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Avoid foul play – kick-off rugby sweepstakes on the right foot

20 September 2019

Lord of the Rings, sheep, pies and Kiwi-ingenuity are all part of who we are, but nothing says ‘New Zealand’ quite like the All Blacks.
As the Rugby World Cup kicks off in Japan today, bedtimes will be pushed back to watch the matches, and offices, families and communities will compete in friendly sweepstakes.
The Department of Internal Affairs wants to make sure you don’t end up with a red card, so keep these rules in mind when planning your sweepstake:

  • Prize money can’t exceed $500.
  • Any money raised must be returned as prizes.
  • Firearms, liquor, tobacco and vouchers for sexual services are all prohibited prizes.
  • The organiser can’t pocket a fee or profit in any way from holding a sweepstake.

DIA’s role in regulating gambling
Internal Affairs' Gambling Director, Lisa Docherty, says "we regulate casino and non-casino gambling in New Zealand to ensure it’s fair, harm is reduced, and New Zealand communities benefit from the proceeds of gambling".
Sweepstakes are allowed under the Gambling Act 2003, but must comply with certain rules, which are summarised above and can be found can be found in full here: Classes of Gambling
"Breaching the Gambling Act for a sweepstake can result in a fine of up to $1,000," says Docherty.
"If you're thinking of running a sweepstake, make sure you understand and comply with the rules.".

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