June 1999
File Size: 650k

Jung, Frei and Die Angler- Minute No. 1 (AP 318/98)
Description: 17 June 1999 (Minute No. 1)
File Size: 162k

Jung, Frei and Die Angler - Minute No. 2 (AP 318/98)
Description: 17 June 1999 (Minute No. 2)
File Size: 174k

Moonen Decisions "7th Acolyte Reader" (AP 410/97)
Description: 26 February 1999
File Size: 831k

New Truth and TV Extra (AP 197/96)
Description: 11 June 1997
File Size: 674k

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