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DIA signs Enforceable Undertaking with PB Technologies

2 July 2018

The Department of Internal Affairs has announced the signing of an Enforceable Undertaking with PB Technologies Limited (PB Tech), after the computing and IT company were found to have breached the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007. Also known as the “anti-spam” law, the Act prohibits the sending of commercial electronic messages without the recipients consent.

PB Tech collected Trade Me customer email addresses during a trade, and used those details to then send unsolicited commercial electronic messages, or “spam.”

Toni Demetriou, from the Department of Internal Affairs, says the Enforceable Undertaking is an excellent regulatory outcome for all parties concerned.

“The undertaking outlines PB Tech’s agreement to no longer send commercial electronic marketing messages to customers without their consent,” he explains.

"Future compliance was a key factor in the Department’s decision. The agreement allows us to work with PB Tech on their compliance obligations, but also take the matter to court if the agreed terms are breached.”

Mr Demetriou says cases like these set a good example for other businesses.

“We hope cases like these encourage other organisations to look at their electronic messaging practices, and help educate the public on the rules around any messages they receive.”

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