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Home detention for child sex abuse images and video

20 July 2017

A Napier man was today sentenced in the Napier District Court to 10 months’ home detention for possessing hundreds of objectionable images and videos.

Richard Turner, 49, store manager of Greenmeadows, Napier pleaded guilty to one representative charge of possessing objectionable publications, being 363 objectionable images and videos of pre-teen girls and boys posing sexually and engaged in sexual activity with other children and adults.

The sentence also included special conditions requiring counselling, preventing contact with anyone under the age of 16 without the presence of an informed adult, and preventing possession of an Internet capable device without a probation officer’s permission.

An Internal Affairs inspector identified Turner after an Internet video chat provider reported his online activity. Investigations showed he had offended periodically since 2009 and he told the Department his problems with sexual abuse material extended back over 20 years. He said he was relieved to be discovered as he did not know how to seek help. DIA understood he had since sought counselling.

The Department’s Censorship Compliance Unit manager, Stephen Waugh, said Turner’s detection resulted from law enforcement agencies and Internet service providers cooperating to detect and help prevent the abuse of children.

“Collecting and viewing this material is not passive offending and it is not a victimless crime. It condones the abuse children suffer to satisfy the market for these images”, Stephen said.

“One way we work to put an end to this form of child abuse is to stop those who create, collect and distribute this material.

“If those who are fuelling this abuse really want to remove themselves before we intervene, they only need to look for local treatment providers, specialist therapists, or to organisations such as Safe Network, Stop and Well Stop”.