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Managing public sector information and why it matters

28 March 2018

The Chief Archivist’s 2016/17 annual report to the Minister of Internal Affairs on the state of government recordkeeping was presented to the House of Representatives today. The report is required by the Public Records Act 2005.

The report has a focus on digital information management. The rapidly growing volume of information created in a digital environment needs to be actively managed, especially when technology systems and the structure of organisations change. Systems and processes need to be designed to facilitate this change to ensure effective information management. Effective management of public sector information (including data), provides real value to organisations, individuals, communities and to New Zealand as a whole.

The report also discusses the increasing use in government of advanced computer systems to inform decision-making and improve service delivery. While there are great benefits to be gained, decision-making processes still need to be understandable so that government can be held accountable.

The report is intended for the many people who are not information specialists, but nonetheless have key responsibilities for information management across government. This includes Ministers, Chief Executives and Executive Sponsors of public offices and local authorities, and other leaders who have key roles in the government information system.

During 2016/17, Archives New Zealand engaged with executive sponsors, public offices and local authorities, and investigated enquiries made. The report may be viewed at


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