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The following information summarises work undertaken to review New Zealand's Fire Services between 2012-14. Information about the 2015 Fire Services Review is available here: Fire Services Review (2015)

Update on the Fire Services Review (October 2014)

On 31 October 2014 Internal Affairs Minister, the Honourable Peter Dunne outlined the next stage in the fire services review at the United Fire Brigades Association’s Annual General Meeting.

Cabinet decisions on the Fire Service Review

NZ Fire Service - report on Expenditure and Service Delivery

The fire service review, including the review of the Commission’s funding, is continuing. The review will consider various options for reform, including modifications to the status quo. There are no preferred funding options at this stage.

To inform the funding review, the Department of Internal Affairs commissioned a report on the New Zealand Fire Service Commission’s funding sources and expenditure, which was finalised on 17 March 2014.

About the Fire Service Review

Cabinet agreed in June 2012 for a panel to provide advice on how New Zealand can have a 21st century fire service that operates seamlessly with the roles performed by other emergency service providers.

This included considering how the New Zealand Fire Service Commission, including the National Rural Fire Authority and New Zealand Fire Service, could be governed and structured to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible to provide value for money into the future.

The Panel was asked to advise Government on how the following outcomes might be achieved:

Outcome 1

New Zealand’s fire services have a clear mandate and operating platform for the functions they perform, and that it is clear how those intersect with functions performed by other emergency services providers;

Outcome 2

The New Zealand Fire Service Commission and fire services are organised and operating as effectively and efficiently as possible and will provide value for money in the future; and

Outcome 3

There is sustainable, stable and equitable funding for fire services, with the sources of that funding aligned with the functions that they perform.

Report of the Fire Review Panel

This Report presents the Panel’s response to the
Terms of Reference issued in August 2012.

The Panel submitted this Report to the Minister of Internal Affairs on 11 December 2012.

Decorative thumbnail image of the Report of the Fire Review Panel

Panel Members

The Minister of Internal Affairs appointed the members of the Fire Review Panel.


Hon Paul Swain is experienced in the machinery of government, industrial relations and local government. He is a member of the Greater Wellington Regional Council and a former electorate Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister, having held a wide range of portfolios. He chaired the recent Ministerial Inquiry into Foreign Charter Vessels.


Jaimes Wood recently retired as chief executive of St John Ambulance and is widely experienced in emergency management through the ambulance sector. He has significant experience in governance and leadership.

Peter Drummond (part-time member) has strong links to the voluntary sector and expert knowledge of the fire services sector as chairperson of the United Fire Brigades Board.

David Adamson (part-time member), is chief executive of the Southland District Council. He has expert knowledge of rural fire management and emergency management and strong links to the volunteer fire sector, as a board member and former chair of the Southern Rural Fire Authority.

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