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Army tank raffle withdrawn

5 June 2019

The Department of Internal Affairs is working with the army tank raffle holder to ensure there is understanding around gambling rules in New Zealand.

As regulators, the Department works hard to ensure that gambling in New Zealand is fair, well-run and safe for everyone.

“Our focus is on minimising the harm associated with gambling while also maximising the benefits to the community,” says Charlotte Stanley, Deputy Director Gambling Regulations.

“Part of how we create this balance is by making sure that any profits made from a certain level of raffle are not for personal gain and go back into the community to approved purposes. The raffle organiser has been great to work with and has swiftly taken the appropriate action of closing this down and beginning the refund process. We would like to thank Makere for her constructive response.

“If anyone is unsure about the rules give us a call or take a look at our resources.”

The raffle does not comply because the value of the prize means that it is classified as a Class 3 gambling action. Therefore, the raffle needs to be licensed and be run by an authorised society. In addition, under the Act this is classified as remote interactive gambling and is also prohibited.

Aotearoa does have a unique approach to gambling where profits must benefit the community and every year nearly three quarters of a billion dollars is returned to the community through grants and other fundraising.

“We empathise with the raffle-holder and hope that this is an opportunity to remind everyone of the gambling regulations on our website,” says Charlotte Stanley.

For more information please go to The Gambling Helpline offers free and confidential information and support over the phone


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