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DIA prosecutes two in relation to forged security ID

3 June 2022

An Auckland man has been found guilty of working as a crowd controller for three concerts in Auckland in 2020 without holding a licence. His friend has also been prosecuted in connection for attempting to interfere with and influence the investigation.

48-year old Unuoi Sione Taumoelau used his position as a team leader at a training institute to obtain the certificate of approval number of a work colleague, saying it was required for work reasons. He then used this number, his colleague’s name and a photo of himself to forge a false certificate of approval.

When interviewed, his friend 48 year-old Jerry Simanu lied to investigators and told them that Mr Taumoelau had only worked one concert, despite knowing he had worked three. He also told them that he was not involved in paying guards despite reimbursing Mr Taumoelau for his work.

“Not only did Mr Taumoelau knowingly forge a certificate of approval and therefore work without one, his offending also involved identity theft and caused genuine harm to the victim; his former work colleague”, says Marty Greentree, Manager Investigations, Regulatory Services, Te Tari Taiwhenua, Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).

“In addition, his friend knowingly lied about the extent of Mr Taumoelau’s offending, in an attempt to derail our investigation.

“When unsuitable and unqualified people work in security roles dishonestly it undermines the public confidence in the private security industry.

“This is a reminder that those providing crowd control or any other restricted security services must hold the appropriate certificate or licence to engage in security roles.

“Those who deliberately try to obstruct our investigations and influence witnesses, where appropriate will be prosecuted.”

DIA successfully prosecuted Mr Taumoelau on one charge of using a forged document, and one charge of acting as a crowd controller employee without a certificate of approval. Mr Taumoelau was convicted on 27 May 2022 and sentenced to 100 hours of community work.

Mr Simanu was found to have wilfully attempted to pervert the course of justice, and was convicted on 27 May 2022 and sentenced to three months community detention.


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