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09/02/2022 -: Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust funding round now open
03/02/2022 -: Christchurch man sentenced to 2 years 6 months for child sexual exploitation material
01/02/2022 -: Formal ceremony to begin construction of new Archives facility
14/01/2022 -: Singh and Smith top family names for babies in 2021
12/01/2022 -: Royalty a theme amongst declined baby names for 2021
10/01/2022 -: Charlotte and Oliver top the list of baby names for 2021
16/12/2021 -: Government and telcos join forces to battle SMS scam impacting thousands across Aotearoa
08/12/2021 -: Improving Fire and Emergency's funding model
24/11/2021 -: Whetūrangitia makes it easier for bereaved parents and whānau to find support
09/11/2021 -: New tools to deal with harmful illegal material online
20/10/2021 -: Dame Cindy Kiro to be sworn in as New Zealand’s 22nd Governor-General
15/10/2021 -: New Deputy Chair for Fire and Emergency NZ Board
01/10/2021 -: New versions of Flubot text message scam emerge
29/09/2021 -: SMS scam targets the NZ public in record numbers
24/09/2021 -: Maui: the father of Daylight Saving
21/09/2021 -: Executive Director appointed for Abuse in Care Royal Commission
14/09/2021 -: The Eggplant is back!
04/08/2021 -: Christchurch man sentenced to 3 years for possession of child sexual exploitation material
30/06/2021 -: New Plymouth man pleads guilty for possession of child exploitation material
16/06/2021 -: Dannevirke man sentenced for child sexual abuse material
06/05/2021 -: First Te Awhi Rito Reading Ambassador announced
03/05/2021 -: New passports being phased in
30/04/2021 -: Refined scope for Fire and Emergency’s funding model review
19/04/2021 -: Death Approved Information Sharing Agreement open for consultation
31/03/2021 -: Reminder: Daylight Saving ends this Sunday
29/03/2021 -: When quarantine free travel opens, will you be ready?
25/03/2021 -: 2020 citizenship numbers drop due to COVID-19
17/03/2021 -: Internal Affairs issues a formal warning to Kidd Legal for Anti-Money Laundering non-compliance
12/03/2021 -: December 2020 shows record high spending at pokie machines
01/03/2021 -: Internal Affairs issues a formal warning to Property Brokers Limited for Anti-Money Laundering non-compliance

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