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Kiwis Count shows growing satisfaction with government services

15 August 2017

Kiwis are giving government services a big thumbs up – including those that are able to be done online, such as renewing a passport, licensing a vehicle or registering a birth.

The annual Kiwis Count survey, released today by the State Services Commission, shows a significant increase in New Zealand’s positive engagement with government activities and a continued high level of trust in their public services.

The overall Service Quality Score for public services has increased by six percentage points over the past five years, with 87 per cent of 2016 respondents having their expectations met when looking for public service information online. This shows a notable improvement from 73 per cent in 2012.

Colin MacDonald, Government Chief Information Officer, said the consistent progress clearly shows agencies’ dedication to help Kiwis get the most out of government services online.

“I’m really pleased to see high levels of satisfaction and engagement with these essential government services.
“We’re working hard to make it easier for people to use government services by providing smarter digital access.
“This success reflects our system-wide commitment to developing simple and efficient digital services for New Zealanders,” said Mr MacDonald.

Satisfaction with passport services has risen nine percentage points from 76 per cent in 2007 to 85 per cent in 2016, being the second most improved service in the survey. Over half of adult passport renewals during the 2016/17 year were done online and New Zealand remains the only country in the world where you can fully renew your passport online. This is an impressive example of giving Kiwis access to the best possible public services.

The annual Kiwis Count survey measures New Zealanders’ satisfaction and trust with the most commonly used public services.

Read the 2016 Kiwis Count survey here.