Gambling Aotearoa

Gambling Aotearoa - streamline your licensing application process - verify your RealMe

Get ready for the launch of Gambling Aotearoa

26 May 2023

Gambling Aotearoa, the new service provided by Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs will improve how 1,023 venues, 34 C4 Operators, 180 licenced clubs and 5 casinos manage their information and licensing application process.

When it launches, this self-service portal will offer an online solution that will make the application process more efficient and improve user experience.

Functionality will be released in phases while we dedicate time and resources to train gambling operators on how to access and make the most out of this new service.

In the first phase of the launch, class 4 operators can make venue and operator licence amendments and create, update, or change key-person information.

Other functionality that’s being developed will allow operators to:

  • Apply for, amend and renew class 4 licenses (both operator and venue)
  • Apply for, amend and renew class 3 licences
  • Apply for a Casino Certificate of Approval
  • View current licenses and track the progress of licence applications
  • Make online payments
  • And much more

More information about the official launch date for Gambling Aotearoa will be announced soon.

Accessing Gambling Aotearoa

Casinos, gambling operators, incorporated societies and venue managers will be invited to join Gambling Aotearoa.

Some of the information stored withing Gambling Aotearoa will be commercially sensitive, therefore all users will need a RealMe verified identity.

This can be applied for online at: How to apply – RealMe