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Internal Affairs warns of potential citizenship scam website

27 May 2020

Te Tari Taiwhenua, Department of Internal Affairs, warns people applying for New Zealand citizenship against using unofficial websites after receiving complaints about a rogue website.

“The only official website to apply for New Zealand citizenship by grant is,” says Jeff Montgomery, General Manager of Services and Access.

“When dealing with identity information, it’s important people are diligent and mindful of potential scams. Citizenship applications contain personal information so make sure you’re on the official website.

“As online services become increasingly popular, we work hard to make sure people have access to safe and secure services, whenever and wherever they want.

“Our secure citizenship by grant service makes it easy for potential Kiwis to apply for citizenship online.

“If you’re using any of the Department’s online services, such as applying for citizenship by grant, renewing or applying for a passport or ordering birth, marriage and death certificates, make sure you’re on a website,” says Jeff.

“If you’re unsure the website you’re using is official, you should contact us.

“That way you can be confident you’re getting trusted services and that your information is being protected.”

For citizenship by grant visit:
For passport services visit:
For births, deaths and marriages, including certificate orders, visit: