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Department applies to suspend Dunedin Casino licence


The Department of Internal Affairs has applied to the Gambling Commission to have Dunedin Casino Limited’s casino operator’s licence suspended.

The Department’s Deputy Secretary, Andrew Secker, said that this is the first such application made since the Gambling Act came fully into force in July 2004. The Act was passed in September 2003.

The Act states:

    “144 Suspension or cancellation of casino licence
    The Secretary [for Internal Affairs] may apply to the Gambling Commission for an order that a casino licence be suspended or cancelled if the Secretary is satisfied that—
    (a) the licence holder is breaching or has breached this Act or a condition of the licence or
    minimum operating standards”

Under section 146 (2) of the Act, the Commission can grant an order for a suspension for up to six months.

The Department made its application on 9 November 2005 after investigating the Casino’s actions in relation to a Dunedin woman. The woman was sentenced in December 2004 to three years jail after she admitted stealing approximately $470,000. Her defence counsel stated in court that the money was used to fund a gambling addiction.

The application is now before the Commission and the Department will not make further comment or release further details before the Commission makes its final decision.

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