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Operational Policy Guidelines (updated May 2024)
Cost of Events

The Visits and Ceremonial Office (VCO) is responsible for the planning, administration and coordination of arrangements for visitors to New Zealand who have been accorded Guest of Government status by the Prime Minister. The overriding objective is to help to promote New Zealand’s international interests through the efficient and effective delivery of visits. VCO works closely with other government agencies – particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) – on these visits.

With the Parliamentary Relations team (PR), VCO is also responsible for organising Guest of Parliament visits. The main aim of these visits is to foster strong, positive relationships between the New Zealand and other parliaments.

VCO has primary responsibility for organising national ceremonial and commemorative events. Examples include ceremonial welcomes at Parliament and Government House, state funerals and the Anzac Day commemoration at the National War Memorial.

VCO also provides international airport arrival and departure facilitation for Guest of Government visitors, and New Zealand dignitaries such as the Governor-General and Prime Minister.

VCO forms part of the Ministerial Services and Secretariat Support (MaSS) branch of the Department of Internal Affairs. For further information, contact:

Read the Visits and Ceremonial Office - Operational Policy Guidelines (updated May 2024):

Cost of Royal Visits

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