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The Dog Control (Microchip Transponder) Regulations 2005 came into force on 1 July 2006. They are technical regulations made under section 78(1) of the Dog Control Act 1996 that help implement the 2003 and 2004 amendments to the Act. Link here to a copy of the Regulations:

The regulations prescribe the kinds of microchips that must be implanted, where they must be implanted and how this must be done.

The regulations were developed in consultation with a range of stakeholders and are largely based on the microchipping guidelines of the New Zealand Veterinary Association.

Dogs that need to be microchipped are:
  • All dogs first registered from 1 July 2006, (except stock working farm dogs, which are exempt). These dogs will mainly be puppies when they are first registered at three months old.
  • All dogs classified as dangerous or menacing, since 1 December 2003 (dogs classified as dangerous before 1 December 2003 will not have to be microchipped).
  • Unregistered dogs that are impounded and released.
  • Registered dogs that are impounded for a second time and released.
This means that currently registered dogs will not need a microchip unless they are classified as menacing or dangerous, or are impounded twice. Impounded unregistered dogs will have to be registered and microchipped before they are released.

Microchipping Questions and Answers

More information for dog owners about registration and microchipping is available on the Dog Safety website at: Registration and Microchipping