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Jail term for sexually explicit pictures

A 68-year-old auto electrician was jailed for two years after pleading guilty in the Hamilton District Court to 40 charges of knowingly possessing objectionable images. Judge Robert Spear yesterday refused the accused home detention.

Internal Affairs Deputy Secretary, Keith Manch, said that following a complaint, Department inspectors visited the man’s home and seized computer equipment and disks containing adult pornography and an assortment of images which included sexually explicit pictures of girls ranging in age from seven to 15.

“An examination of the compact and floppy disks indicated conservatively that 22,700 files were objectionable in addition to 69 image files located on his computer,” Keith Manch said.

“The prison sentence sends a warning to similar offenders that the courts are using the stiffer penalties Parliament approved in February 2005.

“So far this year sentences have included jail terms of five years and of nine months. That is the price people have to pay for being a party to adults sexually abusing children.

“We are part of the worldwide fight against this trade and it’s only a matter of time before offenders get found out.”

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