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Term of the NZ Poet Laureate Award extended

National Library of New Zealand has extended the term of the current New Zealand Poet Laureate, Chris Tse, for a third year. Acting on the advice of the Poet Laureate Advisory Group, the Library has extended the position from a two-year tenure to a three-year term as standard for the honour.

National Librarian Te Pouhuaki, Rachel Esson, says she is delighted to see the term of the Poet Laureate Award extended:
“In Chris Tse, we have no better evidence of the value of the work Laureates do to help broaden the reach of poetry and reading. A further year will allow him and the Laureates who follow to consolidate and expand their contribution to our vibrant literary sector.”
In making the decision to extend the term, the National Library sought views from previous Laureates including David Eggleton, who commented:
“Two years, as it has been, is a brief term so to have three years allows the Laureate to really make a difference and put their own stamp on the role.”
Chris Tse, on receiving news of his tenure being extended, said:

“There's nothing more valuable to a writer than the gift of time, so I'm thrilled and honoured to receive an extension to my tenure as New Zealand's Poet Laureate. Thank you to National Librarian Rachel Esson and the National Library for their steadfast and enthusiastic support of the New Zealand Poet Laureate Award and poetry in New Zealand.”
The value of the Poet Laureate Award becomes $150,000 over three years. The Laureate receives $40,000 per year while the Library retains $10,000 per year to support the Laureate’s participation in poetry events and festivals. The National Library has been responsible for the New Zealand Poet Laureate Award since 2007.

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