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The following phone scams were reported to the Electronic Messaging Compliance team and are listed below to help you avoid them.

Links to scam web pages have been removed and spaces have been added to email addresses to ensure they do not become hyperlinks.

September 2014

European Lottery Guild report

" The call was from a kiwi-sounding man called ‘Wesley’ from the ‘European Lottery Guild’ who was ringing in response to an online survey I had recently completed. (I do participate in several online surveys (e.g. OpinionWorld), although I could not ever filling out one re a lotto or whether I had inadvertently clicked on a lottery advertisement etc.) Wesley congratulated me for qualifying for the ‘Paris lotto’ (in which I thought he stated I had won a prize). He stated that the European lotto pool was some NZ$84m. He then went on to talk about a twice weekly draw of the European lotto in which, at around $1.5 a pot I could enter. Wesley kept asking intermittently throughout the call how good it would be to win a prize of even several thousand. He then asked for a $30 joining fee. I replied that I’d have to ask my partner about it as we shared joint financial decisions. Wesley tried the hard sell saying why not take the opportunity while he was on the phone, but I wasn’t relenting, and so he gave me his ‘agent number’ AG20086 and the following toll-free number 0800 443 697."

IRD / Government Refund scam reports

"Hi, I received a phone call this morning from someone claiming to be from the New Zealand department of Government Grants and that I had been selected to received $6,500 in grants against my paid taxes. I told him I understood government funding having worked in the sector and had never heard of that department , he said they were up in wellington then mumbled they are part of the Inland Revenue. I said he should post me the details and he knew my address."

"Hi, I received the call at 9:10 from a female with an Indian accent, who called to advise they were from the Government Grants Dept Lower Hutt then the call was transferred to a male: Peter Smith (Indian accent). I was asked questions such as what was the last 3 bills I paid and the bank I banked with, the caller said they were offering $6,000 free and can this can go up to $10,000."

"Hi there, I received a call from someone claiming to be an IRD official called John Lee. He said he was calling from 04 889 0047 and claimed that we have an arrest warrant issued against us and our physical address was under federal investigation. He asked us to call him urgently and he will explain us our case."

"My wife had a call at home from a person who identified himself as a government employee. He tried to obtain her bank account details so she would be able to claim $7,300 which he said she was entitled to from the government. She had a lengthy argument disassociating herself from any such claims or money expected from any government agency. She did figure out that it was a scam but she insisted more information from the caller and then she was transferred to the caller’s senior to discuss further. During her conversation with the second person, I came home during my lunch break. She saw me and continued talking when she was told that her husband would be able to claim the money if he had a joint account or even otherwise. By this time the second caller had identified us by names and home address. He said BNZ and ANZ were only two banks very easy to deal with and insisted that there should be at least one account somewhere that she knows of. At this point in time I took the phone and asked the caller to identify himself but he did not want to talk further. My wife managed to obtain the second person’s ddi: 04-8890506 during her conversation. So when he cut me off, I then called him asking why did he cut me off. Firstly, when he picked up the phone he said it was some government agency (was not clear) the other end but I recognised him as the same person I had spoken to who sounded to have Chinese accent who would not want to talk any further."

"I received a phone scam today from a foreign guy telling me I had been chosen to receive a $6000 grant from the NZ Government Grants Department - I told him to get lost as he was a scammer. the number was 006442807225"

Microsoft scammer reports

A message from Spark: "
Spark have been receiving calls from people (both customers of Spark and those who aren't) advising they have received a called from 'Spark Telecom' and that they are calling regarding the recent internet issues Spark has experienced and they have been impacted and 'Spark' need to gain access to their computer and internet or 'Spark' will cut off their connection.
The scammers are inviting people to phone 098892060 to verify the legitimacy of the call and when customers call the number it is being answered as 'Spark Technical Support'."

We have traced these calls and they are definitely coming from an International source. We are attempting to stop these calls at present. 098892060 is not assigned to a Telco that we can see, but we will look into trying to get this stopped.

One example we had:
Person identified themselves as Alana Wright and provided verification number PEL4012 to our customer and to call 098892060.

"Hi, I have just received a phone call from some dodgy network. The guy was using my correct name and also knew my phone number he said your window system is been hacked and will be shut down in an hour he was giving my licence ID also which I didnt note down. He said I have to follow his instruction and do what he is saying regarding system update or something , when I said I know you yourself might be an hacker then he started swearing at me. I asked him how did you get my name and number and from where you are calling he replied he is calling from India.
This is not the first time I have received this kind of call two weeks ago I have received similar call someone saying I have received some refund from New Zealand Grant commission have given me a refund of $6300.00 on my good conduct . The guy sounded Indian he was telling his name Peter. He gave me a phone number : 042807225 and also my file code : PS 9414. He also knew my name and said you have to call at this number and claim your amount, he also asked my bank name. He was very confident and continuously repeating his message."

"I was rung about 9.15 this evening. The caller said my computer had been tracked for the last 97 days and it had been used to access account details passwords and other information on computers. He spoke quite fast and it was difficult to follow. Telstra was mentioned several times. I asked for name of the organisation he represented as I wanted to check with the police if they were a valid enforcement agency. He repeated that I had been tracked for the last 97 days and would soon be contacted by Federal Agency. He then hung up."

"I received a phone call tonight from the number 0019896832639, he stated his name was Jordan and he was from Microsoft and he was phoning about my problem.......I told him yeah right you are just a scammer trying to get money from me, with which he then hung up."

"I had a call from "Jim Sanderson" with strong Indian accent, claiming to be a Windows security officer. He said my computer was being hacked and after telling my computer identification (I haven't checked it), wanted me to go online. When I said this was impossible he became agitated and told me he would have to lock my computer to protect me. He asked me to phone him back on +61290 378 569, or go their website www. win247.web. com. I suspect a large fee would be asked to unlock it!"

"I have received four phone calls in the last few weeks from different people with Indian accents claiming to be called from “the computer department” of Microsoft or from “Microsoft Head Office in London”. The caller tells me that he wants me to open my computer as all my personal information is leaking out onto the internet and he is going to show me how to stop it."

"Tonight they phoned again and I told the guy I was recording the phone call and that the call was also being traced and that I had spoken to authorities and they were helping me. This didn’t put him off at all. He got cut off and even phoned me back!"

"Hi There, I’ve received about 6 calls from various Indian women and men in the last 2 weeks claiming to be from the Windows Corporation, telling me that my computer needed to be protected from viruses and to do the usual thing: I needed to connect to the internet using the offending computer and from there I presume I would be asked to go to a website and give them access to my computer etc. One of the callers is John Martin, he claims to be the Technical Supervisor of Windows Corporation. The number they call from is 0019099240710 and when I see it on caller ID now I just hang up. But they are persistent, probably because I strung 'John Martin' along once I don’t think he picked up on the sarcasm in the questions I was asking. Even if you tell them you operate an apple mac (as I do) and do not run windows, they still insist on a ‘check’ and to go to the website. We have a number of computers in our house too, and they can’t tell you which one has the problem. I asked Mr Martin for the registration ID of the computer in question and he prattled off a number which I found very hard to comprehend, I believe deliberately so, I am yet to check if it bears any resemblance to any of the registration numbers we have for our computers running windows but doubt it does. I did ask John Martin for a number and a name for a person I could call at windows corporation to verify that indeed he was a real person and the technical supervisor at Windows Corporation, but all I could get was a number to call him back on - 290 378 569. I thought they’d have that covered and was curious to see where it went but I don’t think he understood (or wanted to understand) what I was after."

"I was caught out on this scam where they claim to be computer technicians with a Indian accent they will claim to be associated with Microsoft and they will tell you that there is something wrong with your computer and will lure you to download a software if agreed upon they will ask for your credit card details and then they will ask you if they can have access to your computer for them to download the software which of course is a Trojan horse software that will steal all your information form your hard drive. Be aware of these Overseas Numbers if you have a Caller ID. 0019516153313, 0085215890000, 0017148680120. The refund scam works like this: Several months after the purchase, someone might call to ask if you were happy with the service. When you say you weren’t, the Scammer offers a refund. Or the caller may say that the company is going out of business and providing refunds for “warranties” and other services. In either case, the scammers eventually ask for a bank or credit card account number. Or they ask you to create a Western Union account. They might even ask for remote access to your computer to help you fill out the necessary forms. But instead of putting money in your account, the scammers withdraw money from your account."

August 2014

"Silver Lake Resort" scam

I received a call from phone number 003212893157 saying I had been selected to answer questions about Silver Lake Resort the later said this wasn't a prize but discount travel and accommodation. They wanted my credit card details and wanted me to pay $US 698 up front, with much of the rest paid on arrival and it didn't cover flight or transfer costs. The prize was for 4 people and they kept adding more and more stopovers and hassling me for credit card numbers or they wouldn't be able to give reduced flight prices.

Microsoft scammers

I received a phone call at about 5.30pm last night from an Asian voiced man who told me he was from Microsoft and phoning from Auckland. In fact the caller ID was 00441614081867 – a UK number. He said that my home computer was being hacked and that he needed to assist me. He asked me to open up my computer and at this stage said he needed to put me on to his supervisor. The supervisor was also an Asian – I suspect Indian – but was clearer in speech. He wanted me to go onto the internet but my internet connection was not working. I told him I was just home from work and he said he would phone me back at 8.00pm. I subsequently phoned a friend who told me it was a scam and that Microsoft do not phone people. She also said he would have been after my credit card number. When he phoned back (on a private listing) I challenged him and he hung up on me.

"IRD" Phone scam

The Department has received reports of a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRD demanding the recipient provide their details because they owe the IRD money. The amount owed was not clarified but the caller was identified as having a strong foreign accent and claimed to be calling from the number 03 974 1972.

July 2014

Aggressive phone scam targets Inland Revenue customers

The following is from the IRD website:

Inland Revenue is warning its customers to beware of aggressive telephone scammers who are targeting people for money and threatening actions such as deportation and prison if not paid.

"We have received numerous reports of scammers telephoning our customers claiming they owe money. The caller is threatened that if they don't go to NZ Post within 30 minutes and pay, they will be deported, face court action or jail time," said Pat Crawford, Acting Group Manager Customer Services at Inland Revenue.

The caller ID that appears when the scammer calls is identical to Inland Revenue's Customer Services number, 0800 227 774. The scammer then aggressively demands money and directs the person to go to a New Zealand Post shop counter where they can deposit the money into a fake bank account. In some cases, people have been directed to purchase a Prezzie card and load it with the amount owed.

"Just to be clear, Inland Revenue will never call customers from our 0800 number or demand payments to be made through NZ Post, a Prezzie card or within 30 minutes," said Mr Crawford.

"Recently, a customer contacted Inland Revenue who had been instructed to make a payment. Out of fear they went to a NZ Post shop to pay the money demanded. They only realised they were being scammed when asked to load their money onto a Prezzie card. Since this time, the victim has continued to be called by the scammer and abused in a foreign language.

"This is an example of how aggressive and threating these scammers are. They are deliberately using Inland Revenue's brand to trick customers into paying money they do not owe.

"If you are suspicious, hang up. If you have replied to and given money or provided personal details please contact your bank or credit card provider immediately. To help protect your identity it is a good idea to enrol in Inland Revenue's Voice ID service and register for an online myIR account," said Mr Crawford.

Inland Revenue continues to work with phone companies and the New Zealand Police's National Cyber Security Centre to track this hoax number and shut it down as soon as possible.

To report suspicious phone calls that target Inland Revenue customers, please send an email to

"Telecom" phone scam still operating

A woman received a call from an Indian sounding man claiming to be calling from Telecom and reporting that she had a fault with her computer. The man gave his name as John Morris and provided an ID number of 1097652071.

The woman's caller ID showed that the call came from the phone number +61390055805.

French Lottery phone scam

"I received a call on my cellphone today at 9:45am wanting me to pay $30.00 per month for entries into a $48 million dollar lottery in France with a 1 in 12 chance of winning a prize.

He said he would be my account manager for 4 weeks and would report to me on the success my lottery entries either in the main pool or in smaller prize pools.

The accent could have been trained American or Australian, but it wasnt convincing and he had a polished scripted sales track.

He wanted me to agree on the phone. There were only 15 entries left today. When I asked for information to be sent he hung up.

0016048712799 was the number that came up on my cellphone screen."

June 2014

"Telecom" phone scam

Telecom has become aware that some of its customers have been contacted by fraudsters claiming to be from Telecom.

The fraudsters, are reportedly telling customers that their Telecom services are about to be cut off because of security issues and then asking the customers to go online to a fake Telecom webpage. Customers are also being asked to give remote access to their computer and provide personal banking information as part of this scam.

These calls are not from Telecom and Telecom strongly advise anyone who receives one of these calls to hang up immediately, do not to hand over any personal banking information and do not proceed to the fraudulent webpage. If anyone has passed on information, Telecom advise you to contact your bank immediately.

Telecom also emphasise that these fraudsters do not have access to Telecom systems.

Automated phone call purporting to be from ASB

People are receiving multiple automated phone calls claiming to be from the ASB and that there is a great offer available to you and to hear more push any key.

May 2014

Phone scam claiming to be fundraising for The New Zealand Child Abuse helpline

A number of reputable child/family health organisations have advised that they have no knowledge of any helpline operating by this name.

Caller purporting to be from Air New Zealand

I received a pre-recorded voice call claiming to be from Air New Zealand, advising me that I have been selected to receive a $995 credit off my next flight. Claiming that I was entered in the draw as a result of my last flight requesting that I press #1 to continue, out of interest, I did and the person who picked up my call immediately asked for my credit card number. I asked who I was speaking with and the person hung up.

Following is a collection of experiences people have had with the Microsoft phone scammer

Hi, I received two calls tonight the last at 10.43pm, one from a man then a lady claiming to be from Microsoft, both people insisted that they had detected my computer had a virus.
I'm aware of this scam and this is not the first time they have attempted to call us. I told them I did not have a computer, after the second call I informed them that I would contact the police, the scammer hung up immediately.
Since we have caller i.d. the number they called from showed up.
The number is as follows: 0019896552274

Hi, I today received a phone call from 013122638166.
The caller stated that they have been advised I have been sending funds to India via Western Union.
When I questioned him and asked him to repeat the message he became quite aggressive.
I told him he must have the wrong number and he hung up.

My 86 year old mother recently purchased a new lap top about a week after having it home she had a call in the evening saying her lap was in danger and needed to be protected unfortunately she panicked and gave the caller her visa card details.
We cancelled the card and had the laptop checked they had loaded key tracker along with other unnecessary programmes, this took a couple of hours to clean out and reset all her passwords
These are the contact details given to her
Southend Enterprises: phone 2135997489
Alex Brown ph 64 09 8891995
Ryan Williams ph 64 09 8891995
I called this number on a number of occasions and a women with Indian accent said neither of these 2 were available **Surprise surprise
The last time I called they hung immediately when I identified myself

Hi, I have just been called by the "computer technical support". I am a qualified Microsoft engineer, so I know they are telling lies to what the problem is. I strung them along, just to waste their time, so they are not scamming someone else. Finally they asked for payment, which I said was too expensive and they said if I paid I could call their technical team anytime, and my computer would be good to use for another 10-12 years. I asked them for a number and they provided +64 98891995. This does actually get answered by 'technical support". So I thought I would report that this number is being used by them, it seems.
Of course I did not pay and declined their support.

Hi there! I just had an unsolicited call from a gentleman claiming to be from "Windows Operating System Technical Support Service" asking for details of my computer's IP and some other technical specs. As this call was on a phone which has no online presence and he asked for personal details. The number in question is (04)3853020.

Hi, Last night I received a call on my mobile from an Asian (Indian) lady alleging that she was from Microsoft Support and claiming that my Windows 7 computer had been continually sending an error code of ‘00C04FD7D062’ to the Microsoft Genuine Advantage Servers (her caller ID started with a 018). She claimed that there was most likely a Virus or Malware on the system and that if I switched on my computer, she would guide me through in getting this obnoxious piece of software off my computer.
Further discussion elicited her name as ‘Seera’ and that she was calling from London UK. I asked if I could call her back as my computer was downstairs away from the phone. She said that she would call me back once I had my computer on (she didn’t get the fact that my phone was away from the computer). I also asked her what the Registered Key for the operating system was as we have several computers in the house. I am aware that any error report that goes to Microsoft does include the Version, Build & Key.
Two things that aroused my suspicion:
1. Microsoft does not call customers out of the blue!
2. She was unable to provide the Product Key and the location of the relevant Microsoft GA Server.
Needless to say, she got the short shift and a parting shot that her spiritual & physical well being was at risk of being inundated with malicious & horrible things (just like the software nasties!).
To further validate the bogus call, in the morning I rang Microsoft Support here in NZ on the 0800 # (well, the guy was in the Philippines), only to have him confirm that it was a bogus call (including the error code) and that Microsoft would never call a client unless they had an incident number to a problem. However he was very happy for me to pay $169 for Microsoft to do a remote check to check my computer!
I declined and hung up.

Hi I have just received a phone call from a Apparent Microsoft department employee saying that they have received signals from my pc saying there is errors/viruses. She sounded Indian. I asked to speak to a manager but was told that he was busy. I then challenged her saying that i believed she was lying and that this phone call was a scam, she then gave me a code to verify that she was from Microsoft, (00c04fd062 was the code), I then hung up. This is 6th call in 6 months. I normally get them in the middle of the night and they normally get very irritated and aggressive when i challenge them.

Government Grants phone scam going around again:
"The person claimed his name was Johnny Walker and an employee of NZ Govt grants Dept. He phoned 3 times and told us we received a grant of $6000.00. He asked some personal information but we declined to give any information."

Microsoft calling scam trying to gain access to your machine.
Reports from members of the public have been received by the Department identifying what sounds like a person with an Indian accent stating they are from a company that represents Microsoft and they have been tasked to investigate error messages coming through to them from a home PC that has a virus. The caller stated error reports from a computer running Windows 7 had been received and needed fixing. When asked to validate who they were, a suspicious cover story was provided. After further questioning, the caller became aggressive and hung up.

Scam: Refund from the Ombudsman.
Reports received regarding suspicious calls claiming to be from the office of the Ombudsman, stating a refund of around $700 was available to the recipient of the call, however the claimant was required to pay $300 to an Indian address via Western Union to a person by the name of Robin Siner.

Hi. here is the sequence of events of generated by what I believe it is a new scam:
  • I have been called during the week commencing April 7th and asked if I am willing to answer few survey question regarding shopping habits. I have been told that there are only 5 questions and I accepted.
  • At the end of the survey I’ve been told that the client wants to reward the people answering the 5 questions and send them an iPod – I have been asked for my address – I gave my PO Box
  • Next day a lady (Kelly) called to ask me what colour iPod I want and asked if I’d like to go to an event where there will be draws. She said the event will be on Monday night and if I give her my email address she will send me a ticket. I said yes.
  • She emailed me the ticket for Monday evening. It is in the attachment
  • I google the address and the results showed a residential house in Papatoetoe. I didn’t go.
  • Kelly called me from the event – it was very noisy – someone talking on the microphone in the background – I could not hear properly. She said she will call again next day, on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday April 15 Kelly called and she said that I won the second prize with the ticket number which is approx. NZ$80,000 and that she will send the forms to claim it.
  • Wednesday I received the forms from this address: enquiry @ It is in the attachment
  • Checked the PO box – no iPod
  • Kelly called – I told her that I believe that this is a scam – she gave me her office phone number and also their Christchurch office address
  • Tuesday April 22nd Kelly called again, she said that all I have to do to get my prize is to send fill in the forms and send them back. She also said that if I do not want the money, the will send me a cancellation form that I need to sign

View the form and ticket to the event (PDF, 92KB)*

March 2014

Phone scammer purporting to be representing Yellow® NZ

Yellow® NZ have contacted the Department to warn us of the following: "Our customers have contacted us to advise that they are being phoned by people purporting to represent Yellow® NZ. Characteristics include pushy selling behaviour, trying to obtain immediate payment (via PayPal), claiming to be calling in response to “poor service” from Yellow®, and hanging up when pressed.

Google Ad Words phone scam

Hi there, I just received a call on my cellphone from the following phone number: 001 727 330 2062. An Indian sounding man asked if I was (name removed), and when I confirmed he said '(name removed) I am calling from Google Ad Words. You have a balance on your Google Ad Words account of $62, for March, which needs to be paid. You need to log into your Google account and provide credit card details - ' at which point I said "that's not going to happen" and hung up.

He was very urgent / aggressive sounding and was 110% likely to be a scammer trying to get access to my account / credit card details - seeing as I do not use Google Ad Words, nor do I think they would be making international phone calls to collect payments details by phone for an account due the same month!!!

Another Microsoft service phone call scam

Rung tonight 8-3-14 @ 1810. An Asian man advised that he was ringing from Microsoft Technical Dept and that had been made aware that my computer had been hacked and thousands of files had been downloaded and malicious software was secretly uploaded to my computer and they wanted me to log onto a web site so that they could "assist me get rid of the problem!"

I was immediately aware that it was a phone scam so I engaged them and let them burble away for about 5 minutes. I then told them that I was on dial-up modem so if I went on line, they couldn't talk to me at the same time. Further I was an old duffer (bet that confused him) and I didn't have a mobile phone either. I said that I would terminate the call - this was 15 minutes after it started - and dial www. 1010 .com.
The purpose of dragging the call out was to stop them annoying at least another 2-3 people being interrupted. A few minutes later they rang back and I advised that I hadn't turned my computer on as I was having a meal. They offered to ring back at 8pm. I asked for his name and number at Microsoft so I could ring him if I went on earlier. He said he couldn't do this as "Microsoft doesn't call consumers!" I then said that it was a scam as his phone details were hidden and I didn't trust him. He strongly remonstrated that he was legit. I said that I was referring this call to the POLICE - he hung up.

January 2014

Libai phone scam

A number of people have received a phone call from a representative of “Libai”, a company purportedly from Hong Kong. The caller asks the recipient about three shopping habits. The caller then explains that the recipient has been awarded an MP3 player for their time. The next evening, a further call is received and the caller asks what colour MP3 player the recipient would like, and that there will be a conference in Auckland the recipient is invited to attend (the conference is supposedly about “Libai”). When the recipient says that they are unable to attend, the caller gives a raffle number with the chance to win some money, which will be drawn at the conference. A day or so after the conference the recipient receives a call to say that they have won HK$600,000. The callers explain that they will email a claimants form and require the recipient to fill this out and scan it back to them. Once the form is filled and sent back, the recipient is asked to pay NZ$3,300 to cover an international accountants time and preparation for the winnings.

The caller is often a lady with an Asian accent. She goes by the name of “Alice”, “Margaret” and “Elizabeth”. The details they provide are (09)889-5918, fax number +85230078949, email addresses enquiry @ and libaigroup @

Microsoft service phone scam continues

NOTE: The Department has had reports that some callers say they are from Internal Affairs.

I have had three calls this week claiming to be Microsoft about our computer ( all from Indian/ Asian accented people)

The first time we told them ( him ) they had rung a Police station and the man hung up

The second time, the same night, strung them (him) a long a bit then told them we had no computer ( they usually don’t seem to hear that statement) and finally told them where to go, not to ring again and hung up.

Tonight told them ( her ) we had no computer, repeated that and hung up

If there’s a next time, it’s the whistle down the phone

Second report
This morning at 0345 I received a phone call from an unknown caller, possibly female. They were speaking in a foreign language, either Spanish or Portuguese, as they used the word “por favor”. They started the conversation with something and then said “Davidson, por favor” - I could make out anything else that was said.

I realised this was a scam (as I have received several “Microsoft support” calls before) and hung up. They immediately called back and started the same conversation and I hung up again and there was no further communication.

Sunshine Travel phone scam

This afternoon my 56 year old mother received a phone call from a female by the name of Ariel claiming to be a representative for Omni Florida Travel, agent number: 2379. Ariel informed my mother that she had won a 2 week holiday package for 4 people to Florida and The Bahamas. She will stay in Radison Hotels and travel on an 8 deck boat to The Bahamas.

Apparently, my mother had been randomly selected from a random non-specific survey she had apparently filled in, the origin of which can not be specified.

After a 30 minute spiel about how wonderful her holiday will be and all the extras included, Ariel kindly transferred mum to the travel agent who then tried his very best to get a credit card number. Upon my mother’s refusal to supply him with her credit card details, he continued to berate her for the credit card so she could “hold her place” in the competition whilst she thought about it. And if she did not supply it, she would simply miss out on this wonderfully-too-good-to-be-true holiday. My mother refused him four times. Eventually the dear scammer gave up and hung up the phone.

These scammers are very organized. They knew my mother’s full name, her address and her email address. They are claiming to be from America.

Here are the details supplied by Ariel:
Website: www .omnifloridatravel .com
Phone: 0011 727 940 94521

Second report
I have been duped into getting right through their process because a) an nz phone number b) the appearance of a genuine Condominium sales process c) the offer of transportability.

Unfortunately I did not look for scam report while on the phone to them.

Checked on the website and it is pretty obvious that I have been duped.

I have rung ASB cancelled my current Visa card. The bank tell me that there are two transactions for this outfit, one for $1300 odd and another for $1400 odd that was declined. There was absolutely no authorization for the second attempted withdrawal which proves the whole process was not cosher.

November 2013

Google Business phone scam

I run an owner operated retail business in Napier. I have been contacted four times by a man representing “google business”.

He wants me to join google website to list my business and for $295.00. I would get a free business membership for the length of the time I owned my business.
He is very pushy and insists that I would be the “favoured” business for our type of business in Hawkes Bay Napier.
I have spoken to one other similar business and they have also had these phone calls.
The phone caller also instructed me to pay the $295.00 by pay pal for a 30 day trial, then if I did not want to proceed I could contact Pay pal at the end of the 30 days and Pay pal would return the money. (I have not accepted his offer.)
After todays phone call I contacted my phone company and they looked up the four calls that I have had and cannot trace the calls point of origin saying the only listing they can find is 6 zero’s with four directly beneath, and said this kind of non-listing is usually a scam.

Information regarding the 'Microsoft Windows Technical Department' from Yellow Pages Group

Our customers have alerted us to the following scam operation:Customers are receiving calls purporting to be from a Microsoft Helpdesk. Often the customer receives a call from an autodialer first so the operator can confirm that the NZ destination number is valid. The caller ID number for incoming calls was previously withheld, but recently has been displaying 01800180200. This number has been used to target UK residents before.

If a customer tries to phone this number, the NZ PSTN recognises that the first 3 digits (018) are a valid NZ number, and connects the caller to our 018® service. 01800180200 and calls originating from that number have no connection with our 018® service. In fact, our 018® call centre cannot make outbound calls.
For each of the complaints received by our 018® service, one of our NZ staff members has personally rung each complainant back to explain that there is no connection between 018® and 01800180200

Calls from 'Microsoft Windows Technical Department'

Hi, I live in Wanaka and my phone number is in the phone book. I had a man with an accent phone me today and say he was calling from Windows Service Centre and wanted to speak with me about a problem with my computer. I had just picked up a laptop from a computer service Centre and didn't know the trading name for them as I hadn't paid them yet (this is Wanaka, you pay later!), so I listened to him. I would usually hang up on people I thought were trying to sell me something.
He said he was calling from USA and they had been receiving messages from our computer showing we had problems within our computer. I asked him how he got my number. He said we were registered with Windows. I know we are registered with Microsoft. He wanted me to turn on my computer so he could have access to it (alarm bells from me!). I asked him if I could use my iPad and he said no, only a laptop or a desktop. I said how did they get messages from us if I hadn't had the laptop for a week. He said they had been receiving messages for a few weeks.
I told him I wouldn't log in to the laptop and didn't trust him. He said I had to do it. He was getting pushy and nobody who wanted to help me would be pushy.
I said I would phone him back when I had time so could he give me his name and number. He said his name was Jack Wilson and the number was 9524676390. I asked where he was calling from. He said he was not from a call centre, but it was a service centre in Alabama. I asked if he was calling from USA why did he not give me the international code for USA. He said yes it is 001. He said when will you call? I said later and hung up. I have since looked up the area code and it not Alabama.

Calls from 'New Zealand Government on behalf of John Key continue'

Hi I received a call on Fri 1st Nov from a man named John Lee claiming that the NZ Government had chosen me (1 of 500 people) to receive a tax refund for rental income I had paid tax on.
He claimed John Key had decided that 500 people across NZ who met a certain criteria e.g. No criminal record would receive this tax refund. He reinforced this was not a grant or a lottery win but a tax refund.
He advised I would receive a tax refund of $6,300. When I asked him if there was any paper work to support this, he said he sent this a couple of months back and given he had not received a response from me was following up hence the phone call.
When I asked if he could send something to me via email or again in the post, he told me his name was John Lee and gave me a phone number
I think the worrying thing was he had all my contact details and knew I had rental properties although my rental properties are in my LTC.
I was a little surprised by this so went and googled if this was legitimate and based on my findings figured it was a scam. I spoke with customer service rep from the Dept of Building & Housing and made an enquiry, he advised he would channel through to his investigations team.

October 2013

Calls from 'Microsoft Windows Technical Department' continue

I received a phone call from “Microsoft Windows”. The caller, who had an Indian accent, said that my computer was being invaded by hackers. They relayed a licence number of the my computer and asked me to go into my computer so they could verify it. I have been told that it's likely this was a bogus number, but a ploy for the caller to gain access to the computer.

After some discussion, I allowed the caller to go into my computer where I could see that they gained remote access. They asked for payment for their services, and asked for credit card details. When I said no, they were very persistent and essentially blackmailed me by stating that they would shut me out of my computer if they didn’t get paid so I agreed and provided credit card details. The payment was $169 for a package deal.
The same person called back some time later and explained that the payment did not go through and whether I could provide another credit card.
After looking at credit card statements, the following was taken out:
1. $169.32 from Global Connect Cloud Gurgaon
2. $205.31 from Lissenese Technology Calcatta (spelling could be wrong)
3. $204.34 from Lissenese Technology Calcatta (again, spelling could be wrong)
The contact details connected to this scam are:
Email address: tssp @
Address: GCC Corporate Team, Cyber House B-35, Sector-32, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001, India

Hi I just had a phone call from an Indian sounding man saying he was ringing from Microsoft and they had received a message from my computer because someone other than me was trying to access my computer.
He showed me reports indicating errors etc. but when he wanted access to my computer I said no because I wasn’t giving that to someone who had rung me.
He then gave me a toll free number to check it out and he was going to ring me back.
The number & name he gave me was Jake Watson, employee # 9043, toll free # 61 2903 785 26

September 2013

Pretending to be from the New Zealand Government

A number of people have been receiving phone calls from the likes of the New Zealand Federal Government and the New Zealand Reclaims Department on behalf of the Ministry of Justice. The caller, who has been described as having an Indian / Asian accent, offers a particular refund (of various nominal values), and explains that they will send this in the form of a cheque. The caller provides the phone number (09) 889 6074 and (09) 889 6072 as their point of contact.

August 2013

Scammer pretends to be from 'Microsoft Windows Technical Department'

We just had a call from a lady from overseas, saying that she wished to advise us that there were errors showing up on our computer and they wanted to help with it. I asked where she was from as I said it seemed odd that errors were coming up when I didn’t know her company. She said she was from Auckland, ‘Microsoft Windows Technical Dept’. When I continued to ask questions, she hung up.

Scammer calling from 'the New Zealand Government Crimes Department'

My mother asked me to come over to her house this morning to listen to a message that was left on her home phone answer machine. The message was left last Monday, 5th August 2013 and said: "Hello this is a message for Jyoti Morarji, Jyoti this is Matthew Johnson calling from the New Zealand government crimes department in Wellington, we have a cheque for you for $6,300. You have been selected at random and you don't need to pay anything. Please call the Crime department on 04 889 0515 and quote B6570".

Scammer phones and says your computer needs fixing

About the fourth or fifth time we have had this type of call. Indian/Sri Lankan sounding woman who said her name was Annie. She began to give instructions to fix the 'problem' inviting me to open my computer (I didn't of course) , then beginning with the start menu and then moving towards configuration. I then said I needed to know more about her company. Said she was calling from Auckland but then gave the following phone number: 152573024155. I pointed out this looked like a US phone number. I asked if her company had a website, yes "max cc security com" [there is in fact a company with a name that is not too far from this] .She then claimed she had my windows customer number and read out a very long list "HHHBCA60- FPIa ICFF 4F06 etc etc". I said how was she making her money if the service was free. "money isn't everything". I also pointed out that any windows product most people had was bundled with their computers and not bought from microsoft. Seemingly frustrated she passed me to her boss who on pushing told me his name was Jake Martin[sic]. I told him I had never heard of his company and had no evidence it was genuine. Eventually I just left the phone on, and after a while he hung up.

July 2013

Purporting to be from the New Zealand Government

Received a call today from a “Samantha Cooper”, who had an Indian accent and explained she was from the New Zealand Government.

I was told that due to my clear credit history and continuing to complete my tax returns on time every year, I was eligible for Government funding (of $6,000). She explained that I was randomly selected out of 500 people for this funding.

In order to test my loyalty, “Samantha” explained that she would transfer $1,200 into my bank account, then I had to transfer $1,200 back to them via Western Union. After this, I would be given $6,000.

I asked what the Western Union details were. “Samantha” said she would give these after the $1,200 had been transferred to my account. After I asked once more, “Samantha” hung up.

Earlier, “Samantha” gave me their phone number of (04) 889 0266. When I called this number (as a test), a man by the name of John, who also had an Indian accent, answered the phone.

These people knew my name and full address.

Share trading

Beware of calls from 0016165971111 stating they are from Michigan, United States. The caller was male and had what appeared to be a heavy Indian accent. The caller requested if you had any experience in dealing with shares and offered to send to an email detailing the business he works for and providing information on share trading, etc.

Your computer is infected with a virus

We have received a resurgence of complaints about callers claiming “your computer is infected with a virus” and requesting to gain remote access to the machine. They can be very persistent and insist the machine is being damaged unless you allow them access. This is a scam, do not provide access to your machine and hang up immediately from the call.

June 2013

European Lottery Guild

The caller asks for your name and says they are from the European Lottery Guild. The recipient of the call hung up at this point but noted the caller sounded Canadian and used the number +16048712799. She then received the following emails:

From: European Lottery Guild
Subject: Hey **********, want to live the millionaire lifestyle with EuroMillions?
Dear **********,
If I told you there was a lottery game with Division One prizes that were out of this world and total payouts that were unbelievable, would you want to play it? You’re in luck – because there is one. It’s called EuroMillions and it combines the prize power of nine European countries into astounding Division One amounts.
Thanks to European Lottery Guild (ELG), the world’s most trusted lottery agency, you now have the chance to play the EuroMillions Premier Syndicate. An exclusive four-week entry programme, the Syndicate gives you 16 chances to win from a prize pool worth up to €314 Million (NZ$550 Million)!
The odds of winning a prize are 1 in 13, which is pretty amazing when you think about how much money is at stake. The record Division One prize is currently €185 Million (NZ$324.1 Million), so you could walk away very rich indeed.
That’s not all! When you enter to win EuroMillions through ELG, you’ll also take part in three other official European lotteries in our “Lucky 30”. This gives you 280 extra chances at winning from Division One prizes worth up to €44 Million (NZ$77 Million)!
Go here to >>> Play Now! <<<
Good luck,

From: European Lottery Guild
Subject: Get your share of 278 Million, time is running out
Dear *********,
The European Lottery Guild wants you to relax with a pocket full of cash; it wants you to be the person who lives the lottery-millionaire lifestyle, however, in order for that to happen, you need to have your tickets to the hottest lottery event this summer.
The Spanish Summer Gordo is just around the corner and in order to be in with a chance of hitting one of those huge million-dollar jackpots, you need to act right now. Click here to get your tickets fast!
The Summer Gordo is a once-a-year lottery draw that pays out some immense cash amounts. The prize pool is a stunning €278 million and a share of that could be all yours. There are an amazing 378,000 prizes up for grabs, meaning that this summer could be setting the benchmark for summers to come. Just think how you would spend that amount of could be one long summer.
Order your tickets online by clicking here or speak to a friendly professional agent now by calling toll-free in New Zealand 0800 443 697 or reverse charges INTL +1 604 675 2704 and within a few minutes you could be changing your life forever.
The Team at The European Lottery Guild
P.S. Time is running out to win your share; there are just a few days left. Speak to an agent via live chat now and get your life-changing tickets for the Summer Gordo.

April 2013

I have received four calls over the last couple of days from a group called “Capital Research”. The caller is not always the same person but they all have an Asian accent and they ask for me by my first name.

The caller wants to know what investments I have and if I have experience in the stock market.
I asked them where they got my number from, they said from an International Business Directory.

Hi. I received a call yesterday from an Indian sounding man that had initially spoken to my wife about my computer security. She passed him onto me knowing full well it was a scam. I have had calls like this before so I played along a bit. He said he was from Microsoft Internet Service Center and was very pleasant to start with. He said that he had received a system message stating my computer had been infected and he was able to clean it for me. I played quite dumb at the beginning and followed his instructions and agreed with the things he stated even though I wasn't even sitting at my computer. He wanted me to go to a website and download an application to fix the problem. I purposely misunderstood the specific website he asked me to visit which frustrated him a lot. I repeatedly asked him to repeat what he was saying to the point where he asked me "do you understand English?" That was bit rich considering the significant accent he had and his limited English vocabulary. Eventually I played his game and visited the website but I first took him on a tour of He asked me to double click on the executable link on the website at which point I started to challenge him. I asked where he was calling from. That annoyed him. He continued to demand I do what he asked and he even threatened to disable my computer if I didn't. This amused me so I requested that he try to do so knowing full well he couldn't. He became very angry and threatening especially when I told him I knew he was trying to scam me. He eventually hung up on me but definitely threatened me numerous times that he would disable my computer. Funnily enough I am typing on that stated computer.
Both times the men have been very forceful in tone which I feel might intimidate many people to do as they say which would not be of benefit. I hope no one has been duped by these people as Microsoft Support or Service Centre would never make a personal call to a computer owner. And if they did I am sure they would have a far better grasp of the English language than these men did.

March 2013

Hi. Last June I was scammed by a person offering online support and internet virus protection. I didn’t keep the details as I was so disgusted with myself for getting scammed but I did report to NetSafe. In the past week I have had 2 phone calls from an Asian male, from a private number asking for me by name. The first 2 I hung up but today I decided to take it further. He was offering me a refund on the computer services I paid for last year I needed to fill out an online form. I said I don’t have a computer and he should post me the form. He then wanted my credit card details over the phone When I said I no longer have a credit card he hung up!!

They actually phoned again today and said they were trying to give me a refund and wanted my credit card details I said you are scammers so stop phoning me or I will report you. He then swore several times and I didn’t respond so he hung up

Had a call from an asian sounding man asking for my husband, calling him by his surname. When I said he wasn’t available, he said it was for a security check and then hung up before I could ask any questions!!!

I have had several phone call over the last few days where the caller, who hasn’t uttered a sound, has hung up after about 5 second.

Hi everyone, Three weeks ago I received a call and was invited to attend the Yonping Group NZ promotion to be held at the Auckland Event Centre. They said they were also doing a survey for the group and if I took part I would be included in their E-Raffle draw. They said it was their anniversary and they were promoting their hotel group in NZ. Although I couldn't attend I would still be in to win a prize. A week later I was advised that I had won the 2nd prize of $HK320,000 and a supervisor in Hong Kong would contact me to congratulate me and arrange for how the payment would be made. I was sent a Claimant's form that had to be completed and returned. I was suspicious and aware that if it's too good to be true then it usually is. Why would anyone give away money and not get a pay back? As the form contained very little personal details and no bank account details I filled it in (including some ficticious information), returned it and waited for a reply. I then went my bank to find out if they were aware of this scam. They hadn't heard of the Yonping Group scam but knew of others. The bank suggested that the scam was possibly identity theft and advised me to seek police help. The police advised me to look at the Internal Affairs Phone Scams and cease all contact with the scammers. I searched the Phone Scams and found the Hengjun Group Claimants form. The wording on this is almost identical to the Yonping form. Yonping have set up a very elaborate web site that appears genuine but is probably a copy of a real company with changes made to disguise the fraud.
I have also sent the Yonping claimants form which you can see how similar it is to the Hengjun Group form. The scammers always asked for my wife until I accused them of being a company that didn't exist and were trying to rip us off. Thats when she claimed they had an office at Level 2, Featherston House, 119-123 Featherston Street, Wellington 6011. The telephone number they gave was 048892166. I passed this to the Alexandra Police. They checked and found that the address and phone number were ficticious.
View the claimant form .pdf (488k)*

I am reporting a phone scam I recieved at today saying I had been selected with a big speel how I was good tax paying citizen and had randomly been picked from !500 people to receive $7000 from IRD. I was given a number 04 8893451 to call and a code A163 as my code to quote. I was told I needed to do this immediatley and this was the guy I spoke to's supervisor

On Thursday 28th Feb I was rung and asked if I would answer a few questions about my shopping habits. She called me by my first name and my late husband’s first name, and when I corrected her she apologised and asked for my surname.. The woman had an Indian sounding accent and was hard to understand at times, but she asked “Do you buy things on the basis of price or quality?” and “do you prefer to buy New Zealand made or imported goods?”. I answered these and then she said as a way of thanking me for my participation I was in a E-raffle draw to be done the following Monday in Wellington at an address that I did not take note of since I knew I could not be down there and then she gave me a raffle number that consisted of 2 letters and 5 numbers. I wrote these down. I had visitors at the time, so I didn’t get any more details from her.
Two days later she rang back to ask if the raffle numbers were handy since the draw was to be the following Monday, 4th March. She confirmed the numbers again, and I asked a few questions to clarify who she worked for: Yonping of Hongkong. She gave me a wellington phone number to ring if I had any questions. Her name was Dorothy.
On Tuesday she rang saying I had won 2nd prize and that she would need to send me an email so I could confirm who I was so they could send me the cheque for about $250,00 Hongkong dollars which is about $400,00 NZ depending on the exchange rate. I gave her my email address and waited for it to come thru. It didn’t. At this point I looked up the company online and it seems to be a hotel investment company. It said something about a promotion in Wellington went well.
On Wednesday she rang to ask why I hadn’t filled the form in, so I told her it hadn’t arrived. She verified my email address and she said she would get her communications dept to send it thru again. It arrived by Wednesday night and I left it till the following day to print it out. In the meantime I rang Consumer Affairs to ask if it was a scam and then I looked it up on a govt website where other people have also reported these sorts of calls, and sure enough there it was with different company names, names of the callers and prize amounts but all the basic format was the same.

Had a call from someone saying he was doing market research from the Phillipines, researching people’s awareness of technology such as smartphones etc. Wanted to send me an e-mail- with a questionnaire or something I think...? When I said I wouldn’t give him my e-mail, he asked if I had a fax machine, I said no; he said could he ask over the telephone, I said Yes, and he said he would ring another time as he could tell that I was busy.

Hi, received a phone call this morning from a rather dodgy sounding man who advised me I had been selected as part of John Key’s giveaway. Something the National Government did every five years, they randomly select 1500 people who are not bankrupt, do not have a criminal record and do not owe money to the government. My hackles went up as soon as he said that, as I actually am repaying IRD so therefore knew it to be a scam! My concern is that he is purporting to be from IRD, and mentioned this on 3 occasions. He gave me a Wellington number 04 8893451 to ring. He didn’t sound very sure of the number at all when giving it to me. Also looking through the other phone scams on this website, the similar numbers are 09, not 04 area codes.
He did state I would not have to do anything nor provide any information at all. But he did ask for me by name, which is strange as I am not in the phone book!!

Recently I have been getting about 3 calls a week at home mostly around 3 PM and all from caller ID 061392649000. I answer but don't say anything and they hang up. A new caller ID appeared this week 049747222 which I did answer as I know a lot of people in Wellington. Without pausing for breath for 90 seconds the Indian-sounding scam caller told me about survey they were conducting for Global Charities and invited me to check out their website (which I did post call - completely shonky). I hung up.

Phoned by a man with a very Indian accent telling me the bank had over charged me $7683 in fees and I was due a refund. I was to phone Auck 098897664 and ask for a Mr Van or Ven Mollian accent so bad had difficulty understanding him, Code for my Refund ABA04

February 2013

Hi there. Today we received a phone call at around 4:30pm about a so called tax return and later realised it was fake. The caller went by the name of John William and talks about a $9200 tax return from nz government grant. But first he asked us to send a donation of $500 via western union with ref no. b5620. He also offered to talk with me in hindi. Two of my relatives homes have already been called by this caller.

Hi I saw the post on the latest phone scam for Feb 2013 and today I received similar phone call of the same deal: "We had a call this morning from an 'international holiday agency' -a guy with American accent "Bill Greko" he said, from Orlando, Florida. He had my husbands name, the suburb where we live etc. and the specific credit card company we use, seemed quite believable... After checking that we were over 21 years of age, he informed us that my husband had filled out a form on line and that we had been selected to take this holiday at a discount of 85% for him, and for free for 3 extra guests. He told us about all the places we'd be staying -all Radisson & Hilton resorts, a free car hire, then a 4night cruise on Carnival's 'Celebrity' to the Bahamas.
He made it sound legit by telling us there was a cost of $299. US per person for the cruise, ( but he said we could sell those tickets on EBAY for a profit if we didn't want to pay that& just remain on land for those days instead)... & other small costs imposed on us... After a lengthy discussion, eventually passing us over to another man- ticketing director- who told us we would have to pay $830.00 up front.During which time I did a quick look on Dept of internal affairs website for reported scams, and informed him they were listed there. He hung up very quickly, no trying to convince us we were wrong."

Hi, I have just received a phone call from a foreign person purporting to be from IRD wanting to speak to ‘Will’. I could barely understand him as his accent was very strong. He said the IRD were holding a sum of $3,500 for refund in my account and he wanted to verify my name, details, and bank account. I told him I didn’t believe him and hung up.

I have just had a hoax phone call Saying that they were from the IRD Wellington Office Po box 38222, New Zealand. They told me to call back SARA on phone 09 889 1611or 04 889 2611 to collect my tax refund of $3740 dollars! They gave me a Job No: N1 002 to quote to be able to collect the money.

Hi, I had a call (first a message) from an accented woman on a line that sounded international. She said she was doing a survey for mycharitysurvey com and said something about Charities New Zealand. She had my address and postal code - I hung up when she tried to verify them.

I wish to report some unusual telephone calls received by my parents yesterday, 12 February 2013. I have this morning spoken with Westpac and also emailed the details to them. There were two calls. The caller did not introduce themselves, which in itself would seem odd for a normal business call. In the first call the caller (female voice with no discernable accent) said "This is an important call for <and stated the first and and surname of my mother>. This is not a marketing call." Then there was "beep beep beep" and the call ended. The second call started with the same wording, but then my father asked who was calling and the reply was that it was Westpac. They asked for the birth year of my mother, and they already had the day and month and said what it was . At this. my father fobbed them off and did not give the date, and the caller said that without that information that there was no point in continuing the call, and hung up. Telecom investigations were not able to trace the number that these calls came from, except that they are from an international location. We have been adviced that if we receive any further calls to say something like "We are not interested, if you are from Wespac, write a letter" and hang up. It is a concern as I am sure that some people could be taken in and give out personal information on the phone.

Hi, My wife received a call from a guy on Friday who wanted to speak to me, but I was not available. He gave his phone number as (04) 889-3067 and his name as John Lee (but his accent is Indian). This morning he rang my mobile and I could see the phone number he called from was 00-1-(607) 734-9189. He told me that my name has been selected by New Zealand Government and is eligible for Government Grant for $6,300 because I have been good with no debt and no criminal record. He asked me to go to Western Union and to deposit $149.00 to the bank fee. He wants me to deposit the money ASAP, but I told him I have no time for that.

Tonight my wife answered the phone to have a male Indian voice telling her several times that we had downloaded various viruses onto our computer she mentioned to the caller that he could speak with her husband i.e.myself, and the caller hung up

We had a call this morning from an 'international holiday agency' -a guy with American accent "Bill Greko" he said, from Orlando, Florida. He had my husbands name, the suburb where we live etc. and the specific credit card company we use, seemed quite believable... After checking that we were over 21 years of age, he informed us that my husband had filled out a form on line and that we had been selected to take this holiday at a discount of 85% for him, and for free for 3 extra guests. He told us about all the places we'd be staying -all Radisson & Hilton resorts, a free car hire, then a 4night cruise on Carnival's 'Celebrity' to the Bahamas.
He made it sound legit by telling us there was a cost of $299. US per person for the cruise, ( but he said we could sell those tickets on EBAY for a profit if we didn't want to pay that& just remain on land for those days instead)... & other small costs imposed on us...
After a lengthy discussion, eventually passing us over to another man- ticketing director- who told us we would have to pay $830.00 up front.During which time I did a quick look on Dept of internal affairs website for reported scams, and informed him they were listed there. He hung up very quickly, no trying to convince us we were wrong.

I received a call today from someone saying something like because I was a good person, the Government Grants people at Internal Affairs were going to give me $1000. I couldn't really understand the woman as her accent was very strong. I knew that it was a scam as no government department would ring someone out of the blue and offer them money.

Hi. Like so many others I received the call from the Hengjun Group and that I had won in a raffle, $320,000.00 Hong Kong Dollars. These people are very good at convincing you that you have won money. I am so disappointed in myself for believing this could be true. They almost had me convinced to try and get the $2993.00 for the accountant fee, till I said I was going to go and talk with my bank and a lawyer. The caller 'Felice' said they wouldn't want me taking out a loan and she would get back to me again. So I finally decided to check out and see if it is a scam, and sure enough it is. Have a look at the attached letter regarding the funds etc. Crazy thing though is I looked up the company and they had a web page and so I thought I would send them an email, got a call the next day from Felice saying she got my email, so they have put a lot of effort in to create a web page etc. Beware.

From: 恒駿HengJun-Group <enquiry>
Sent: Monday, 28 January 2013 3:40 PM
Good day!
This was sent to you for you to understand how important is the Fund Certification Form the the Bank is asking and the reason why they asked for that. I hope you this will help you in understanding the situation. If there is anything else you want to inquire feel free to contact us. Thank you
View the fund certification form .pdf (104k)*

From: 恒駿HengJun-Group <enquiry>
Sent: Tuesday, 29 January 2013 8:15 PM
View the certificate and copy of the cheque .pdf (328k)*

January 2013

Hi there, We have had calls from a lady with an Asian sounding accent saying she is from a Hong Kong business by the name of Hengjun Group and could I participate in a very short survey which was only 3 questions. I answered these questions with random answers that didn’t really make any sense to what she was asking!!!! She then gave me a Ticket Number which I was to write down and keep safe as I was going into a draw to win prizes!!!!

I have since had 3 phone calls from this same lady claiming her name is Chloe to say "Mr Doe you are so lucky, you have won our 2nd top prize which is HKG350,000 ......."
You can see where this is going, they have since emailed a letter which is to be completed with just the confirmation code, that I am the 2nd prize winner and an ID number... any ID like drivers licence or passport but not to specify if it is either??
I have used a false name when they asked me for my name and also created a fake email address.

view the claim form .pdf (116k)*

I have had a phone call today from 3 persons with the following names "Mark Clements, Jessie Mills and their Manager" with US accents who were offering me and three others the opportunity of a 14 day promotional stay at a Radis Hotel in Orlando Florida for 7 days a Cruise to Nasau for 4 days and a day ashore then 3 days in a Hilton Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida or instead of Disneyland tickets a rental car for 7 days was on offer. They said I had entered a competition entry filled out at at Ramada Hotel which I did not recall. He then said to get a pen and paper to note some details. They asked if I was over 21 years and if I had a visa or mastercard. They tell you that you have 18 months to use the prize and need to do a 90 min tour at the Ramada Grand to be able to fully understand the resort. Eventually they asked for a credit card number, which I refused and questioned why they needed this right now, for which they were going to charge $830 for "expenses," assuring me that everything else was to be paid for in return for advertising opportunities. After my refusal to part with my credit card numbers the Manager came onto the line with similar tactics to try to obtain credit card details, They gave me an address in Florida which I checked on google maps and there was no referance there to support that they were from that address. I asked them to send documentation through the email, but as suspected nothing came through. They gave me a phone number to ring for confirmation but while I rung this number (00 11 813 915 3255) it came back with Telecom message saying it was an invalid or unallocated number. I put the phone on loud speaker and played message to the 2nd person but this did not deter him and eventually the 3rd person (Manager) came on and he continued to attempt to get may credit card number. I eventually got fed up with their persistence and ended the phone call abruptly. These guys sound very credible so don’t be fooled.

Hello, I just finished having someone trying to scam me over the phone. Luckily my friends helped me realise what was going on before I gave more details to the caller, but here's the description of what happened.
I received a call from a woman with a heavy accent (indian or asian, not sure which), saying she was doing a short survey for the Hengjun Group Company (or something that sounded like that).
She asked me a few short questions, which I answered, and she said to thank people who were doing the survey, the company was giving raffle ticket numbers, and she gave me aa23509.
A few days later she called again, confirming that I had kept track of the number, before it was added into the draw. She told me the raffle draw event was being held in Auckland on the following Monday, and since I was in Christchurch and asked if I could I make it (obviously not at short notice).
The following Monday night (22/01/2013) she called me again. There was a lot of noise in the background, making it believable that she was at an event of some kind. She told me I had won the 2nd prize, and congratulations, and would call me soon to sort out how we would arrange for me to receive my prize. After that call I did some research and found similar stories.
Today she rang me, and told me about my prize. 350,000 Hong Kong dollars. Other stories I had found said the same amount, or 400,000. So I was suspicious. The name of the company, Hengjun Group, is the same one quoted in other stories of scams too. She said I needed to give my fax number or email address to receive the "Winner Claim Form", so that I could put in my name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, and probably other personal details I would bet, on it and send it back to them. By this point I was convinced it was a scam, so I refused, apologised, told her I she was just doing her job but it sounded like a scam that had been reported. She made sure that my final answer was indeed to pass up the prize, I said yes, and wished her a good day.

Hi there,
We have had a lady call with an Indian sounding accent saying that they are a Hong Kong business by the name of Hengjun Group and could my husband participate in a very short survey which was only 3 questions. My husband answered these questions with random answers that didn’t really make any sense to what she was asking!!!! She then gave him a Ticket Number of AA14843 which he was to write down and keep safe as he will be going into a draw to win prizes!!!!

We have since had 3 phone calls from this same lady claiming her name is Ashley to say Mr (name) you are so lucky, you have won our 2nd top prize which is HKG350,000 .......

You can see where this is going, they have since emailed a letter which is to be completed with just the confirmation code, that he is the 2nd prize winner and his ID number... any ID like drivers licence or passport but not to specify if it is either??

We obviously will not do any of this but I really wanted to report this as she was so persistent.

hi, iv got a call saying that you have won $5000, he was referring to my dad.
It seemed scam. He said that prime minister is giving away this money. so i just asked his no and told him that my dad will call him back, the phone number he gave me is 04-8893211. but after looking at my caller id the number he called from is 1 630 6539660.
thank you

Hi There,

I got a call from a person earlier today (12-Jan) with an Indian subcontinental accent claiming to be calling on behalf of IRD and saying that I have won an amount of $5200 in a lucky draw. He went onto explain that I have won this amount because of my good behavior, timely tax payment and clear police record in last 6 months. He then suggested me to note down the file number and the desk phone number of his supervisor from IRD who would explain me further details.

The details given were file-no: a761 and phone-no: 04 8893211. I am sure the file-no doesn't mean anything at all but researching on internet it appears that few more people have received similar calls.

I hung up the phone after telling the caller that I wouldn't make the call as I believe it is a prank call but thought this to report to you as it appears (from the internet log of other people) that this particular number is responded by the perpetrators and eventually they ask to transfer some money through western union.

I haven't called this number but if it is indeed being answered it should probably be investigated and necessary steps taken to avoid any potential fraud.

I don't remember the name told by the person and also my fixed line number doesn't have a caller-id service so I didn't get the calling-number too. The later can probably be taken from the phone operator but I suspect it would be a proxy number which may not help anyway.

Also I believe their modus operandi is to get those numbers from the white-pages of the telecom company which got included recently as it (kind of) shows that person is fairly new to country which to them would be an easy prey. Off course this is just my supposition and may not be entirely true.

I haven't given any of my details to the caller and I am not at risk at all but it might pay to include this scam in your list and also show on the 'recent scam' webpage so that other potential call receivers may find this information easily.
A man called us this evening (08/01/13) and asked to speak to my wife. He knew her name already somehow?? I said ok but asked who was calling. He said "Peter Kim" or "Kin" in a kiwi accent and claimed to be from "Inland Revenue". Anyway, I passed the phone over. My wife said that he asked her to set up an online account. My wife declined (she thought it sounded dodgy) and he then pressed her saying that "it is recommended and he could help her do it over the phone". She politely declined and said goodbye. We were both astonished at how brazen this lowlife was.

A person called me and explained that I would be able to get free internet, and a landline rental for a reduced rate of $79.95. All cell phone calls would be 99c a minute (even if the call was all day long), all local calls would be free and all toll calls would be 99c a minute. They explained that this is the first time ever in the history of Telecom that they are giving all residential customers these special deals. They said it was a request by the New Zealand government. The only thing I needed to do, was to prove to them that I was a New Zealand resident – I needed to tell them my passport number. After asking what their name was, they replied: Jeff Johnson, work identity CO0617. They said that Telecom will be called “Spirit Teleco” and I should contact 0800877744 to confirm this.

Original message:

Requested details of my passport number so that they wold be able to give me all sorts of free internet landline rental and gst all for reduced rate of 79.95. All cell ph calls to be 99cents a minute even if all day long. All local calls free. All toll calls 99cents a minute even if all day long. It is the first time ever in the history of Telecom they are giving all residential customers who direct debit these special deals as requested by the govt of new zealand. the only thing required of me was to prove that I was a new zealand resident = passport number.
If I did this I would get the fatest ever internet 10gb with new modem.
this would arrive in post in a few days. When I asked who was going to install it they would be waiving the $99 installation fee and an modem serviceman would turn up to install modem.

I was then careful and told him I would not give out my passport details asked for his This was reply Name Jeff Johnson work identity CO 0617 In future Telecom will be called SPIRIT TELECO Ph number to verify these details 0800877744 Please contact me re this.

Yesterday evening we received a phone call from a person named Jason Morgan and his assistant named Zoya Malik Khan. Jason and Zoya both stated that they work for IRD NZ and they have been notified by IRD to contact us and inform us that the NZ govt is willing to grant a particular family member $6,500.00 in the form of grant from the NZ govt to all the housewives in NZ.

They explained that in order for us to claim the money, we need to pay $600 via credit card. They asked for a credit card number and a date of birth.

They gave us the contact details (04) 889 0611 and their employment ID of J0440

December 2012

My wife received a call from a number 09 889 7750, named Zoya Malik Khan, stated that my wife was granted a sum of money around NZ$600,000/- and needs to claim it urgently. My wife informed me about it. When I asked the lady about their authenticity, she stated that she would call me back and disconnected with hurry. Later when I rechecked the number, the phone was picked up by a man speaking in American accent and stated that they are working for 'NZ Federal Government'. I told them there is no Federal Govt. in NZ, we only have Govt. He then suddenly disconnected the call.

Hi there, tonight I received a phone call from a group calling themselves "Global I tech solutions" claiming to be offering a free 'registration' to fix a major infection that 'over 50%" of "genuine microsoft users" were experiencing. After giving me two conflicting locations (first Norfolk, UK, then Birmingham, UK) and incorrect information, they got me to use the run dialog box to open a folder, claiming they were malicious files, and then tried to get me to connect my computer to their "department" to "run a diagnostic", claiming that browsing was allowing malicious files (that were sometimes viruses and sometimes not according to who I spoke to). They have at least one website, and they may have another posing as a separate information site that they directed me to when they tried to tell me that rundll32.exe is a virus, and that my computer would be crashing within a day. What disturbs me is that they had my fathers name, our phone number and full address. I'm assuming they mine the data. They gave obviously fake names, and when I asked a question they couldn't come up with a quick answer for, they pretended to put me on hold and started trying to scare me about the computer crashing again. They also gave me a number to call to 'verify' their credentials. The websites they linked to are www globalitechsolution com and www liutilities com/products/.../processlibrary/rundll32
They ring back every couple of months. I told them I would get me IT guy to call them back and sort out the problem, but they kept trying to distract me from that, and saying an IT technician, they also wouldn't tell me how they're funded, I asked if they charge for their 'tech support' or if microsoft contracts to them, they kept trying to dodge the question.
They claim they have the data of every microsoft genuine registered user in the world but won't say how they got it.
Hi There, I want to report a phone call we received today. Some one with Asian/Indian accent called, claiming to be calling from Telecom Wellington. He told that we are among the 50 people who have won $NZ 50,000. To get this money, we have to deposit NZ $ 325 to a account through Western Union. Even after asking many question about the legality of this prize and saying that we do not believe it, he kept calling for almost 3-4 hours again and again. This guy told his name as Mohammad Aslam, the phone number on our caller ID was 0923087956528, which seems to be from Pakistan. I wanted to report this so that other people should be aware of this kind of scams.
Hi There. I received a phone call from a Torrie Parker Saturday 8th December who told me that the Honorable Prime Minister, Mr John Key has decided to pay each citizen with a clean record $6300.00 as tax refund from the Government Grants department of the IRD they gave me an address and number 6 Central Street Level 2 Wellington (09)9730401 and in order to get this money i had to give my bank account and send $199.00 through Western Union and get the recipt no and ring them back or they would ring as soon as i had done sending the money thankfully did not release personal details
Somebody telephoned me that some Sheikh of UAE has drawn out a lottery and I am a recepient of NZ 50,000 Dollars.he me gave two lucky numbers and a cheque number as three identifications. I had to go to Western Union and deposit 425 NZ Dollars and Western Union would give me a receipt and on back of it will be the fourth identification which had to be taken to National Bank.
There was a great emphasis on secrecy and speed to deposit the money in the name of Bin Yamin Muhammad Moosa UAE and tell Western Union that this amount is for my relation.

November 2012

I received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the "microsoft global support desk", advising me there was a problem with my computer. The call was from a private number and judging from the delay was from overseas. The caller spoke with what seemed to be an Indian accent. The call started at 18:48 and stopped when I told the caller that the call was being traced and not to ring again.

Hi there, I would like to report some information on a scam that I was almost victim to. The scam was a phone call which they reported I had corrupted files etc on my computer. They directed me in the end to a website ammyy com which is the home of a remote desktop type program. I was on to them and so followed through with the connection but altered the default privileges not letting them take control of my computer but only being able to view it.
Please don't fall for phone scams!

The Department has been notified of a phone scam that has hit the US relating to Walmart gift cards which could easily hit other countries targeting main department stores. The following is an article copied from the website:
Police Issue Warning On Gift Card Scam
MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) -- Riley County police are warning citizens about a scam that promises a big reward with the purchase of gift cards.

Staff members at the Walmart in Manhattan contacted RCPD detectives after an elderly woman came into the store and asked to purchase a gift card/VISA card in the amount of $399.00.

The woman told them that she was contacted and told if she got the card, she was to call a phone number and provide the card information. In doing so, she would receive $1000 in return.

Officials did not provide the name of the company that contacted the woman.

Police said it's clearly a scam but wanted to make the public aware of it, especially around the holidays, so that no one falls victim to the scheme and loses money.
About 5pm today I had a phone call from “Jenny Watson” of the “New Zealand Governments Grants Department” informing me I had been selected to receive a grant…. I asked her for a contact number and she gave 9973040. When I asked where that was she didn’t understand and when I asked where she was based she hung up.

This morning,recieved a call from a lady,sira robinson that i had qualified for a holiday in the bahamas,after entering a contest they were running they went on to say that we had to pay for airfares to florida,and the rest of it a cruise to the bahamas was free They were very friendly and pased my wife on to the travel coordinater,one timothy cuneen,employee no 8232,who tried to assure my wife that all was as told, and to look on the computer screen to see a webpage about them,which she did.all seasons travel escape the name of the supposed company, and they would be more than happy to book our fares to florida at a "special rate"
after more questions from the wife.hotel( the hilton and cruise was told we had 45 days for this discount flight to florida.and we only had to pay $698.00 US to book hotel and the rest of the holiday.then told they had to have credit card number to confirm it all. My wife flatly told them NO.they said they were upset that there was doubt,and tried to assure us all as well,and we only had a short time to make this deposit.
we told them we could not furnish them with credit card details,then they came back and told us the booking was for 4 people,and we could sell the other 2 tickets,and the holiday was paid for by a timeshare company who were looking for investors.told them we were in our golden years,but they still persisted.we then said,we would wait and read documents they are supposed to be sending and get back to email is coming they assured us,but they were told we thought they were wasting time,and they would be better leaving it.
thanked them for considering us and hung up.

Hi, this morning my dad received a phone call from a lady named Matteena who said because my dad was a 'good' citizen the government was rewarding him with roughly $6000, however to attain this money he had to go to western union and pick out a sending form and send a service fee of $199 which would be donated to less fortunate people. They said to use the private sending option rather then business as private cost $3 and business cost $200. The phone number of these people is: 09-9730401. The lady was very persistent in the steps he should follow when going to the western union, after a while of listening in on the conversation i told my dad to hand me over the phone and i informed the lady that we would be reporting her scam as we were not naive to do what she wanted us to do. After confronting her, she hung up. I rang the number and the lady picked up then after 15 seconds of me not talking on the phone I could hear her talking to a man and then he told her to hang up. As soon as they hung up we received a call from them, however this time it was a man. My dad told them that we were busy today and that they should ring up again tomorrow.

I received a call from a lady using a private number who said she was from Custom House NZ, and gave the website www customs govt nz. She had told me that Indian Immigration had changed some rules so NZ Immigration, New Delhi(India) needs a verification CISN Number from India as i am staying at NZ. For verification they requested I deposit $855 by western union to Arun Gull, NZHC, Chanakya puri, New Delhi. She was on the phone with me untill all the money was deposited so she could get the MTCN Number which she required to withdraw the money from western union. Then she said, after making sure it was okay from Indian High Commission, NZ Immigration would provide me a CISN number for any future use. She told me i need a valid Visa CISN Number as well if i am staying at NZ. That's why i deposited money at western union as per her instruction. Luckily i contacted one of my friend's regarding that, he said its all fraud, we don't need any CISN number,its all scam.

Hello,This is to report a scam earlier this morning at about 9.30am. My father recieved a call on the landline from an Indian sounding person saying they had a refund for him. It was allegedly from John Key and the IRD. They made him access a mock up of the IRD site which then had a non for profit tab. They claimed they had a refund of $3,600.42 for him with a claim # D-250. This can be recieved by first transferring $199.00 into the Reserve Bank account as a donation to charity. This same $199.00 is refundable upon recieving the $3,600.42.
They made him access multiple websites to ease the transfer along. This all seem to be bogus sites which were made to appear more authentic by resembling the IRD page. My father found it suspicious as he could not see the branding he is used to.
They were aware of his occupation as well as his name which is only available on the electoral roll. They went on to say they were aware he is a regular, big amount contributing tax paying citizen as well as no record of bankruptcy, no criminal offence and the like.
The first person to speak with him identified himself as David Mehta. He guided him onto the websites as well as provided him with a Wellington looking number to call to further the process of rebate. The number provided is 04 889 0586. David Mehta said it is an office with their officers who will help process it further. I called the number and the person who answered identified himself as T. Edwards.
They made my father access this site www ammyy com/en/ which remote desktop software and he was asked to enter the ID 13 806 846.
It was at this time he disconnected the call.

Had an interesting call today... man with an indian voice rang on my home phone to tell me that he had received notification of malicious malware on our pc from windows 7 was I aware of this? I asked where he was from i.e. which company. Again Windows 7 but he started to get a little irrate and defensive. Asked if I was at home and near my pc as he could run through it with me and then sort it... (suspected he wanted to remotely activate my pc)... when I said that I had my own IT technition he said thank you and hung up.

October 2012

Hi, Just received a call from a guy today around 11:10 am, cannot remember his name but he said he was from Windows based in Melbourne and that my computer had been hacked and therefore wanted to help me to remove the hackers from my computer. He told me to go on to www help32 com to remove the hackers. I decided not to trust this guy and made it really difficult for him, I then hung up the phone.

Hi There. I have just received a phone call from a John Lee who told me that the Honorable Prime Minister, Mr John Keys has decided to pay each citizen with a clean record $6300.00 as tax refund from the Government Grants department of the IRD. For this, one has to go to the Western Union and fill out an application form with $199.00 application fee. He asked me to return his call on 099730401 as I was busy at the time. I did, and he had the same message for me. He had previously called me on my mobile phone and the call was from 006308599404.
We have been contacted by 04 889-3993. On 18/10/2012a guy Robbie (with an Indian accent) called to say we have been selected because we pay our taxes on time to receive $5000 grant. He wanted our bank account details or we that time we cut him off saying we didn't need any of his money and hung up.
Our caller ID has shown that this call has come into our home 9 times since the 17th of October 2012
Hi, a foreign-sounding man rang purporting to be from ‘NZ Regional Government’ stating that I was one of ‘1500 lucky Nzers selected entitled to receive $5200 for ‘being a good citizen and paying my taxes always and on time’. I said there was no such thing as ‘NZ Regional Govt’ but that he could send the money as a cheque if he wished. The caller refused, and said money would go to charity if I didn't do what they asked. I said "that's great, which charity?" and the caller stuttered, did not give a clear answer and hung up. Outcome: scammer needs to do his homework!
Hi. We have just been contacted by phone by a foreign sounding gentleman (Asian / Indian) who said we were one of 1700 people to be chosen to receive a grant of $5200. This could be deposited in our bank account within 3 hours if we gave bank details, or they could deliver us a cheque within 24 hours if we either paid their delivery person - in cash - $149 or went to get a Ukash voucher from a list of stores and rang them to give the numbers on the voucher, at which time they would send the cheque out.
The guy gave his name as Dan and the phone number was 04 889 3993. I rang this back and there was no answer (or answer phone, or typical govt messages etc).
Needless to say they didn't get our account number, or will they get a Ukashvoucher number.
Hi. I got a call from an Indian gentleman who said his name was Nick, that he was from Regional Government Grants and I was one of a few thousand people who had been selected to receive $5,200. All I had to do was go to Whitcoulls and purchase a $149 UKash voucher then I was to call him back on 04 889 3993, give him part of the voucher number and he would send the cheque. I would then give the voucher to the delivery person to pay for the delivery. I also had the option to have the money paid into my bank account but I wasn't giving my bank details out. He read out my personal details and just asked me to confirm. I didn't like the fact he had my name, address, phone number etc when this is not listed and the phone number is not under my name. He is also sending a soft copy of the cheque to my email (not received anything yet). Apparently I was selected because I have never faulted on a bank or tax payment, have a good credit rating and am a NZ citizen.
Hi. We got a call from an Indian gentleman who said he was from NZ Government Grants and I was one of 1700 people who had been selected to receive $9,200. All I had to do was go to Whitcoulls and purchase a $150 UKash voucher then in 45 minutes he was going to call me back, get the voucher number then transfer the $9,200 into my bank account.
Apparently we were selected because we have never faulted on a bank payment, have a good credit rating and ... are senior citizens... which we aren't.
Another Sincere Company Scam:
A friend completed a telephone survey and then received a call saying she had won second prize of about 50 000 in a draw. She gave them her email address and they sent her a form to complete. Friends and family told her not to fill out the form as it sounded too good to be true and may be a scam. She then received a third phone call asked why she had not filled out the form and she contacted me for advice.
I asked if they had given a phone number or street address and offered to call the phone no. 04 889 2158 as I could see that she was considering replying.
The phone was answered by a woman with an Asian accent saying it was The Sincere Company. I asked what the company did and they asked me who I was and why I was ringing. I told them I was ringing on behalf of a friend who was receiving calls from them and was somewhat confused why and reiterated my questions. I said my friend had been called by ‘Karen’ and the lady offered to put me through but the phone called went dead (not hung up, just quiet).
I rung back asking to speak to the manager and they wanted my name, who I was and why I wanted to speak to them but I just told them it was because I had a problem. The same lady eventually transferred me to the same dead line ( I did not wait to see if anyone answered at this point).
My mother-in –law has been receiving calls from a company claiming they represent the Sincere Company In Hong Kong. They are conducting a survey about shopping in NZ as they are looking at opening a department store here. Once you have answered the questions they ask if you can make it to Wellington to attend the prize draw, if you say no, you get a call back a couple of days later saying you have won the 2nd prize draw of $45,000 NZD. They then send an email asking a few details like Full name, address, contact details, drivers licence and a signature.
There is also a link on the legitimate Sincere Web page stating it’s a scam.
They are calling from a NZ number 04 8892158 and my mother-in-law was speaking to a Deniella.
I called them on the mother-in-laws behalf trying to get details about the prize draw location and they gave me an address of level 3-4 Bond Street Wellington. Which looks to be an office building empty or up for lease (found online) I them asked them if it was a scam and they said “sorry I don’t understand, you are breaking up sir I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you, are you there sir, CLICK” as they hung up.
My mother-in-law then got a call 30 mins later saying this is not a scam its real, we are a true company offering this to our survey participants, we assure you this is not a scam. Please fill out the details on the form and send them back asap you have until Wednesday night.
This screams FRAUD SCAM THEFT to me and have advised her against sending anything back.

View the claim form .pdf (140k)*
This evening I received a phone call on my landline from a person supposedly representing Spirit Telco Communications advising that by signing up to them I would no longer have to pay the line charges etc for my landline. They were supposedly the wholesale provider for Telecom and were offering all sorts of special discounts for national and international calls. I was then put onto a “floor supervisor” named Andrew Young who would confirm the deal and take all my details. I told them that it sounded very good but I was not going to make a decision without checking a few details with Telecom. They said they would call back next week. I was very suspicious and I went onto Telecom’s online chat-line and was advised that they were nothing to do with Telecom and they were not legitimate.
Well we got that phone call again and I was able to have my went a wee bit like this:
“Hello my name is Harry Johnson and I’m calling from the Microsoft Maintenance programme”
Me: who?
“Harry Johnson”
Me: Is that Harry Johnson?
“yes, how are you today?
Me: I’m good
“you are the owner of a Microsoft programme?
Me: sort of
“you don’t have a computer?”
Me: yes
“So you own a computer?”
Me: No, I stole it
“good then......what?”
Me: sorry?
“what did you say?”
Me: I stole it
“say that again?”
Me: I s-t-o-l-e i-t
Click.....hang up! Harry didn’t want to talk anymore.....
Hi All, I received a call today 2/10/12 from All Seasons Travel & Resorts and they sounded professional but made me think when they said I had to pay??? I won a trip I have to pay for... so I went along with it and the Agent gave me his ID No. 3086... then I spoke to his Team Leader and he gave me his Corporate ID No. 24772... this guy ask for my Credit Card Exp. Date: then he started with blahblah credit card number, that when I said I'd have to ask my partner but need to wait as he is at work! He said you know once I hang up the Offer is gone and I will miss out... He then said well if you give your credit card details I will hold for 30 days then I can decide and call back with a Yes or No... This guy then asked for the number to call my partner I said he couldn't he was on the road... so they said I don't usually do this but i will give you 24hrs and call back once you have spoken to your Partner... Thank GOD I went with my Gut and held off. I Googled All Seasons Travel & Resorts and found a website called Complaints Board which has a lot of feedback about this company, even from ex employees so after reading all this stuff about them what I did was the right decision... If you're like me and can't just hang up or tell them where to go, tell them you don't have a credit card or give them fake numbers in your middle 8 numbers of your Credit Card. HOPE THIS HELPS.
I was phoned this weekend by a woman calling herself Derica Wilson from All Seasons Travel & Resorts. She initially told me I'd won a trip via an online survey I'd filled out about holidays but later stated it was 75% subsided - which made it actually seem a bit more legit to me. She repeated my name, email address, then WORK address back to me, so I know roughly where they got the info from as if I'm filling out anything online I'm unsure of, I give my work address instead of home address, so this "lead" is from one of those "make money by filling out surveys" sites. Anyway, she was fine, I asked if it was a timeshare thing and she said I'd have to attend a sales pitch etc, and I feel she represented fairly, then I got put through to a bloke who she called a "travel advisor" (Charles Climer) who was quite aggressive and wanting my credit card details. As the previous woman had checked my address and said they were posting the info, I told him I wanted to wait to read over the details. He was quite insistent that I'd already had the opportunity to read the details when I filled out the survey for the trip in this first place - which is simply not true, and I kept telling him so - I've never, ever seen this trip or anything like it online and certainly never agreed. He was basically trying to make me feel like I'd already agreed, had plenty of time to previously print out the information online and even been prompted to do so, on this mythical original travel survey a few weeks prior, and it was my own fault for not doing so. I couldn't see why he wouldn't let me wait for the woman to post the brochures to me to have a look at them - it sounded like a reasonable deal and I was definitely interested! However, he was so pushy and told me to look at their website and he would wait on the phone. I lied and said technology in rural NZ was such that you can't talk on the phone and use your computer at the same time(!!) and he offered to call back. I said that's fine, but to reiterate, I would not be giving anyone my credit card information until I had seen hard copies of the information. Then he states once he terminates the call the offer is no longer valid and I'm missing out, blah blah, and I'm thinking "Why wont they let you study the info at your leisure when the deal seems reasonable?", which made me think there was definitely something wrong with the whole thing. So he kept saying "Have a nice day" in the way Americans do when you know they're actually giving you the finger behind your back and that was the end of that. Glad I didn't hand over the cash.

September 2012

I was phoned by a woman with an Indian accent calling herself Jenny. She was calling because I had not responded to two letters send to me two months ago and time was running out to claim my government grant. The New Zealand government department of women (or something similar) had selected me to receive a refund of $6,300. I needed to go to a Western Union branch and fill out a form using the reference T2157 and name Jason Bravol. I didn’t sound convinced so I was passed to her manager – Jason Bravol. He explained that I could complete the transaction on line but he would need to be on the phone to give me the correct details. I said I didn’t have time to do anything right then and I didn’t know when I would be free did he have a number I could call – the number I was given was 04 889 2328. At one point it was very briefly mentioned that I would have to deposit $199 to receive the ‘refund’.

It was also clear that they had got my name from the phone directory as they were using my married name which I never use.
Good day, This evening I received a phone call from an Indian sounding gentlemen telling me I had a computer problem. I was aware it was a scam, so told him to $#@k off and hung up.
He rang back and told me to $#@K off then hung up himself.
Kind regards
Monday 12/09/12 I received a telephone call at 7.04pm from a gentleman with an Asian accent. He called me by my surname and said he was ringing in regard to my internet connection running slow and that Microsoft had informed him to help me put it right. He told me to open my computer to the internet. I obviously took this to be a scam call, and told him that I would contact my service provider and that I was terminating this call. The caller became very insistant that I open my computer for him to correct the fault. I terminated the call. Checking the caller display the number that came up was 023565459
At 13:15 I received a phone call saying that I was eligible for a large tax refund from Government Grants because I had no Police record and I have had no history of bankruptcy. I was told that it could be up to NZ$630,000.
The caller said that the name, address and phone number in the system was the same as what I currently have and that I should go to the local Post Office as soon as possible to get a Western Union Transfer application form, pay the application fee and then call back after I have done that.
The details the caller gave me are:
John Lee
04 8892527
He said that he would call me back in 2 hours to check that all details had been done correctly.
The Telecom Investigations team have advised the calls are coming from outside NZ using that phone number
A lady using the name of Shabnam Bano (with Indian accent) called on our landline around 1500hrs. She said she was calling from the Inland Revenue Department in Wellington and said there was a scheme by John Key who has selected 500 people to receive a fund of $6400. She further explained that there was a bank fee of $149 that needed to be paid and it needs to be done via western union. She got me to fill in a form to send $149 to India and the receiver detail was Carlos A Parga, 55 Spencer Street Delhi 110033. Then I was asked to go online and download Ammy Admin software. They took control of the computer remotely and started using it. I could not open my internet; it came up as Trend Micro warning saying that someone who cares about you has stopped you from using the internet. I used the system restore as i could not find the software i downloaded under the downloads and restored my computer to yesterday.
I had a call from an Indian sounding gentleman at about 7:45pm on Monday 3rd September, asking for me by name. He claimed that my computer may have been compromised by some type of virus which was inadvertently downloaded during a session of browsing.
He asked me to turn on my computer so that he can talk me through where I can see the evidence of this infiltration. As I am well aware of this type of scam (I work for an online company), I decided to play along with it - obviously being careful to never divulge any genuine information.
I told him that he has called a rural address and that I live on a farm. He was silent for a second but I believe I may have roped him in. I explained that we have very erratic power supply where we live and that I need to go out to my barn and start up my diesel generator in order to get my computer going. I told him that this will take 30-45 minutes to start up. He agreed to call me back in 30-45 minutes.
I don't expect him to call back, but if he does, I will be keeping him entertained for a period of time, before asking him to call 111, as I have just been bitten by a tuatarakatipo snake which is common in these rural parts of New Zealand.

August 2012

I recieved a phone call (1930 hours, 28 August 2012) from a female claiming to be from Wyndham Resorts. She told me I had won a $50 voucher but could potentially win a holiday and more money if I answered her questions. I told her I did not know who she was, she repeated she was from Wyndham and proceeded to ask me about my marital status. At this point I told her I did not want to answer her questions, she said she only needed to know my marital status because if I was married she would include my husbands name in the voucher and then repeated her question. I said no, and she hung up.

After the phone call I googled Wyndham and came across Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific. This concerns me as earlier this year I had some $700 worth of airline tickets charged to my debit account without my permission I hope this is pure coincidence and not something more sinister.
I have just been caught with the holiday in Florida scam. 10 August 2012.
The phone call from Catharine Bensaid ID 0043 saying that I had not won but they could offer me this great deal on a holiday.( Very much the same as other complainants have described.) She was very convincing and I asked so many question and as the company does exist www allseasonsgetaway com I went ahead but on starting to organize the trip I find it is a scam. I thought I'd been so careful even subjecting that it wasn't legitimate to which I was told that their companies reputation was at stake!!!
They emailed me 16 pages about the holiday but there was not a great deal of information.
I have been trying to contact them via email as it has been weekend but the emails just keep coming back. I'm still trying.

If anyone has had luck in getting their money back I'd like to know how to go about it.
Hi there. I had a call at about 7.10pm yesterday (23/8/12) and it went like this.
He was Indian sounding, call centre in background.
He wanted to only take 14 seconds of my time, said he wasn't selling anything (a woman phoned last Saturday and tried to talk to me. I asked her what was she selling, she said nothing and could she call me back. I agreed a day and time but forgot about. She too was Indian, call centre background).
He asked me a series of questions - can't remember much but said if I could get some tax back from the IRD would I be interested in that to help me with my finances?
Do my partner and I share our finances?
What would be my priority and gave me 3 options about clearing my mortgage
He had my address but the street number was incorrect. I didn't correct him.
He had my surname but not my first name, I didn't give him my name or initial even though he asked for it.
I am so annoyed with myself because I was suspicious all the time,didn't really want to talk to him but didn't want to be rude or felt I should let him do his survey.
I have also had about 3 calls regarding Microsoft, error with my computer etc (that was earlier this year) - I told them to xxxx off.
Hi,Tonight I received a call from caller ID 6449747222 but my phone provider never passes on the local (NZ) country code so this must be a fake caller ID. The background noise was a typical calling centre, the person was clearly from India, and the delay confirmed that he was not calling from NZ but from a cheap overseas phone service. The person claimed to be calling on behalf of all NZ charities and wants to ask me a few question. When I asked what company he is calling from he repeated he is calling on behalf of all NZ charities. The person realised he is not getting anywhere and suddenly just said good bye.
Phone Scam received at 2.45 pm, on 21 August 2012.
Indian Sounding caller (with what sounds like a call centre background noise) saying John Key has given 500 ppl the change to receive $6,300.00 back from IRD…if I transfer first $140 to a poor person in India: via Western Union within next 2 hrs after which he would call me back.
Etc, etc, etc
Money to be transferred to :
Country: India
City : Punjab
Street: 24 Sam Street
Jalan Dhar
Name : Manvir Singh
Hi, Today at 4.30pm I recieved a phone call from a Indian sounding guy called James from ‘Make My Holiday’ in Melbourne Australia. He told me that my postal address had won a trip and all I had to pay was $99 for the admin fees. He even gave me a ‘toll free number’ to call him on (039 0160049).
Just wanted to get the word out about this scam so no one gets sucked in.
HI My mother received a phone call from an Indian man claiming he was from Microsoft windows service centre and her I-p address had been hacked by international hackers and she was in danger of having her information stolen and it would be used illegal activities and she would be at risk of legal action against her. He then had her go into her computer showed her error reports. He then was going to transfer her to another person when she hung up and rang me to come and see her. When I arrived he rang back and I told him she was not interested and then he told me it was the worsted mistake to stop and that we could be open to legal action. I asked for his name and company information which he told me he was not a company but a service centre I told him it was a scam and hung up he rang back I asked for his name, address and phone number of the service centre which after yelling at me swearing and threaten I hung up and rang telecom.
My parents are in their late 70s and were shaken and upset due to the threats
Hi today (05/08/2012) around 10 am in the morning I received a call from a USA company named all seasonscape , they told me that I was a winner of a holiday vaccation to florida . They asked for my credit card number and I was dumb to believe their offer and gave it to them. After talking for more than half an hour with them, I looked in the Internet about this company and I was surprised to find out that it was a scam. I called my bank and cancelled my credit card and they told me that it was too late to cancel the transfer of the money. They took $800 dollars from my account and I email the visa company for help if I can get my money back. I read some comments online of people around the world who had exactly the same call from this company and have been scammed.

July 2012

Phone scam about lost credit card
I arrived home this evening only to receive a call from a woman named Elizabeth Roberts with identifiable Auckland number, who claimed to have found my credit card with my name on it (initials and surname), which she read out. I pulled out my wallet that instant while on the phone with her, and my card was still in my wallet so it couldn't have been the case. I then asked her where she had found it. She said she had recovered it from Countdown Greenlane. I suppose I could have asked her how she got hold of my landline but it was very obvious that (1) I still have my credit card in my wallet so she definitely had the 'imaginary' card instead; (2) she had made a mistake of mentioning my name as per Phone Book listing which contained only initials, as opposed to my credit card name which appeared in FULL; (3) I have never been to Greenlane Countdown for the last 3 years or so. On these grounds I confirmed that it was a scam. Without giving her any details of my credit card, I her a skeptical question,"So you think I lost a credit card, what did it look like?" to which she responded "You tell me.." appeared as though she was reluctant to describe more for security reasons, while hoping I would reveal more personal information etc instead. I replied that it wasn't mine and she was polite enough to at least bid me Goodbye before hanging up.
Later I checked my answering machine and discovered that she had rung (with the same identifiable landline) earlier in the day at 1.40pm with no message; but second one 1.43pm with a message for me to ring her back about the lost credit card.

The West Coast Blue Penguin Trust has been advised that someone, probably from the Westport area, has been phoning Westport numbers saying they are from the Penguin Trust, and soliciting donations for the penguins.

The West Coast Penguin Trust would welcome donations but the Trust is not seeking and will never solicit donations by phone or door to door calling. Please do not give money or credit card details to anyone requesting money to help the penguins. If this happens, please advise the police immediately. This is a scam and has no connection to or approval from the West Coast Blue Penguin Trust.
Ramada Hotels / Bahama Cruise scam
My husband and I received a call from 'Robert' telling us that we had been selected to receive a holiday for 4 people including 7 days at the Ramada Grand Orlando followed by three days in Fort Lauderdale and finally a 3 night Bahamas Cruise on the 'Celebration. I spoke to two different people who explained the deal very carefully and said that this promotion is run every few years to enhance word of mouth advertising. They could not tell me when or where ii had entered but had my husband's name, our email address, home phone and street address plus my mobile number. They said the entry could have been submitted as long ago as 3 years.

Airfares are not included but there is a small charge of $698NZD for all 4 people. They then wanted to confirm credit card type and expiry date. I said that it sounded like a fantastic deal and would be happy to pay this after seeing all details confirmed with appropriate documentation from the Ramada Group and that he would understand that I could not give credit card details without fully checking the origin and the prize. He told me that I could go to their website www bahamasflorida com and see that they were legitimate but that i had to confirm all details on the phone immediately or loose the opportunity. I told him no and then he offered to give me an hour while he figured out how to hold our opportunity.

He also said that I was the first person from NZ that he had seen drawn for this opportunity. I see that obviously he must have a short memory as other people have reported it on this site.

They tell you that you have 18 months to use the prize and need to do a 90 min tour at the Ramada Grand to be able to fully understand the resort. They never actually say who they work for but that they represent Ramada Group, Wyndham Hotels etc.

I could do with a holiday but don't think this is the one to go on.

Interesting that they had a combination of details so wonder if they manage to get hold of show prize databases as it is something that i would do when entering a competition - put my husband's name and our joint email address and then my mobile number.

It is a very tempting offer but obviously from the outset you know it just has to be a scam.


June 2012

Hi! I came home last night and there was a message on my answer phone that went something like this (the caller was an Indian sounding male): "Hello madam, you need to speak up because the line isn't clear. I am calling with wonderful news! You can buy vouchers from us to give you very cheap accommodation around Australia and New Zealand..." then he just rambled on about how great the opportunity was and how cheap it was then he said "What do you think of that madam! ... Madam ...? Madam ... ? Hello... ?" Then he finally hung up. He must have thought he was onto a winner being able to get all the way through his script without being interrupted.
I got the same call 4 years ago and I have heard others have got the calls too. Scammers are dorks.
Hi, just reporting a dodgy phone call. I received a phone call at around 7:50 PM tonight from an unknown caller. They asked for someone which was mumbled and unidentifiable. I asked who was calling and it cut out to another person speaking in what sounded like Indian. Then the original caller said they were calling regarding my computer. I asked them not to call again and then they hung up.
We have also had multiple phone calls this last week all around the same time which have sounded like no one is on the other end and then it hangs up, or on one occasion there was an automated voice that said goodbye.
We are in Whangarei Northland.
Hi. I received a call from a guy called "Curtis Patran" from "PLA promotions" promising 13 days holiday with Remada resorts for 4 people excluding air fares they just required a credit card for US$690 processing fee. When I refused he got agitated and said I could not be "registered" without the credit card details. I asked for a confirmation email of the competition and he said he couldn't confirm anything without the credit card number.
I searched the web for this promotion and found it listed as a fraud so I hung up.
The scam starts off extremely plausible and was only when they asked for my credit details that I began to suspect anything amiss. They had my cell phone number (which they called me on), my personal email address and my home address which they read out to me to confirm.
Phone number he gave me as a "call back" 0011 4074549534 and the website www bahamasflorida com/ which looks like a front and probably is.The website "login details" section does not go anywhere.
Working in IT, I have had a look at the website source code and the "Submit button" is not attached to any form or logon process.
Looking at Google Maps, Street View for the address they have given - there is indeed a travel shop at the road side called "Mini Getaways/Adforce" which has a different phone number on the roadside signage to the one they gave me.
Just had a guy from USA ring to say I had won a competition, holiday in Barbados did I remember entering it, of course I didn’t and realised right then that it was a scam as I haven’t entered anything. The line was very noisy and a lot of static I told him to bugger off and hung up. Ph number was 008139153999
I received a phone call on my landline on Sunday 10 June at 1441 hrs from a gentleman who told me I had won a holiday for four people to Barbadoes. He had my full name, address and email details which he checked with me. I don't recall entering any such competition and told him so. When I kept asking him how did he get my name etc, he kept saying because I had entered this competition. He then said to get a pen and paper to note some details. He asked if I was over 21years and if I had a visa or mastercard. At that point I asked him why he wanted to know those details and to email me seeing he had my address. I then told him this seemed to be a spam and then he hung up. The line was not very clear, somewhat static and I would lose his voice momentarily. I checked the phone number on my caller display and rung it back but it gave back a disconnected tone. The phone number being: 08139153999.
Hi I live in Auckland and received a landline call from a "0000" number from an Indian lady called Fiona on Friday 1st June at 2pm. She said she is a senior tech support consultant at Quantum pc support based in New Market Auckland and they are randomly selecting people to help with household computer problems. She even gave me a number (09) 9735669 because I was doubtful of this activity. The Quantum pc support website does exist and looks really professional so I searched online (after I hung up with her) about phone scams and thought this seems like it is scam. I have never been able to hang up on cold callers because I think it's rude to hang up on someone. But I was scammed by a phone call about 3 years ago re. winning a prize so I've learnt my lesson and I'm more doubtful and paranoid about phone calls from people I don't know. This is the general basic conversation between this lady and I except the way she talked me through it seems like I'm a computer idiot. In the beginning Fiona basically said: Do you have a computer? Can you open your computer? Do you know the yellow alerts and red warning signs can be very harmful to your computer and slows your computer down? They are not virus but they are harmful to your computer. I can help you to get rid of these just by following my instructions. She then guided me to open the event log in "My Computer" and asked how many red and yellow signs are there. Then she told me to go to www qpc123 com and gave me a 4 number digit to "Join" so I can go into the website. A pop-up comes up and asked whether I want to download this binary exe file (I can't remember the file name). By this stage I was VERY suspicious and I said: I don't want to download this file. I don't know what this file is. Fiona said: This file allows me to show you the report of which part of your computer is infected and how to fix it. I asked: Doesn't that mean you have access to all my information on my computer? Fiona said: No no, we only have permission to access to that particular files infected and not other files. Fiona: Don't worry. This is not anything harmful. It's not a scam.You can find out on the government website which I will show you later but just follow the instructions first. I requested to see the government website first but she just changed topic. I gave her the excuse of: I want to wait for my husband to come home to go through this first before I go further because he uses the computer too so I don't want to get blamed if this mucks up the computer. And also he is more of a computer whiz than me. Fiona says she understands and repeats again about how this will help with the computer and how this is legit..etc. I asked: Is this free? Fiona said: If the report shows it's a minor issue, then we fix it for you free of charge but if it's a major issue, it's your choice to buy it but we don't force you into buying it. She than told me that she can prove its legit by telling me to search scam watch on Google and go into the nz gov website and search for "Quantum PC Support". The result was obviously 0 matches and she said: See, there's nothing to worry about. If we were scammers it would be all over the internet and surely be a lot of matches showing up on the govt site. (I really didn't think how that proves Quantum PC Support is legit!!!) Anyway luckily she hung up politely after I said I will get my husband to call her back on the number she gave me (I have not tried test dialing the number). Also, I DO recall before this phone call, I have received a few "0000" calls but no one is on the phone over the last 2 weeks.

May 2012

Hi, We got a call from an Indian woman who said we had won a free cruise to anywhere for the next school holidays. She said all these good things about what I could do and all that and that it 'wouldn't cost me a penny' but that a membership card to go on this trip would be NZ$250. I hung up on her. 8 days later she called back. The connection on the line was pretty bad. I could hear other people getting called in the background. Instead of hanging up again (being 13 and very interested in scam calls, having been called last year by the people that said I had a virus on my computer) I stayed on the line, attempting to get more details. It eventually came to them saying that the membership card they had mentioned before was $2500 instead of $250. I asked them how they would like me to pay. They said by credit card. They asked me if I had a card like MasterCard or Visa and I said Visa. I hung up soon after.

We received a call from an Indian man who gave the name Nick Benson and informed us our computer was not virus protected and he was offering to help us sort it out. He gave his details when questioned and said he was from Quantum services and his registration certification ID NZ-033-B2008 and phone 09 973 5669 and his email address support The product he asked us to sign up for was a 12 month virus protection plan called Security Defence at a cost of $180. He was very persuasive and sounded plausable. When we told him we already had virus protection he said our computer service provider had set it up for three months only and that it had expired. He emailed a form to fill in to accept their offer which could be paid for by visa or bank card. We had 10 minutes to complete the application which gave us ample time, he said. By this time I said I would first check with our computer service provider from Technology Partners in Tauranga and get back to him if he was right about our expired protection. He agreed to this. When we spoke to our support person he said yes our virus protection had indeed expired because our computer had been accessed by 'Nick Benson' who had uninstalled the virus protection and other data had been entered onto our system. Phil cleared up what 'Nick' had done. Last night we received a call from an Indian woman offering the same service as 'Nick'. When I asked her for her name and details she hung up.

I recieved a phone call between 1400 and 1500 hours from a male in his 20's sounding American and telling me I had won a holiday to America and to NASA as well as free rental car - I told him I thought this was a scam when was he going to ask for my credit card details. He denied this though I continued on the 'Scam' front and asked him where he was calling from. He replied from Florida. In the background was lots of noise which appeared to be deliberate as he asked (in the beginning) if I could hear him and he moved to an area more conducive to hearing me. When I asked him to repeat what he had said he did (about winning) and I could here clapping in the background as if on cue. He asked if I remembered entering a competition which I told him after some thought that I did not. He told me that all I had to do was speak to him for about 10 mins and then he would pass me onto his manager/supervisor who was the only one who could 'stamp' with authority the 'winning holiday'. I again doubted his veracity and he told me that all I had to do was save enough for the airfair to Florida in 18 months to claim the prize - he added that a homeless man managed to do this - I thought this was strange considering most homeless people I have dealt with do not have either a phone or a computer with which to either enter a competition nor be contacted on for any consequent prize. It was about this stage I hung up on him.
I don't know where he got my number as it is not listed.

The Anti-Spam Compliance Unit has seen examples of the following email. Please note that scammers cannot get access to your phone account after you push #90 or #09 in New Zealand. They can if you are in the US. Here is a media release about this from Telecom in 1998. If you do receive a call like this, simply hang up on them. They are a scammers and do not deserve your courtesy. You could also email your experience to
"If you receive a phone call on your mobile from any person, saying that he or she is a company engineer, or telling that they're checking your mobile line, and you have to press #90 or #09 or any other number, end this call immediately without pressing any numbers. There is a fraud company using a device that once you press #90 or #09 they can access your 'SIM' card and make calls at your expense."

Good afternoon, I have just received a call from an overseas person claiming to be from a company who is responsible for technical hardware support for all of the major brand PC manufactures. He had an asian accent and I decided to lead him along to see what information I could get out of him. After keeping him on the phone for a good part of 30 mins, playing dumb and going through the Windows logs to show me there are errors, he advised me to go to www qpcs123 com and gave me an 'Invitation code' of 6545. At this point I decided to break the bad news to him that I knew he was not from any technical support team at which point he hung up the phone. I would have liked to have kept him on the phone for a bit longer and then tell him what i thought of him, however this was not to be.

The Anti-Spam Compliance Unit was contacted by epay New Zealand Limited:
"There is an individual calling up our stores posing to be an epay employee. His pitch is that he says he is aware that the retailer is “having problems” with their UKash vouchers and that he needs them to print out a $350 voucher. He says that it needs to be a high denomination so he can see it come through on his system. He then proceeds to ask for the PIN to verify the transaction. On one occasion he gave his name as being Michael Taylor said he was based in Wellington and gave our Head Office number as a contact number. He is using some sort of VOIP service that allows him to have an epay phone number display on the retailers caller ID."
epay New Zealand Limited put out a press release stating:
We have been notified of fraudulent activity and wish to provide you with this important announcement. There are some people trying to fraudulently obtain voucher PINs over the phone or in store by posing as either an epay representative, Network Provider or Retailer Head Office employee - PLEASE BEWARE that NO-ONE from epay, any Network Provider or your Head Office will ever call you or enter your store to request that you print out a voucher and then read the PIN detail back to them without payment first. You should NEVER print out a voucher or load/activate a swipe card that you have not received money for. Payment should always be processed before you print or activate anything through the epay terminal.

Hi, I just received a phone call from a guy called “Victor” with an Indian accent, from some computer company. He said that he was calling because my computer had been reported as being compromised by some virus and asked if I could log onto my computer so he could show me the extent of the infection. I told him I did not have a computer and he asked me why I was lying to him. The time of the call was approximately 5:55pm on Wednesday 2nd May.

I was rung somewhere between 6.00-6.30pm and spoke to someone with a foreign accent posing as a person from Childfund. They told me it would be just under $10 a week to sponser this child called Dino from Sri Lanka. I found it very hard to say no as they were very persistant. They then asked for my debit card details and when I said no they then asked for my bank account details, and unfortunately I gave it to them. I changed a couple of the numbers because I was wondering if it maybe was a scam. They told me Head Office would ring me in a few days to confirm my details and assure me it wasn't a scam. When I told my mum what I had done she rang Childfund and asked them whether they had a campaign going in Sri Lanka. They didn't have one at the moment and had never heard of a child called Dino. Mum gave them an ID number and it didn't mean anything either. Mum rang the police to inform them of the scam and they told me to come on to this website. I have contacted my bank also.

Hi there. I just received a call from a man called Tony who said he was from PC Online in Melbourne. He gave me his phone number as 1-800 973 665. He said that they had received error messages from my IP address. That we would have noticed some error messages having come up on our PC that we must have clicked "Send error message" about.

Hello, I'm from Christchurch and I would like to tell you about my recent laneline phone scam. About 9.30 am I got a call on our laneline phone. Asian accent man called his name is Luke Johnson and he was calling from Department of Internal Affairs. He told me that he works in Asian minority and he is a case manager of our family. Moreover, he was aware of all our family member names, date of birth, home address, cellphone numbers and even our bank account number. In addition, he was known about how we came New Zealand and when did we arrive NZ. He said that NZ government and UNHCR is going to give us 15000 dollars for our study, in return we have to pay UNHCR 516 dollar as paper work fee throug Western union Immediately. We did not send him any money we knew that he was a scammer but we are worried that he is aware about all our family details.

April 2012

The Anti-Spam Compliance Unit is receiving reports of a male calling mobile phones and landlines claming to be Luke Johnson or Nick Dawson. The scammer says he works for the 'Asian Group' at Internal Affairs in Wellington and can offer a minority grant for citizenship. The scammer tells you to pay money via Western Union. The scammer is quite intimidating and knows personal information such as names and bank account details of the people his is calling. If you receive one of these calls, please do not engage with him. Contact your bank to ensure there have been no unusual transactions.

Hello, I have just had a phone call from a person called "Robert" with a US accent who was offering me and three others the opportunity of a 14 day promotional stay at a Disneyland Hotel in Fort Lauderdale , Florida including a four day cruise to the Bahamas. They said I had entered a competition entry filled out at at Ramada Hotel which I did not recall. Eventually they asked for a credit card number, which I refused, for which they were going to charge $898 for "expenses," assuring me that everything else was to be paid for in return for advertising opportunities. After my refusal to part with my credit card numbers, the phone call abruptly ended. The website mentioned was www bahamasflorida com.

Hi, at 7:14pm today (19 April) I received on our landline at home in Auckland a phone call from a man with a strong Indian accent calling from a private number, who said he had "received information that my computer had been infected with a virus". I said how on earth would you receive information like that, to which he said if I would turn on my computer he could tell me which files were infected and what to download to fix it. He hung up pretty quickly when I said no.

I followed up a link that appeared on my screen today when I was on a NZ webpage. It announced that I had won a prize of $3000 worth of travel for myself and 3 other persons. It gave me 4 minutes to phone an Auckland number 09 280 4742 in order to claim the prize. The person I spoke to said he was Edward Jennings of Preferred Guest Resorts. The trip would supposedly include Florida, a cruise to the Bahamas, 7 day car rental, Daytona and other places. We would have to pay for our own airfares from NZ to the USA and a room tax of $15 per night, but all else free. It sounded feasible enough until they showed a statement on the web that concluded that there was a balance of $898.00 to pay. On receipt of my credit card number, they would send an emailed confirmation of the trip. I refused to do this, but I was however, sent the email confirmation letter. I decided it was a scam and hung up.
Email follows:
From: "Best Vacations Ever!" <customercare bestvacationsever com>
Date: 30 March 2012 1:46:11 PM
Subject: Vacation Purchase Confirmation, Dream # 518758
March 29, 2012
Account Number: 518758
Login Number: 6434559423
Accommodation Date: None
Dear name removed,
All of us at Start Vacationing Now would like to thank you for the trust and confidence that you have placed in our promotional vacation package offer. Through this special offer we have arranged for you to stay at a nearby area hotel just a few miles from gates to the Walt Disney World® Resort, and only minutes from Universal Studios®, SeaWorld®, and much more.
You may change or reschedule your confirmed arrival dates one time without penalty. Please re-confirm your arrival dates at least 45/60 days prior to arrival by calling 0800-862-0966 (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., EST).
Your promotional vacation package includes ALL of the following:
• 6 days and 5 nights in Orlando, Florida
• 1 week Economy Car Rental or 2 theme park tickets
• 4 days and 3 nights in Daytona Beach, Florida
• $40 Dinner Certificate
• 4 days and 3 nights in the Bahamas
****Transportation not included. Cruise option available for additional port and processing fees per person.
To view your vacation information online, please visit www startvacationingnow com.
We are privileged to have you as our guest to visit our resort properties. You and your spouse/traveling companion's only obligation will be to participate in complimentary 90-minute sales presentations of our beautiful vacation ownership resorts. It’s fun and informative. We think you will love it.
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March 2012

Following is information regarding a dodgy call to a cell phone:
Some clothing items were purchased from a store over the weekend and as the woman was paying with her bank card she was asked if she wanted to sign up for a loyalty card. Normally she doesn't as it involves giving away too much personal information but she thought she might as well. She gave her name and a cell phone number which is one only her son calls her on. On the 6th, that cell phone rang and she answered to hear an Indian sounding man's voice asking for her by name. She was suspicious so said she wasn't around and could she take a message. The man said he was calling from the bank about a policy she has with them. She said that she couldn't help but would give the message to her friend on her return and what number could her friend call him back on. He gave the 0800 number of the bank she is with and hung up. She called the bank immediately who advised they don't have that cell phone number on her account with them and that there was no record of anyone from the bank calling her there was no reason anyone should have. If you receive a similar call, please let your local Police know.

A member of the public sent through an email about a call advising she had won a Green Card to the USA:
They rang last Friday evening and congratulated me for winning a green card to the USA. After just a few questions they said I had qualified and this green card would take up to four years to receive and then gave me a username to access an account and more information on their website. With this account I also needed a password but they were unable to give me a password because I had to pay for the registration fee first which the guy on the phone said was $519.00 euro which was going to be eight hundred and something dollars NZ. At first I was very curious as to whether or not this guy is pulling my leg because after just 5 minutes on the phone this guy is asking me for hundreds of dollars. I told him I don't have that much and then he said he would talk to his manager. He said he could put me on another programme not knowing what the actual programmes were, he said they could offer me a registration fee of just $366.00 this time. He said I had to pay with a credit card, I asked if there was another way I could pay such as their account number and he got a bit agitated and rude on the phone I asked the question 3 times then on the 4th time I explained I'd like to do some research into the company before I hand out hundreds of dollars on the phone and then he hung up.

I received a call from a man with an Asian accent who called himself Shawn. He said he worked for the refund department of the government and gave his ID number as 9804RB. He then said they had done maintenance work on our computers and that we had overpaid by $299. He wanted me to go online and give him access to my computer and he would directly refund the money into the work bank account. I said I didn't have that authority and what was his contact number and he said 18665159918. Then the call ended.

December 2011

We received an email regarding a 'stuck overseas' phone scam (these are more often seen as email scams). The following is copied directly from the email we received:
Call received on my mobile at 2.03pm from 0063959590959 claiming to be Kaliyan Banerjee. He was trapped in the Philippines on his way from Chicago via Philippines and Sydney to his sisters funeral in Mangere, Auckland. He was on a prepay mobile which was running out of money. The voice, Filipino? male, asked me to ring back on 00639061846758. The claim was he needed $620 to get a visa for himself and his wife to come to NZ. His flight VS7460, which he had to seek out, was leaving in about an hour. He would arrive in NZ Dec 7th at 12.05pm. His sister Veronica Banerjee, died yesterday in Auckland Hospital and the funeral would be later in the week in Mangere. The money was to be sent via Western Union Service to Norma Martin, 25 Airport Rd., Angeles City, Philippines.

The calls are continuing regarding what we have termed 'the PC Scammer' where the caller advises that your computer is infected and sending out viruses and malware. An alternative is the advise that your Microsoft licence has expired. This is a scam. We have received reports that some people are receiving up to ten phone calls in a day. If you wanted to make a formal report about the calls you have received, you can lodge a complaint with your local Police asking them to associate your statement with file number 100827/0843.

November 2011

We have been advised by the NZ Police that currently the only official charity fund relating to the Bay of Plenty oil pollution near Tauranga is called the Bay of Plenty Care for Our Coast Fund. If you would like to donate you can contact either National Bank or ANZ. No one will contact you to ask for a donation. If you are contacted by someone seeking money for the clean-up or to rescue wildlife, please do not respond. Scammers will always try to take advantage of tragedies targeting people who feel the need to assist. Contact your local Police station and forward the information to so we can add it to this page to warn others.

November 2010

A scammer purporting to be from the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is calling people in an attempt to trick them into divulging personal information, such as IRD numbers. The caller advises that they are from the Tax Back section of the IRD and that you are due a tax credit. They ask you to confirm your name, address and IRD number. Do not give out this information. The authentic Inland Revenue Department would never call to ask for personal information. Any calls of this nature are likely to be scams and people are advised to hang-up immediately. For further information please contact IRD directly or visit their website:

October 2010

The Anti-Spam Compliance Unit is aware of a Las Vegas holiday phone scam with the intent to obtain your credit card details. Upon answering the phone a recorded message advises you have won a holiday package and to push '9' to find out more. The enthusiastic caller tries to convince you that you have won a prize from a competition that you haven't entered and you just need to pay some money on your credit card to cover some fees. Up to two weeks before receiving this call, you may have some hang-up calls or unusual numbers displayed on your caller ID. Telecom investigators suggest this is the scammers’ computer programme finding functioning phone connections and that if you receive this scam call to hang-up immediately.

August 2010

Internal Affairs is warning people who get unusual calls about bank fees to beware: a scammer claiming to be from the Department is trying to cheat people out of money. Several people have called the Department after they were called and told Internal Affairs was holding bank fee money for them, and that it could be released by payment of a 'fee' or 'tax'. Internal Affairs does not hold any bank fees for anyone, and has nothing to do with these callers. It does not ring people offering money for a fee. Anyone who is suspicious of a call purporting to be from Internal Affairs can ask for the caller's name, and ring back on an Internal Affairs number published in the White Pages or on the Department's official website under 'General Enquiries' (Phone (04) 495 7200).

A man, claiming to be a stock broker in Hong Kong, calls offering investment in a Canadian energy company. He says he got the subscriber’s number because he had completed the ‘Great New Zealand Survey’ (which he had not). The caller says he has ‘privileged information’ from his New York consultants that the Canadian company has signed a huge deal with the US government in the wake of the Mexican Gulf oil leak and this has yet to be made public. He says the subscriber could make a killing by investing now. The subscriber ended the call, wisely rejecting the offer. The Department is aware that other people have sent money and heard nothing further!

The Anti-Spam Compliance Unit was made aware of a man (recently, also reports of a woman) calling homes suggesting there was a problem with their Windows operating system. He then tried to talk them into logging-on to their computers, so he could guide them through 'fixing' the system. The caller is very persistent. Neither fax nor phone spam or scams fall foul of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 - however, because this forum is available for public awareness we wanted to advise of this scam and the fax scam recorded below. For more information please read our media releases:
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