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RSA Fine for Illegal Gambling


Newmarket RSA has been fined $9500 plus $630 costs for conducting illegal gambling.

Department of Internal Affairs prosecutor, Mark Woolford, told Judge Lindsay Moore in the Auckland District Court (Feb 28) that the club had operated eight unlicensed gaming machines for over a year, from October 2004 to November 2005, generating over $62,000 in profit.

Judge Moore ordered forfeiture of the machines. He also discharged without conviction co-defendant and club manager Joan Morrow, on payment of $500 costs.

The Department’s Director of Gambling Compliance, Mike Hill, said the Department refused to renew the club’s licence in September 2004 on the grounds of financial viability, including continuous failure to pay the problem gambling levy.

Mr Hill reminded venues of a change in gambling controls taking effect this month. From March 19 all non-casino licensed gaming machines in some 1600 venues must be connected to the new Electronic Monitoring System (EMS).

“EMS will control and monitor the operation of every non-casino gaming machine, providing the Department and operators with independently verifiable data, reducing the opportunity for dishonesty and helping ensure gambling is fair,” Mike Hill added.

“Some venues are not connecting to EMS and will have to cease operation from the 19th of March. To continue operating machines not connected to the EMS will be to conduct illegal gambling. The Department will be checking to ensure that in this situation gaming machines have been shut down and removed from the premises.”

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