The Delivery Phase of the Social Enterprise Sector Development Programme – 2018

The co-design phase of the programme was completed on 31 March 2018 and a proposal for the full programme delivery was presented to the Minister for Community and Voluntary Sector in early April 2018. The Minister consulted with some of his Ministerial colleagues with relevant portfolios to social enterprise. Following this consultation the programme proposal was approved and the Department and Ākina entered into a three year contract to deliver the programme.

Expected outcomes from the first year of programme delivery include:

  • Sector Engagement – the definition of the scope and needs of the sector, and the development of an engagement strategy which focuses particularly on youth and Māori
  • Capability Development –  continuous capability development throughout the life of the programme; establishment of support networks for social enterprises through regional hubs
  • Finance – identification of capital barriers and requirements for growth
  • Markets – establishment of easily accessed social procurement approaches and marketplaces
  • Communications – promotion of the benefits of social enterprise to improve understanding of the sector’s role in the New Zealand economy.

The programme contains an overview of the expected outcomes in the second and third years. These outcomes will be reviewed and finalised by the Governance Group to ensure the programme achieves the desired outcomes.