Independent Reference Group Briefing August 2011

Network Flow:

Graph showing network flow

Quarterly Report:

At the time of writing this report the access attempts reported by the system is over 9 million 1.

We have noticed a slight decrease in traffic averaging 1.29 million during this period.  In this quarter 31 appeals were received from users who were attempting to access a blocked.   In all instances the  appeals were processed by the review team and found to contain child abuse material thus the site remained on the list.

Below are examples of the text that was contained in some of the appeals

  • I need to look at kids getting f****d!
  • At 70 yrs old I should be able to see this
  • just peeking so i can report it for blocking
  • I am older than 20 years. I would like to see something strange.
  • Can you please add these sites to your blocked list too
  • u should be able too look at this site couse It doesint hurt anyone or bloody make anyone sad or anythink so please unblok it thank u

1 This number is not related to unique users or unique requests, rather the total amount of requests filtered during the particular period.  For example 1 user could be responsible for a large number of filtered requests in 1 day and accessing a gallery page with links to multiple blocked sites will result in several filtered requests being recorded.  Additionally this number also includesrequests as a result of website pop-ups, pop-unders and spam content that a user may not be aware of.

We are also noticing an increase in access by personal electronic devices (PED) such as Apple Devices and Gaming consoles.

For this quarter we have identified the following trends for PED access:

Graph showing trends for PED access

It is important to note that PED’s accounted for 5.58% of all blocked requests for this quarter.

System Maintenance:

We have processed 1 update for the system to improve its efficiency and reporting capabilities.

This update was performed and completed within the nominated time period with no issues recorded.

System Health:

The system is currently filtering 1.7 million ISP clients, based on numbers supplied to the unit from the providers connected.

At present we are using approximately 1% of the resources being the filter system itself and processing 1GB+ of traffic per day.

System Updates:

Previous information reported that another large service provider would be online prior to the completion of this report; however, internal issues have prevented this. The Censorship filter team are providing assistance to this provider to enable them to come online as soon as possible.

At present we are finalizing the connection details with another provider and hope to have some statistics available within the coming days.'

Planned Information Updates:

Following discussions amongst the filter team we have actioned a critical update to the landing page enabling users who are presented with the page to access information relating to mental health providers.

This addition is designed to build upon our relationship with established providers such as STOPand SAFE as well as enabling greater relationships with the general Ministry of Health members.

Additionally we are trying to, through this addition, to assist those members of the public whoare not aware of these services and consequently the ability to seek professional help.

Filter Statistics to Date:

Number of Providers: 7(8)
Number of ISP clients filtered: 2 1.7 Million
Requests Blocked: 9.7 Million (+ 5.4 m)
Filter List Size:  682
Entries Added Since last Quarter: 175
Entries Removed: 0
Unique Sites:  386
Sites containing drawings only (CGI or Hentai): 32
Traffic:  1GB – 1.5GB p/d
Appeals: 31