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Scam warning: Callers not from Internal Affairs

21 September 2010

Internal Affairs is warning people that phone scammers, claiming to be from the Department, are trying to cheat them out of money and they should contact the police.

Several people have told the Department the callers say that Internal Affairs is holding bank fee money for them, and that it can be released by payment of a 'fee' or 'tax'.

Internal Affairs Deputy Secretary, Craig Armitage, said the Department has nothing to do with these callers and has reported the calls to the police. The Department does not hold bank fees for anyone or ring people offering money for a fee.

“The callers are quite persistent and in some cases refer to the victim’s date of birth and who they bank with,” Mr Armitage said. “They’ve also claimed on occasions to be acting on behalf of Inland Revenue.

“Unfortunately some people have fallen victim and tell us they sent money to the scammers via their local post shop.”

Anyone who is suspicious of a call purporting to be from Internal Affairs can ask for the caller's name, and ring to confirm on an Internal Affairs number published in the White Pages or on the Department's official website under 'General Enquiries' (Phone (04) 495 7200).

Media contact:
Trevor Henry, communications adviser, Department of Internal Affairs
Ph 04 495 7211; cell 0275 843 679