Independent Reference Group Briefing December 2012

Network Flow:

Graph showing network flow

Report Overview:

There has been a noticeable increase in blocks over the last 2 quarters as is shown in the graph above.

In the last 2 quarters 59 appeals were received from users who were attempting to access a blocked site. In all instances the appeals were processed by the review team and found to contain child abuse material thus the site remained on the list. Below are examples of the text that was contained in some of the appeals:

  • Cause we need it!!!!!!! Alot of people would like to accses this site but cant!!! 
  • i want to watch it 
  • curiousity 
  • Why not 
  • they only pictures....wake up

This quarter we compared statistical data of the period Nov 3 2011 – December 3 2011 and Nov 3 2012 - December 2012 and noticed a dramatic increase in mobile device use, this includes tablet device.

System Maintenance:

This quarter we began planning the upgrading of the system following the upcoming expiration of hardware warranties, all service providers will be notified and it is planned as a staggered rollout.

System Health:

The system is currently filtering 2.5 million ISP clients, based on numbers supplied to the unit from the providers connected.

At present we are using approximately 1% of the resources being the filter system itself and processing 1GB+ of traffic per day.

System Updates:

We are finalizing connection details for 2 service providers with a 3rd in the process of connecting at the time of writing this report.

Planned Information Updates

There have been no updates to the system information during this period.

Filter Statistics to Date:

Number of Providers: 9
Number of ISP clients filtered: 1 2.5 Million
Requests Blocked: 27 Million (+ 12 m) 
Filter List Size: 567 (+53)
Entries Added Since Last Quarter: 60
Entries Removed: 7
Unique Sites: 465 (+51)
Sites containing drawings only (CGI or Hentai): 32
Traffic: 1GB – 1.5GB p/d
Appeals: 59

1 Number is based on data provided to the unit by the participating service providers.


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