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Reminder: Daylight Saving ends this Sunday

31 March 2021

If you find yourself asking ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf’ when you wake up on Sunday morning, remember daylight saving comes to an end on Sunday 4 April when clocks go back one hour at 3am.

Daylight saving plays an integral part in New Zealand life. Officially introduced in 1975, daylight saving has since gained wide support from Kiwis.

Most digital clocks will automatically change to the correct time but if your clock is battery operated, make sure you check your batteries and change the time. If you’re taking a break over Easter, change your clocks before you go so you have one less thing to worry about when you get home.

It’s also a good time to check t
he batteries in your smoke alarms and make sure your emergency plans and survival kits are up to date.

Making sure Kiwis have the information they need is one of the ways we ensure iwi, hapû and communities across New Zealand are safe, resilient and thri

More information about daylight saving time can be found on the New Zealand Government website:


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