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This page is a historic record.

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About the Gaming Review Cabinet Papers Database

The Minister of Internal Affairs has directed the Department to post the Cabinet papers and minutes on the Gaming Review on its website. This database gives you access to the Cabinet papers and minutes on the Gaming Review. These papers are released consistent with the Official Information Act 1982. A small amount of information has been withheld under the Act. We have indicated clearly in each paper where material has been deleted and why.

Please note that these are Cabinet papers, not Departmental papers, and that they appear on the Department's Gaming Review website for reasons of convenience, because it will be helpful for interested people to find all the Gaming Review material in one place.

Some of these documents have been reformatted as part of the process of putting them on our website. There may be some minor differences in layout (e.g. font or page breaks) to the paper documents that Cabinet considered. There are no differences in content.

To read a paper, click on the highlighted title below. The papers are all in .pdf* format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe site. They are listed in date order, with the latest at the top. The Department designed a "road map" to show the overall sequencing of the 30 papers Ministers took to Cabinet Committees early in the process. Click here to view road map document.

Identifying Papers

To make it easier to follow, the number and letter code that appears with each paper is the reference number assigned by Cabinet Office. The format of the reference number indicates the type of paper:
    Min indicates the paper is a minute from a meeting, which contains a number of decisions. Where Min does not appear, in most cases this indicates that a paper from the Minister is attached.
    (01) Indicates the year in which a paper was considered
    POL refers to the Cabinet Policy Committee
    EXG refers to the Cabinet Committee on Government Expenditure and Administration
    CAB refers to Cabinet
    CBC refers to the Cabinet Business Committee
In general, a Cabinet paper is first considered by a Cabinet Committee, which makes decisions, then by Cabinet, which confirms or alters the decisions of the Committee. Some Gaming Review papers were referred back to Committee by Cabinet, so there can be several minutes that relate to the same papers. Where this has occurred, we have attached the relevant paper, to make it easier to follow the decisions, although this means that the same papers appear in several places.

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