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Streamline your licensing application process - Gambling Aotearoa

Updated July 2023

Gambling Aotearoa is the new online portal that allows gambling operators to streamline the licencing application process and access their information to make updates more efficiently.

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Accessing Gambling Aotearoa

Some of the information stored within Gambling Aotearoa will be commercially sensitive. To access the portal, users will need a RealMe verified identity. This can be applied for at: How to apply – RealMe

The application can take 30 business days to process, so please allow time for this.

Gambling Aotearoa Training Resources

We have developed some useful resources to help you navigate the Gambling Aotearoa portal, including an end-to-end user guide and a pre-recorded video.

There resources will show you how to:

  • access and navigate the Gambling Aotearoa portal
  • provide other people in your organisation access to the portal
  • make online submissions of licensing application amendments
  • request help from a regulator using Gambling Aotearoa

We don’t expect you to run into any issues but if you do require additional support, please use the Gambling Aotearoa portal help function explained in the user guide or you can email us at

What else will the portal be able to do?

Our focus over the coming months will be to ensure that you are able to access and use the portal before we look at additional functionality.
Future functionality we are investigating includes:

  • Apply for and renew class 4 licenses (both operator and venue)
  • Apply for and renew class 3 licences
  • Casino Certificate of Approval applications
  • Make online payments

…and much more.

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