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Ticket-In, Ticket-Out System at Sky Casinos

The Department of Internal Affairs is not undertaking a “review” of the
so-called “ticket-in, ticket-out” system used at Sky City Casinos as an
alternative to the use of bank notes in gaming machines.

The use of banknotes higher than $20 in value is not allowed, but
pre-purchased tickets of greater amounts are now used by Sky City under a
system approved by the Casino Control Authority.

The Department is considering standards which might be applied to the use
of the ticket system at any of the (approximately) 1,848 class 4 gambling
venues in New Zealand. After discussion with Sky City and others the
Department issued a discussion paper in December last year. It is now
considering responses to that discussion paper, along with relevant
research and international experience. It will also consult extensively
with other agencies such as the Ministry of Health. The Department will
not formulate a stance on the system until it has taken into account all
responses. If a standard was to be proposed, it would then be the subject
of formal consultation under the Gambling Act.

A report saying that the Department was considering whether to “halt or
allow” the ticket system is not correct. The Department is focussing on
the development of appropriate standards after consultation with the

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