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The following phone scams were reported to us and are listed below to help you avoid them.

Links to scam web pages have been removed and spaces have been added to email addresses to ensure they do not become hyperlinks.

Forward scam emails or email a description of the online scam to along with any other information that may be useful.

You may also post scams to:

Electronic Messaging Compliance Unit
Department of Internal Affairs
PO Box 805
Wellington 6140

Please visit the Consumer Protection Scamwatch website (see the Report a scam section).

Microsoft / PC scammer / Compromised internet reports

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IRD / Government refund reports

Immigration scam reports

Travel scams

Air Quality Survey scam

Other reports

Immigration Phone scam – We have received reports of people are being called by scammers claiming to be calling from Immigration Services. The recipient are informed that there is a problem with their immigration status as they have not filled in the appropriate forms and that the Police will be at their residence within an hour to deport them unless they pay a fee to settle their case. One recipient has advised that in order to settle his case he was instructed to purchase a number of Steam and iTunes gift cards to the value of $9874 and to scratch, scan and send the details to the scammers via email at highcomissionofindia @ It appears that the scammers are managing to spoof the phone number (0508 55 88 55) so it falsely appears that the calls are coming from a legitimate New Zealand Immigration phone number.

Yesterday had a call from "private caller" purporting to be from Genesis Energy.
At the caller's request found the last electricity account and he proceeded to walk me thru it and then stated where 'they' could make savings.
He knew our rented address for most of 2015, but not where we are now, the prior address easily accessed thru 'white pages' .
I was to make an instant decision to run with them, at this stage I hadn't revealed current address, - the caller knew we are currently with TrustPower.
I invited the guy to make a paper submission, but that was unacceptable! I then made comment I was terminating the conversation as didn’t have any actual confirmation he was what he represented.
I received an unexpected phonecall mid Saturday afternoon on 6th February, 2016. A lady calling herself Austin ( like the car ) rang from 64 99 8494 86 rather vaguely saying that she was in association with the DHB contacting as many of the elderly as possible in Havelock North to assist them to improve their health. She asked to speak to my husband but I told her he had passed away. She then offered her condolences and called me “Darlin.’ “ I asked where she was ringing from and she said they covered the USA, Canada, Australia and NZ. She sounded American but had a difficult accent. She was promoting a health product Omega 7 capsules comprising Omega 3,6,7,and 9 !!! The capsules contained Seabuckthorn oil. Normally they sold for $90.00 for a bottle containing 30 capsules to be taken one a day preferably after breakfast. But for pensioners there was a big discount selling at $59.00!!! She asked if I was on any medication and when I said, No, she asked about Vitamins. When I said, Yes, she immediately rubbished them and said if I took their product I would feel like a 50 year old in 22 — 25 days! I told her I would ask my GP before I took anything. She immediately wanted me buy a bottle so I could give a good report to the GP. She knew a lot about me including my age ( I am 72) so she immediately asked about any health problems … arthritis, joint aches and pains, etc. I told her that I didn’t have any, so she tried a new tack and said at my age I could expect them !!!! Right from the start I suspected that the call could be a Scam but decided to play along and find out as much as I could. Her technique was clever… she started gently and gradually ended up quite aggressively as though playing a fish. Her stock question was,” If I send you a bottle will you take them ?” She must have talked for almost half an hour. I asked her how they expected payment and she replied by credit or debit card, Visa preferably. When I told her I only dealt in Cheques or cash she got quite mad, said a strange word and slammed her receiver down. (:-))
Hello, I received a call stating that my power was to be disconnected due to my account not being paid. I knew the account had been paid earlier in the month. The caller implied that I only had $10.00 in my bank account. He said that Genesis had not received payment and wanted to know if I did internet banking. I said no and pay account by phone. He then said “ha ha” you’re broke and I’ll put your power off right now and hung up. This left me terribly distraught. Power did not go off. I contacted Genesis and the police.
This morning at approx 10.00 a.m. I received a phone call telling me that I was due an amount of $3655 in overcharged bank fees. I was expected to deposit $450 into a bank account to enable this payment to be carried out. At this point of the conversation I hung up
Call was made to my home today reportably from US Govt Internal Affairs 727 568-2459. Caller was women with Accent possibly from India. Stated my name and that I was under investigation for not reporting full income.
Hung up after I asked specific questions. Have had no further calls.
My mother received a call from an Asian male saying he was from “Telecom” and she "had been hacked and all the information on her iPad had been stolen”. He said she needed to reset her iPad and passwords and he would guide her through it. He had her name and address. She told him it was a scam which he denied and she hung up.
Hi there,
My husband got a call yesterday evening, 01/12/15, from a lady saying she was from Marac Finance and that she wanted to confirm our personal and bank account details for their records. He refused to give them out and said they could post a letter to him instead. The lady asked for his address but my husband refused again, saying if it was really Marac Finance then they'd know our address.
Today (02/12/15) at 2:40pm, I got a call from a man saying he was from Marac Finance, saying that he needed to know my drivers licence number and details as I should have given them when we took out our car loan. I said Marac already had those details and I would not give them out on the phone, that he could send me a letter if he needed more information.
I rang Marac finance (we do actually have a loan with them) and they said there was no way that they would ever ring up and ask for those details, that it was always done in writing, and that there was nothing wrong with our account with them.
I was recently called by a private number and when I answered the call it was a young Indian woman telling me I have been chosen to receive a $9,000 grant from the federal government. She instructed me to call a man named Patrick (202)436-9750 with my grant id # to claim my money. When I called to see what he would say, he told me to go to the nearby Walmart to receive my money by money gram. He then told me before I go to the store make sure I have my id and $250. He said that I have to send the $250 to the bank and that it would be refunded when they send the $9,000 grant money. When I asked him why I needed to do this he claimed it was to prove that I'm a real person picking up the money up and that it was a requirement of the bank not the federal government. I told him I don't have $250 and he said OK well call me back by December 15th when you have the money or your file will be closed. I could really use that money, but I know it's too good to be true.
Hi, I have been getting phone calls every day from the following phone number (09) 486 9800.
The caller says they are from Meridian Energy, and that they need my credit card numbers - even though I am not a customer.
It sounds like this has been going on for a while.

Statement from the Meridian Energy website:
Be aware of hoax calls
Meridian Energy is asking customers to be vigilant for scammers after a number of reported hoax phone calls from people claiming to be from Meridian.

The hoax calls have been located in Canterbury and Auckland from a man claiming to be from Meridian and asking for personal details, including credit card number details.

Meridian follows a strict process for customers whose electricity account is in arrears. All customers phoned about their overdue electricity account have received a number of letters from us prior to any phone call. We certainly never phone asking for money out of the blue.

If you receive a call from people saying they are from Meridian or a network company threatening disconnection unless an amount is paid, hang up and call your local Police station to report the phone call. Please also let us know you have had a hoax call by phoning us on 0800 496 496 (Meridian Energy customer contact centre).

Hi there I keep getting calls from /0294750720 this is a forex / investment scam
Have been receiving calls from 099518044 and 099518045 on my mobile for a week now. If I answer the line is immediately cut off. If I wait till it stops ringing and then try to call them back it goes to an answering machine and a female voice says we are a charity organisation and gives a web address which is not very clear and is based in Australia.
Hi There, I got a call from 04 889 3988 it was a voice recording saying he was Detective ***** from the IRD Financial Crimes Unit and wishing me all the best because things are about to get very bad for me.
I rang back and an Indian accent told me he was Detective Ray Hamilton ringing from IRD wellington and asked for my Debit Card number - I hung up.
Hi, there was a message left on our voice mail yesterday at about 11 am. They claimed to be from the NZ Crimes Department and it was an Indian accent - name Andy. I knew it was a scam but wanted to know what it was about and called this morning.
It was answered just with "Andy here". Not a professional greeting like it would have been if it was a government department. I told him he had left a message on my phone and asked him what he wanted. He said "I called quite a few people yesterday what is your name and I will bring up the file".
I charged him with being a scammer, as his greeting was not professional and asked to speak to his boss. He said sure and hung up!! I have tried the number repeatedly but there is no reply.
Hi, we've been getting a lot of calls on land line but not mobile about Euromillions lottery. These occur around 2-3 pm Tuesday to Saturday claiming i am up for a free trial at Euromillions then requesting my credit/ debit card details to activate my / our chances . The caller says they're from Vancouver in Canada hence the times of calling . Usually I'm not there at that time so my partner takes the call but they always insist on talking to me even though I'm still at work . Their persistence is amazing always asking the same things .
This has been going on for about 3 weeks now , the caller continually saying 6 months ago I'd done a survey which I can't recall and repeating the whole spiel again always talking way too fast and in a foreign accent ( don't know which one ) .
We've heard there's been others getting the same calls or in some cases dodgy emails , we haven't had any of these yet .
A sure test of patience , guess they're hoping one day we'll break and blurt out our details . They'll be waiting a long time .
Hi, I received phone calls from Hong Kong and potentially Singapore regarding investment opportunities but after providing an initial sum of money, I was pressured into providing further money for various investment packages and was provided documentation to legitimatise the scam. Although it appears there are no such investments and the documentation has been faked. When I requested a refund of the money I was verbally abused and have had no money returned to date.

Names of the callers behind the scam:
Mike Murray (Scottish accent)
Daniel Anderson (Northern English accent)
Eva Christiansen (unknown accent)

Daishi Capital 80-113 Argyle St, Kowloon, Hong Kong
www .daishicapital .com
Tel: +852 9464 9304
Fax: +852 3006 4233
Received a call this morning purporting to be from the "Visa fraud investigation department", they had my correct Auckland address and asked if I'd made a Visa purchase from someone in South Africa. When I said I hadn't, he asked me to stay on the line and talk to his supervisor. I hung up.
I assume this was a version of this scam here: View story from the internet (.PDF, 196KB)*

I am always getting calls from a woman that starts out Wow!... then I can not understand anything else.
Calls have come most recently from 212-868-2746 and 515-909-1321 (twice this morning) Also have received over past few months the same call from 408-645-4290 , 212-912-1672, 408-645-4290, 515-852-3229, 787-509-8914, 515-755-8112, 734-791-9604, AND 787-987-5517, but usually the calls are coming from the 515-909-1321 number. I can never understand the message so I just hang up. Sure curious what it is all about.
I received a phone saying that I needed to call 509-293-5021 because this was my final notice that I am being sued by the IRS. I haven't called the number
I was called by a young latino girl in California who said her aunt in Mexico found a bag will all my ID in it. They had my passport and drivers license. She also said it had other information in it, with people’s names (that I don’t know). She said she was just trying to be nice and needed my address to send it to me. I asked her for information that she had on my passport and she said she didn’t have it with her. Her aunt left it in Mexico but came to California and told her relatives and they called me. I asked her where she got my phone number and she said it was in the bag. I never lost anything so not sure how that could have happened. She would not give me her name or address. There was a person speaking in Spanish telling her what to say. They just wanted my address. I told them I would not give it to them and for them to take my bag to the police to send to me. She stayed on the phone for a long time trying to get my address. None of it made any sense. I figured they were fishing for more information to steal my identity. The young girl would not give me her last name or address, just said she was in California.
Phone Number they called from: 909-238-5890
Received a call early last evening from someone with an Asian sounding voice. Purported to be phoning from Spark offering free Broadband and National calls for next 12 months and said they would be sending me a new modem. Wanted to check name of our phone account. When queried the caller offered to give me her employee number. I said it sounded like a scam and discontinued the call but she phoned back again wanting to give me her employee number.
We have received two calls this morning from an Indian gentleman advising us that our consignment has arrived at Auckland airport and that it can be collected after a fee of $600 is paid. Beware!
Hi I received a phone call today from someone purporting to be from Adobe. Say that my account was crashing on my system. I don't have an Adobe account.
Yesterday at about 1530hrs received a bogus call on my mobile from this number 006482555628. A person with an undeniable south African accent rang re an investment company and all he needed was to verify my email address so he could send me a info pack. I said no. Silence and then he tried to convince me. So I told him was x police (which I am) and my email was a secure one. Heard a click for disconnect.
My daughter had answered the phone and he asked for me by name. He obviously got my info from some database. Unknown which one.
Hi there, I have had call after call over at least 6 months (at least a dozen) most of them i didn't answer from two "London" numbers both claiming to be some kind of market/stocks company KFS trader/Forex. There were probably twice that many (my phone has a poor battery and is often off as a result).
The first 2 I answered i simply stated that i wasn't interested, call was from London and was something to do with some stock market scam, pretty clearly (I believe it was a woman).
I was called back by at least 2 different people from the same place and they have called on at least a dozen occasions (most of which i didn't answer the phone).
The second call that I answered, i told them to stop calling me and to delete my number (a reputable company would, pestering won't help). The third i told them i would alert the authorities as they were harassing me, and I wasn't interested no matter their (clearly fake) legitimacy, the Indian man got pretty agitated and started frantically trying to convince me he was trying to make me rich! or some other tripe. I hung up pretty agitated myself and he tried to call 2 more times (unanswered) in the same few hours before i blocked the number from my phone.
The Department has received reports of a phone call scam where the caller asks about the ailments of the recipient and what medication they may be on. They are then told that "green life" pills will help them with all their various problems and are asked for credit card information to order the pills. The caller claims to be one “Ross Taylor” from Vivid Lifestyle or Vivid Health Centre and provides the number 984 9486, he is also known to be quite pushy or aggressive in his sales tactics. One complainant was told the caller was a Doctor and that they can call the number provided for more information. When the complainant called the number, it sounded like they were talking to a call centre which claimed to be based in the UK who again tried to get credit card information in order to purchase “green life” pills.
"Hi there, I'd like to report a phone scam - at 4.30pm this afternoon we received a phone call from someone ('Jim' from 'Wellington') with a strong Indian or related accent on +61299993283. They advised my husband (using his surname and address) that they were from Kiwibank and that somebody had tried to remove funds from his account. He is not a Kiwibank customer and never has been. On the call he was advised that someone had made several attempts to remove $1100 from an account. They passed the call around different people masquerading as different staff members from Kiwibank - the most senior individual called himself Eric Thompson. While on the call they asked for confirmation of my husband's name and address, for a customer number (we provided a fake one), and for a cell number (which we never gave them) so they could block the payment. They then said they would send a code to the cell number and block the card, which they told my husband (while I was actually on the phone to someone from the fraud team at Kiwibank) they had done."
An indian man with a nearly impenetrable accent rang me and told me he was an IRD officer and they were charging me with $5000 tax fraud. The number he used was 09 9507181. He asked if I have a lawyer or attorney and could I get one. He then told me IRD had been investigating me since 2009 and told me the police have been notified and are awaiting IRD's instructions to come and arrest me. He then said my assets and bank accounts would be frozen, my credit rating blacklisted and I would go to jail and my car and house were to be seized. He gave me an address which I forgot to write down and indicated this was a courthouse and if I turned up with the money the police would not come and arrest me. His tone was super aggressive but I told him my accountant and I submit honest returns every year. He told me that I would be liable for any mistakes my accountant had made. He then read me an avadavit detailing my supposed offences and told me not to interrupt. He gave me a chance to respond and there was a pause and it sounded like he was recording me he did this twice. I told him again that I haven't done anything wrong and then he hung up.
This guy was extremely aggressive.
I have just reicved a call from a man claiming to be from a company called Market Research in Christchurch. He wanted to send me a 1 page document giving advice on how to make investments on the stock exchange. The phone number he called from was 00 64 282555628. He hung up after I tried to get the website address for the Market Research company.
Hi, I am reporting a couple of scammers who have been calling my parents place and trying to have them subscribe to their false services.The first time they called trying to sell a fake service which they claim they offer a PC maintenance service that they run from a company based in Auckland.
They had me look at the error log on my parents computer and then announced they can address all the errors to improve the PC performance if I downloaded the program LOGMEIN and sign in with there details and then they would provide me with a web page to enter my credit card details to buy the service for a one off price, clearly they wanted to view the credit card details and steal them.
They called today with a new scam, this time time they were posing as a company which provides a subscription to the Sunday news paper at a price lower than in store.
First a man sounding Indian called and offered a 13 week subscription at $1.20 and stated it is $2 in store, he then said he would pass me to the manager to get my details to setup the subscription. An Indian women took the call and repeated most of what the first person said but that the offer was for $1.80 per paper when it is $3 in store, clearly stupid.
She asked for my name and address which I didnt provide. Also when I say no Im not interested they would push about it and say ok so why dont you just try it and Im going to set up the subscription and if you decide to cancel it then you can. The phone number on the call id is 0061280386347. A long time ago I remember hearing from these people and and when i wouldnt accept the scam they became abusive and hung up.
I have received two scam phone calls this afternoon from different numbers that tell me that in order to avoid some sort of perilous monetary fine from the US Treasury I MUST call (609) 357-4831 immediately, which I will not do. Both times the voice identified himself as "David Gray". The first number that the call came from is 270-313-0000 and the caller ID name was "Wilson Kathy". The second call came from 279-313-0000 and the caller ID name is "Name Unavailable".
I live in Delhi Shahdara and I got a call from this no: 09771238154. The man asked me details of my atm card then i ask him about from which bank he is talking, he told BOB, then he ask which bank atm I have i randomly pick a name of bank, he told that he is from service from all bank regarding atm issue, then he told me my atm is blocked... then i recognise he is spam caller.. i have not share any info from him.. his name is Deepak Sharma.
Credit Card phone scam – Notification from Genesis Energy: "We have had instances of several of our customers being called by a male with an Indian accent purporting to be from Genesis Energy or Nova Energy. They claim that there is an overdue amount to be paid on the account and give a phone number of 09 8870346 to call to make payment within 45 minutes or otherwise they will be disconnected. The number is manually answered by a male with an Indian accent and then asked for credit card details. Customers have been asked to report this to the NZ Police and to not make any payment. We have also had reports that this scam is affecting other Retailers – Nova Energy, Trust Power and Mercury Energy."
This morning we had an automated call claiming they were Vodafone and that we owed them over a $100 in unpaid account. They quoted "our" account number and provided details of how to pay into their account.
As we arent Vodafone customers we were very suspicious and called Vodafone who confirmed that the account number was a fake and that the call was a scam.
Yellow® has been made aware of marketing phone calls purporting to sell Yellow® products, without authority and that the international organisation does not deliver. Reports have included customers being offered life time Yellow and White Pages listings as a part a package deal, that Yellow® has given the organisation the customers details for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, and that if the customer were to pay a one off fee they will get him set-up in Yellow® and other places.
If you are contacted by an organisation that is not Yellow® promoting goods or services which include Yellow® please be wary and consider contacting Yellow® for further information.
"Good morning,
I am an accountant and one of my clients called me yesterday because she got a phone call on her cell phone from someone saying they were from ACC and wanting to know her ACC number. My client was driving at the time so did not speak to the person but they left a message on her phone.
The person (man) never said their name but gave the ACC debt collection department’s 0800 number to return the call which does check out as the actual ACC number.
My client got suspicious as my client has no business and why would ACC call to get an ACC number and call on her cell phone so she called me to check it out.
After about a half an hour call with ACC and speaking to a young man who was very helpfully went around the debt department asking if anyone there had contacted my client and no-one had and he confirmed my client has no debt with ACC and they have had no reason to contact her.

ACC’s advice was to never give out ACC numbers and if you receive a call like this to contact ACC directly."
"Unsolicited phone call from one Mr Justin Green claiming to work for Dupont FX, claiming guaranteed returns with huge profit margins. They then give you a trial for a small sum, luring unsuspecting traders into investing larger sums. This then quickly gets “traded” and used up becoming a loss in which they then request more money from the trader with threats of losing the account and larger losses if the trader does not front up.
Withdrawing the money is also very difficult and the “broker” can become quite aggressive. In this case the broker was one Mr Jack Green. Once the trader realises that this may not be legitimate or that something is not quite right, the brokers then claim to go through a business merger, which in this case was with Mercer Capital to become Mercer FX. They even go to the extent where they claim the previous broker, Mr Green has been terminated and is under investigation for fraud. The new broker “Mr Joseph Cannon” then makes it appear that the accounts have been cleared before continuing the same pattern of behaviour.

Mr Jack Green used the numbers +44 800 1700126 and +44 2031501642.
Mr Joseph Cannon called the complainant using the number +64 3 288 0258.

Mercer FX aka Mercer Capital New Zealand are listed as having the contact details of:
38 Birmingham Drive
Christchurch 8024, New Zealand.
+64 9 801 0090"
"I received a call this morning (23/04/2015) from the New Zealand Business Development Office calling apparently from Auckland on the number +8820140326 They didn’t get to ask many questions as I knew they were up to no good straight away, and they hung up pretty quickly, when questioned as to why they were not calling from an NZ number."
"I just received a phone scam from a person acting as a internal affairs employee. They left a message on my answering machine. The caller said something on the lines of getting an attorney and call them back""Hi, since the start of the year I've now had 2 instances of international numbers (UK) calling me and being 'Lottery Scam' phone calls. I've blocked the numbers on my phone for now, but they keep calling me.
The numbers are: 00442033183984 and 0044800170041"
"Our household has been contacted twice asking for a particular family member. That person has been away so not spoken to the caller himself. Sounds like an international line. The caller states they need to talk to him so that he can confirm a parcel delivery. I had to be very direct with the man to get a company name. Eventually he tells me it is 'ELG' but cannot tell me what the company does or what the acronym stands for. He cannot have anyone confirm the parcel except that particular family member."
"I have been receiving phone call from this number 902-798-5417. It is an automated message apparently from the Marriott Hotel, saying my phone number has been randomly picked for a prize."
"For about the last year I have been receiving calls from a no caller ID number. The call is automated claiming to be Vodafone. They ask me if I am the account holder of an account and if so click 1. The first time I assumed it was related to my Vodafone account and clicked 1. They then told me I had a debt of about $50 and gave me details of how to pay it. I ignored it and it happened again about a month later I was called again, this time the amount was about $100. If I do not answer the call they will try again every hour or so until I pick up.
Recently I changed service providers, yet I continue to receive these calls."
"We have had several phone calls from the Philippines, claiming to be "Luana" the National President of our company in Brazil.

The lady was hard to understand, because of the accent, and her evasiveness. Also her phone kept cutting out. I finally pieced together the parts of the story. Her sister had been visiting Wellington and died here of a heart attack. Ines was in the Philippines on her way to NZ and had discovered that her visa hadn't been paid for, and she needed confirmation that the Visa would be paid in NZ, before getting on the plane. It sounded like she would arrive in NZ on Thursday, Terminal B. She wanted “Alice’s” cell phone no, which I wouldn't give, even though she said she had it but had lost it. She asked if I knew another member of staff “Barb” and would I give her “Barb’s” cell phone number. I said no I didn't know it. Her phone cut out and then later she rung back.

I said I did not have authority to take $975 from the account to pay. She said yes, “Barb” gave that authority and would ring the NZ office today. I still couldn't do it because I didn't have authority with the bank. I could do internet banking but she didn't want internet banking, she needed the cash, but I couldn't work out how she was expecting me to get it to her, unless it was to be at the airport.

The next call she said “Barb” (the CEO in America) had told her to talk to ... (and she named 3 of us in the office correctly) I told her my name and she told me I would know what to do because I was “Alice’s” PA.

She said her time on the card was running out could I ring her back, which I did.

She kept saying "So you don't want to help me. I don't want charity. I will pay it back in 15 days’ time. If you can't help through work then what about personally." I don't have that amount of money.

I suggested that she tried the national president of the Philippines, but she said she was not in Manila, but in an airport 50kms north, and the plane was about to leave, she would miss it and have to go back to Brazil.
By this time I was thinking it was a scam. But it really unsettled me. She did have all the facts but could easily have acquired them from our website."
"I received a voicemail from a “Dennis Richards” (646) 369-1336 claiming to be from the IRS demanding that I call him back regarding a “Legal Notice” issued by the IRS against me. I don’t have anything pending with the IRS, and I don’t believe the IRS conducts business from a call center (from the voicemail I could hear other people on the phone saying exactly the same thing). The individual had a strong middle eastern voice difficult to understand (had to listen to the message multiple times to get the phone#). It is annoying, frustrating and no one should have to feel threatened by some idiots that have nothing better to do than to make a living out of scamming people"
"Just had a call from an Indian sounding women who said she was from ANZ and that a transaction in my name of $900 had been made to someone in South Africa and did I want it blocked. I said yes then she said the call may be recorded for security reasons and she needed to verify a few things. She had my address but then started to ask when was the last time I logged in to my bank so I told her it was a Scam and hung up. Sounds similar to the report about the BNZ on the scam watch page."
"I was called by a company identifing themselves as NZ Phone Directory. Wanting me to renew our subscription with them. I agreed to renew they informed me that a password would be issued by email for me to make any alterations to the web site e.g. Special deals etc.
Unfortunately I was silly enough to give credit details to them they card was to be charged $44.91 on a one off charge for 12 months subscription. (this card has been cancelled by the bank)
The amount of $44.91 would appear on my statement with the suffix of www .PCScredit. co .uk.
No amount has appeared to date.
On investigating this company I find it's a debt collection agency
"Hello, Just had phone call from foreign man wanting to talk to business owner and to keep advertising with yellow/white pages and asked why hasn’t the lady I always speak to phone me no real reply but to say about keeping you there for as long as possible and he mentioned about $700 – 1000 but that’s when I got suspicious of him and told him not interested and hang up. I tried to ring the phone number and it’s no such number so that confirms it’s a scam."
"A girl called me today and asked for my email address and said about the scholarships. She said she was from Boston and the number was - +1782458756."
"I received two calls 4.10pm (from 0014446537638) and 9.15pm (from 0014449789000), knowing that both were unknown numbers I did not answer. Having done a quick search I found that these were likely to be a phone scams and would recommend that you don’t answer any calls from these or any 001444 numbers."
"Good morning I have been receiving phone calls from 1 888 895 4354 I missed a call so text back asking what it was they wanted no answer and then the other night I heard my phone calling so I got the lady at the other end but she hung up on me not sure what it was about I have now received a message from 62455557 saying ks476592 @ hello I have been trying to reach you. Kindly email me for more details w547845747877 @ I tried to reply by text but bounced back saying number isn't valid, I know this is a scam so will not reply to anything more."
"This afternoon I received what I suspect is a scam phone call from a this number: 001444 1784874. The caller/s spoke a foreign language which I could neither identify, nor understand what they were saying, and it seemed that they did not understand English. On checking online, it seems that once a call has been received from these people they call repeatedly, and often and the calls are charged to the recipient."
"Today, Monday the 12th January 2015 at 5.36pm and 5.38pm local time I received 2 phone calls on my cell phone. The caller was a female with a Indian / Pakistan accent who called me by my first name.
She stated that I could get one years free access to a NZ stock market trading account. All I had to do was supply them with my email address. She then asked me for my email account.
I replied that I required her details and that of her business and email as I used to work for the NZ Police and I wanted to check the business out.
She immediately disconnected.
During the conversation there was a 2 second lag in response time. 2 minutes later I got a no speech phone call from another line.
First call is shown on my cell log as 0064282555628 and the second call is shown on my log as 0012013738356"
"This phone number 1-607-301-3180 has been used to scam me of $600.00. I answered a craigslist advertisement for a home to rent in Chattanooga, TN. This person has sent me multiple messages from this number. They represented themselves as Barbara Baker. After not answering multiple texts requesting money back. Eric Kinslow of Parrish, FL is the person I sent money to. I can't get money back but hopefully this can help someone else's misery."
"Hi, Yesterday (5/1/2015) my wife received eight automated calls - five on her mobile and another three on our land-line. The calls were dropped quickly when her mobile or our land-line answer phones kicked in. Although a very brief garbled message was left it was clearly an automated system.
My wife did manage to pick up one active call and this is how it went:-
Robot - "This is Westpac bank with an urgent message. Please press any button to confirm that this is Mr or Mrs (name removed)"
Because my wife had had so many missed calls though-out the day she was worried that there must be a serious problem with our bank account so she pressed a button to continue.
Robot - "We have your date of birth as ........ {which was actually correct for my wife!} please press 1 to confirm this is correct."
At this stage my wife thought better of it and put the phone down. When she subsequently rang Westpac to find out if this was a real call, Westpac had no record of any reason to contact us about our account nor was there any other reason for Westpac to call us. Westpac agreed that it was likely to be a scam and the customer Rep (& her supervisor) hadn't come across this type of scam before. On looking at the call records on my wife's phone the number of the caller was 000.
Obviously it is very worrying that these people have my wife's contact numbers and some of her personal details.
With so many missed calls on two different contact numbers, this creates a feeling that there really was a serious issue. Unfortunately someone under pressure might well fall for it!"
"Around 8.05pm I received a phone call claiming $700 had been paid from my BNZ account into an overseas account. Could I verify the transaction. When I said No the male Indian sounding voice said they would reverse the transaction if I could provide them with some details. They then asked for my account verification number. I said no and they asked why. I said I did not believe him and he hung up!"
"I just got a call on my home phone from a very foreign sounding woman saying she represented www. mycharitysurvey .com. I Googled her while she spoke to me and saw that this has been reported as scam elsewhere."
"I received a recorded message that said the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and I was to call the Cell Phone number # 1-713-320-0206, which I did not . "
"Hi, I have been contacted 4 or 5 times on my home phone by a Mr. Smith - supposed officer of Taxes and Us treasury - who pretends he has some questions. for my husband. My husband is travelling so I gave the guy the cell phone number of my husband but then he called back two hours later saying that we were going to be reported for illegal transfers of money, He was highly suspicious and very aggressive, worse at each phone call, finally telling me telling me that if I did not transfer 3000 dollars in back taxes right away my number would be reported to the police in half an hour!!!! The number of the guy is 202 241 78 11."

Air Quality Survey scam

Last week Diana from Didu Corporation called me for a short survey on “Employment” this was followed by an invitation to a function in Auckland 2 days later which I said was impossible to attend but she proceeded to give me a raffle no. I was also promised a thank you gift which would arrive in the mail in approx. 2 weeks. She was pleasant but with a very thick Asian accent difficult to understand. Her phone no was 09 8890381. Phone calls were daily sometimes twice. Monday she phoned to say I had won 2nd prize which I learnt on a subsequent call was $HK600,000 and I needed to fill in a claim form which had to be completed by Tuesday. Unfortunately I was sucked in and duly sent this off. Today I was called by Steven Chan in Hong Kong by which time I had checked the scam site and realised I had been fooled. I told him it was all a scam which he vehemently denied but could not answer my query about the function in Wellington in December re air conditioners. He says the raffle results will be published in the newspaper in 3-4 weeks – I wonder which one – and not to come back to him to claim my prize because I have cancelled it.
I was asked to complete a air quality survey, which I did and they phoned me back the day after to advise that I had won a prize and to invite me to a Wellington an event. I was then asked for my bank account details and passport number for ID purposes.
I was phoned a few days ago and I participated in a questionnaire about air quality, it only took a few minutes. I was then called back two days later to be invited to their company event in Wellington. I was unable to attend and then was called up again by the same women “Natalie” saying that I had won some money. She asked me for my email address so that I could complete the form. My winning number is; NZ59703 and her phone number is 048893119. She will now not stop from calling me saying that I must complete the form.
View the Claimant Form (.PDF, 678KB)*
Hi , on Thursday, 7th January I received a phone call asking me to answer 3 questions on air quality from an Asian sounding woman. After answering the questions she said, just for participating,they would be sending me a free gift which could take up to 3 weeks then invited me to a product launch on Monday. I declined to go,but she then said that even though I couldn’t attend that there would be an Electronic Raffle which I would still be entered in. She gave me a number DI 68577 as my entry. She asked for my email address and street address.
Today (Wednesday 13 January)Pauline called me to say congratulations I have won second prize which is $600,000 Hong Kong Dollars. It was at this point that I knew this is a scam, even though they have not asked for money yet, I could see it coming. I told them that actually I wanted to pass on all of this. But she insisted that I think about it and I have 3 days to claim “my prize” and she sent a claimant form to fill out.
She gave me her name and a phone number (09 8890381). On the email the numbers are 852 8174 6015 and 852 3007 1980 fax.

At the beginning of December "Natalie" (phone number 04 8893119 in Wellington) called asking if I would participate in an air quality survey, so I answered 3 short questions on my view of air quality and she thanked me for my time.
She rang me again last Monday to invite me to the corporate launch event of Didu corporation who are apparently opening 4 buildings and selling air quality products in NZ next year. The invitation had a lucky number attached to the ticket and the event was being held at 4 Taranaki street in Wellington . It was for the next day (Dec 8). There was no way at I could attend so I didn't even think about it again until they rang me on the Wednesday to say I had won 2nd prize in the draw and the prize was $600,000 HKD. At this stage they had not asked for money. Also the person ringing had a Wellington phone number. She told me I would be contacted by the company directly after her call to tell me how the prize money would be transferred.
It gets very complicated after this as "Sarah" (phone 00852 81914201) supposedly from GD Financial Management Centre in Hong Kong also called to tell me there was a cheque there with my name on it. The person from DIDU Corporation was very friendly and gave me advice regarding winning a large amount of money etc etc. In hindsight I can't believe I didn't see it as a scam straight away, but it was very complicated, well set up and seemed very realistic - it didn't follow the normal scam rules as listed on this website, which I checked and thought it must be genuine as it didn't fit the profile and they never asked me for any money. But then I was told some way down the track that I needed a fund certificate to release the funds from Hong Kong as this was the law there, and to do this I needed an accountant in Hong Kong to provide one. So the director from Didu - Steven Chan (phone 00852 81746015, his email is enquiry @ said he would organise me an accountant. Then came back to tell me the fees would be $3700 and needed to be paid before he would do the job. He wanted me to send it via western union transfer within the hour. I did not do this of course, so he rang back and got angry with me.
They rang me again at lunchtime today to see if I had the money prize yet. When I said that I did not believe they were genuine as they had asked me for money for an accountant , the lady "Natalie" (now phoning from Hong Kong not Wellington) said she would see what she could do to sort things out. I wondered if it was just a cover to stop me from reporting them? Anyway, I remained polite and just ended by saying that if I had genuinely won the prize I wouldn't have to pay anything and they would look after me from their end, not ask for money.
View the ticket, claim form and email requesting fees (.PDF, 172KB)*

Travel scams

Hi there, This morning at 10:30am I had a phone call from Florida from a man named Sean travel agent number 17911 he claimed that I had won a holiday over in America to attend a 7day break at walt Disney, universal studios and a 4 day cruise with my family and on a ship called sensation paradise. He then went onto to say that all my flights are to be booked and that for a good price of 799 it will cover 4 people and food was free on land but that the deal all is 899 and I needed to pay with my credit card so I don’t miss out. He also gave a website for me to view so that I know they are not a fake www .silverlake .com. After talking to me for 20 mins I soon realised it was all a have and I had my doubts and then finally he said whats your expiry date for you credit card? I said I don’t know and that I would rather he called me another time and hung up. Beware of this its a scam.
I have just received a phone call to my mobile phone from a person calling himself Darrell Roberts who not only had my cell phone number but also my email address and my residential address in Auckland. He stated that I had won a special promotion which will provide me with 16 days accommodation on trips in Florida and Las Vegas and by cruise boat to the Bahamas on a package for 4 people from and to Florida for a total cost of only US$698.00 which I could confirm by visiting the site <silverlakesresort . com>. A visit to that site, selecting "Promotions" International did indeed record all the details he gave me on the phone including the phone number from which he had called me. I did not give him details of my credit card because he asked for those details which alerted me to the call probably being a scam.
You've won a wonderful trip to the Bahamas, Florida and Disneyland! My partner, who lives in Dunedin, has just told me about an interesting phone conversation this afternoon with Brandy, an enthusiastic young woman with an American accent. Her number (0061392649100) has come up on his caller display several times before and this time he decided to find out who she was.
Brandy knew his full name and address. She told him he had won a wonderful prize in a competition: a holiday in the Bahamas on a cruise ship, Florida and Disneyland, all expenses paid, for him and a friend. When he said he was not interested in Disneyland he was offered instead a rental car. (He should have asked for a trip to the moon – I bet that would have been granted too. ) His questions about the alleged competition and the name of the sponsor were side-stepped; he just got more exciting details about the prize.
Eventually Brandy put him onto another woman, who told him that to collect his prize he had to register, and that would cost $296 each for him and the friend. They would need his cellphone number, his email address and, last but not least, his credit card details – which of course he did not supply, and said a few well-chosen words about scammers. Even then the woman did not give up, insisting that the (still unnamed) company was a reputable multi-million dollar one, raving on about the details of the prize and asking whether he wanted smoking or non-smoking?
Both the women were incredibly persistent. He was asked four times for the first four digits of his credit card. Eventually he got tired of the whole game and hung up.
Hi, I have been called twice this week by different individuals both had American accents. They ask for me by name (my son answered the calls), both claim that my recent online entry draw to get a free trip to Disney has been successful and I have won. They are fairly enthusiastic about it.
The first call I received I said no I hadn’t entered any draws online and then I hung up – that was a young guy. The second call I received today was an overly persistent young lady who would not stop or pause for breath or to listen to me at all. She had the same intro as the first call – that my draw to win a trip to Disney has been successful.
Immediately I told her no I haven’t and I asked that they stop calling me about it… she ignored me and spoke over me.
This went on for about a minute of her rambling on about how great it was, congratulations, and giving me the details of the trip, I told her to stop talking and listen… but she continued to ignore me. In the end I figured she would stop for breath and finally she did so I again told her that no I did not enter any online draws and please stop calling me about it… she persisted by saying something along the lines of taking me off some list but she was adamant that I had entered a draw… I didn’t want to argue about it so I hung up.
I don’t have caller ID.. so I have no way of knowing where the call came from. But I assume had I believed the scammers that they would have ended up asking for my credit card details at some point.
If anything it’s just really annoying to have to argue with someone on my phone who is potentially trying to rip me off – and other Kiwis too. I hope no-one else falls for this.

Immigration scam reports

The caller claims the recipient is required to pay a $2,150 fee to the Department of Immigration of they will go to jail. The caller at one point claimed to be transferring the recipient to a supervisor however there was nothing to identify that they had been placed on hold and the “supervisor” was potentially the same person. The recipient was concerned that they or foreign nationals are being specifically targeted as they had just returned from India.
The caller claims to be from Immigration/Internal Affairs and that legal proceedings have been lodged against the recipient of the call. The caller stated his name was “Roy Carter” or something similar and had a strong overseas accent. The recipient disengaged from the call before any further demands were made.
I had a scam call claiming to be from nz immigration and threatened me that I'll be deported from the country because of me working less than 40hrs and that I shouldnt be here at the first place cos I'm not a resident or a citizen and that's why I should be deported.he was so rude and had a strong accent.He called from the number 039667611 and said he'll call again.

Immigration phone scam - Notification from NZ Police: "I have a file of a male Indian national being contacted on the Immigration number, being (09)9144100. The male caller identified himself as being from immigration and that this males passport application had been declined in India, and requested that $1060 be paid via Western Union to India.

The male caller stayed on the phone for some 3 hours while the victim arranged the Western Union payment.

Of note is that the offenders in this instance seemed to have successfully 'spoofed' the caller ID of the number, as it was confirmed through the cellphone call history that the calls appeared to have come from the legitimate Immigration NZ phone number.
View the Scam alert on the Consumer Affairs alerts page

Hi, I have recently applied for transfer of my resident visa to my new passport. Both my passports are with NZ Immigration and I received a mail on Friday (15 May 2015) that the application has been received. For your information below is a summary of a fraud telephonic call from Immigration NZ Auckland Branch contact number that I received yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday at 2:30 pm I got a call from Immigration NZ Auckland Branch contact number (099144100). I checked the no. in NZ Immigration website and found it to be the immigration NZ contact number. The call was from John Smith and he said this call is from Immigration NZ Auckland Branch. He told he received my application and he is the case officer for this. He gave me Case No. of my application. He asked some verification from my side such as name, passport no., address, last entry to New Zealand. After this verification which went on for 20 minutes or so he said that while travelling to India when I filled the travel form in Immigration I have given a wrong date of birth. He said it was given in MM.DD.YY format instead of DD.MM.YY format. Thus a verification request was sent to Indian High Commission and they have declined the id proof as the date of birth was incorrect. Thus my visa will be cancelled and unfortunately I will be deported in a few hours. He also mentioned there are two cases pending regarding this verification, one in Supreme Court of India and other in NZ High Commission New Delhi. When I asked what is needed to be done now, he said you will have to come back to India and clear all these verification or you can do a telephonic verification by paying penalties. Two penalties of NZD1050 each (for lawyers working on my case; one in Supreme Court of India and other in NZ High Commission New Delhi ) has to be paid. Also, he asked me not to disconnect the phone till the process is completed as otherwise verification will be cancelled and immediate deportation will be done. They asked me to pay the penalty through Western Union money transfer. The money is to be paid to lawyers Mr. Santosh Kumar and Mr. Randheer Kumar.

He convinced me to make one of the payments immediately to Mr. Santosh Kumar. Unfortunately I made the transaction. Then I got an opportunity to call my wife who asked me to stop the transaction immediately. However, it was too late already and they have duped me of NZD 1050. I have filed a police complaint with Lower Hutt Police station regarding this.

Scammers target Spark customers

View the article on Stuff
Spark has set up a scam hotline after receiving reports of fraudsters calling people and claiming to be from the company.
Spokesman Richard Llewellyn said Spark was aware of fewer than 100 such calls but the company feared that might be the tip of the iceberg.

The fraudsters appeared to have become more aggressive in recent days, the company said, telling customers that their Spark services would be cut off due to security issues unless they changed their settings or cleaned up their computers.

The intended victims were directed to a website, which the fraudsters had branded to look like a Spark site, where they were asked to download some software.

Customers were also being asked by the impostors to give remote access to their computers, to provide personal banking information, and to leave their phone off the hook for three days following the "setting change".

Spark understood that in some instances the fraudsters were giving customers a made-up "employee number" to verify their identity.
Spark channel operations manager Richard Harrison said the fraudsters did not have access to any of Spark's systems. However, they appeared to be copying Spark's methods of communication, so it could be difficult for customers to tell the difference between genuine calls and fake ones.

It was important customers did not visit the fraudulent webpage or provide any personal banking information, he said. If they had any doubts about a phone call's legitimacy, they should end the call, and ring Spark's new Scam Helpline, on 123 option 9, to check, he said.

"The most important thing to remember is that we will never ring customers out of the blue and ask them for any form of personal information, particularly bank details," Harrison said.

"We will only ask for personal information if customers call us.

"Anyone who suspects they have been the victim of this scam and who has passed on bank account details or logged into online banking while on one of these calls, should contact their bank immediately."

"Internal Affairs" scam call report

"Received a couple of voice mail messages stating I had a fraud against my name. Said he was calling from Internal Affairs. Caller sounded like he was from India. I called back and told him to quit calling. Did not let him go into his whole 'scam.' Phone number was 202-241-7398."
"Hi I got a call today 2.30 pm that ministry of internal affairs offering me some funds. Their phone no 04-8893878 and the name was Mark Taylor, the accent sounds like African English. They knew my full name and address and requested some bank number info which I have refused."

European Lottery Guild report

Hi, been getting a lot of calls on land line but not mobile about Euromillions lottery . These occur around 2-3 pm Tues to Sat claiming i am up for a free trial at euromillions then requesting my credit/ debit card details to activate my / our chances . The caller says they're from Vancouver in Canada hence the times of calling . Usually I'm not there at that time so my partner takes the call in this instance but they always insist on talking to me even though I'm still at work . Their persistence is amazing always asking the same things .
This has been going on for about 3 weeks now , the caller continually saying 6 months ago I'd done a survey which I can't recall and repeating the whole spiel again always talking way too fast and in a foreign accent ( don't know which one ) .
We've heard there's been others getting the same calls or in some cases dodgy emails , we haven't had any of these yet .
A sure test of patience , guess they're hoping one day we'll break and blurt out our details . They'll be waiting a long time .
Kia ora, I have just received my second call for the “lottery” below, one was a few weeks ago from a number +16048712799 and it came through on my NZ Spark cell-phone, caller ID was Vancouver Canada. I’ve just entered the number in Google and it has returned pages and pages of negative feedback.
I copied the piece below from your page which is pretty much word for word of each of the phone-calls I received, they must be reading of the same cue cards as I remember it being exactly what the first guy was saying. As in the scenario below I also wasn’t relenting so he gave me the same details with the 0800 number.
The phone call I received today was a bit more aggressive than the last pleading for me to give him more time as I said I didn’t have a credit card or debit card. Do you think I will be fine as long as I didn’t give any credit/debitcard or bank details? Just a bit worried I stayed on the phone trying to get more info other than the lottery from them. I have blocked the number from a few weeks ago as I actually noticed I had quite a few missed calls and today’s number came through private.
" The call was from a kiwi-sounding man called ‘Wesley’ from the ‘European Lottery Guild’ who was ringing in response to an online survey I had recently completed. (I do participate in several online surveys (e.g. OpinionWorld), although I could not ever filling out one re a lotto or whether I had inadvertently clicked on a lottery advertisement etc.) Wesley congratulated me for qualifying for the ‘Paris lotto’ (in which I thought he stated I had won a prize). He stated that the European lotto pool was some NZ$84m. He then went on to talk about a twice weekly draw of the European lotto in which, at around $1.5 a pot I could enter. Wesley kept asking intermittently throughout the call how good it would be to win a prize of even several thousand. He then asked for a $30 joining fee. I replied that I’d have to ask my partner about it as we shared joint financial decisions. Wesley tried the hard sell saying why not take the opportunity while he was on the phone, but I wasn’t relenting, and so he gave me his ‘agent number’ AG20086 and the following toll-free number 0800 443 697."

IRD / Government Refund scam reports

I received a call on my mobile this morning:
The caller spoke in a heavy voice kind of nz accent: " Is that Mr. ..." I said yes, he started speaking very fast and was breathing heavily as if nervous "listen Carefully I am speaking from IRD, IRD is preparing to file a criminal law suit against you involving four charges and you do not have time, this call is being recorded, now take a pen and paper and what I am going to say listen carefully and do not interrupt"
I immediately asked him very firmly to stop right there and first identify your self what is your name He replied " David Duncan" and while I was asking what phone number he is calling from he disconnected the phone. I immediately contacted the IRD who confirmed by email that they do not have any person by that name in their office.
I received a call from an man who sounded like he had an Indian accent at approximately 12.30 today. He told me he worked for the Government Grants Office and I had been selected for a $5000 bonus reward from the Government. He did not ask my name or for any verification of who he was speaking to so I was instantly suspicious. I asked what did I do to deserve such a payment and he told me that Mr John Key the Prime Minister of NZ had chosen people who had no criminal record, were not bankrupt and paid their taxes and that I was one of 500 people selected. I asked if there was someone I could ring to verify this information (not believing a word he said) and he said “yes of course you just need to go made a payment of only $250 to the NZPost office to receive my money”. He told me this was a processing fee. I asked again if there was anyone I could speak to to verify this information and he said I could speak to his boss. I asked who that was and he said a name I could not make out. I asked again if I could speak to a person to verify what he had told me and he asked “do you want their number?” I said yes please and with that I was hung up on.
I received a call from 048892895 Indian Male supposedly calling from the New Zealand Govt Grant Department.
Wanted to know my access number to my bank account, the shops I've last shopped at and told him No I'm not giving my info and he started to argue with me and then said listen ma'm this is not a scam just listen and I said don't lie and he said "suck my xxxx" and hung up.
Pathetic Scammers Please watch out don't get sucked in!
Never ever give details over the phone especially when they have called and want info that's a big NO No right there.
Good Afternoon, I received a call 12:53pm in regards to money I am about to receive this Friday for either $9003.00 or $9300.00 and then will get the paperwork on Monday. Straight away I knew this to be a Scam:
The caller identified himself to be Andy Murray (with a strong foreign accent – maybe Indian) He then proceeded to say that unless I can confirm some details I will not receive this grant money. I gave him some false information and then he proceeded to say that he does not need my bank account number as he has this already. He then asked to confirm how many years I have been with my bank, which Bank I was with and my date of birth. Then deciding I had enough of this call he asked me for my mother’s maiden name – this confirmed the scam as I know that one of the questions that banks ask in case you lose your card so I said NO.
He then said that I was uncooperative and surely did not want this money. I told him this is a Scam call and he hung up on me.
I received a phone call today from Andy who said he was from the New Zealand Government Grants Department and that I had been awarded $10,000.74. This was for being a good citizen and was given to deserving members of the community. I was told that my Application number was CA7862145. I was then put through to a ‘supervisor’ who gave his name as James Patrick. I asked him why I hadn’t received written notification and was told someone went personally to my house before Christmas to inform me but I was out. I was asked if I did internet or telephone banking, I replied telephone banking. He then said I would not be asked for my bank account number, I would hear a beep on the phone and then I should enter my pin number, the money would be in my account in a couple of days. I said I wasn’t sure and asked if I could call him back. He gave his phone number as 04 889 2895. Both people had Indian accents.
Hi, My husband had a call last week from a Wellington number (048892398). The caller introduced himself as Bred Cooper from the NZ government grant department saying that my husband have been chosen to receive $5100 grant from the government.
They wanted him to provide a bank account number to deposit the fund and were insisting on certain banks (ANZ/BNZ/KIWI BANK/WESTPAC) specially ANZ and wanted him to apply for a visa debit card also if any fund is available in the account (at least $2000) and then only the $5100 can be deposited..
When we asked why an official letter was not sent we were informed by a person named Andy (tel no:0096345428) that after providing the account number and once the fund is deposited then the official letter will be sent.
Hi, My wife has been contacted this afternoon by a man of Indian accent, claiming that he was James Patrick, a Verification Officer from the grant Department @ 16 Spencer street,Wellington City Centre; his contact number, (04) 8892377; ext 825; and the grant approval number that she gave her was PS 9714.
She was told that 15000 people have been randomly selected to receive government grants and that she would receive a grant of $8400.
He asked her name, birth date and middle name, her originality; and how long has she been living at her present address.
She gave him those details but when her asked for her Bank details and her husband’s details, she became very suspicious and said that the government would usually inform people by letters; and with a lot more questions before he actually hung up on her.
Today I was called by James Patrick (04) 8892377. He claimed to be an employee from the Nz Grant Department. He said that I have a grant of fifteen something dollars. He needs to verify me in order for him to transfer the money and into my bank account. He knew my address without me giving it to him.
Men of indian asian accent saying they are from the New Zealand Govt, Financial Dept looking at offering $ 6,300.42 to NZ public for being a good citizen.
Their names are Jason Morgan and Peter Johnson with phone no of (04) 8893653. They said their office is from Wellington.
They will ask for your name and home address details and then Bank Account details for them to deposit the money into.
They only got my name and address, but something was not right when they ask for my bank details, so i did not supply it to them.
I told them they better not be a scam or i am going to come to Wellington and get them, well they hung up on the phone.
Please do not provide any details to these people requesting information on the phone as it is a scam.
Hi received a call on landline New Plymouth region, He had an Indian accent and the phone was cutting in and out. On answering the phone he asked for me using my last name and referring to Mrs, he was trying to give me $6500 on behalf of The government and prime minister John Key. Apparently 15% of New Zealanders were being selected because I had no criminal records, had paid all my bills on time and had been a good citizen. But only under one condition could I get this money was that I used the money only for good things not things that are illegal. When asked this question " Mame so do you agree to except this money on the account that you will only use it for good and not illegal reasons" My answer " Not interested" he hangs up in my ear. Please be careful not to give out any information and hang up.
Hello there, we would like to report a suspicious phone call from person who named himself "John" and was asking for the passport details from an elderly friend who lives alone and after having difficulties with hearing, the caller (John) requested a call back to number in Wellington: 04 889 0722, ext 6192. So we tried to call to this person on her behalf to clarify what "John" was after, and got literally next explanation:
John introduced himself as an IRD officer and told us that IRD selects randomly once per year a group of pensioners to send them a one-off payment with amount of 3600NZD, as there is a "surplus" in IRD funds. Once again, he was asking for details of NZ passport or number of Driver License and address to where he would send a check.
Hi there, I have just had an unusual call from an unlisted number - caller ID just said Private Caller - the male voice had an Indian accent. It is Friday October 30, just after 11.30 am. He claimed he was from the New Zealand Government Grant Commission and said that I had been chosen as one of the few New Zealanders they choose annually to receive an $8000 grant because I have always paid my taxes and bills on time! I thought it was so ridiculous that I began to laugh and he asked why I was laughing, and I replied because this must be a scam! The phone was then promptly hung up in my ear!
Today, while we were out at work, a man (Indian accent) who said his name was John Anderson left a message on our answerphone regarding unclaimed money. He said he was phoning from the NZ Government Unclaimed Money Department and that our name had come up and that we were owed $7300. He left the phone number 04 8893090 for us to contact if we wished to claim the money.
I just received a telephone call from someone with a bad accent (origin unknown) claiming to be the General Manager at the U.S. Claims Dept. who claims that there is (there at the Claims Dept. - an unclaimed package in my name) who states that he is calling to inquire qhy I haven't picked up or haven't received my package. Claims that the package is an international lottery winnings of 7.5 million u.s. dollars
Hi, I have had a message left on my machine 22.10.15 1.50pm "the very second you receive this message you are to ring this number 04 889 3988 to the CRA tax Crimes division this is officer Brandon Walters and I am working with the Inland Revenue Department. Now if you fail to return the call or I dont hear from your attorney either well then the only thing I can do is wish you good luck as the situation unfolds on you.
Hi, I had a call today form an Agent/ Officer Brandon Walters from the Inland Revenue Crime Unit and to call 04 489 3988 urgently or else I could await the outcome. American male voice and repeated the message twice. Reported it to Inland Revenue. I did not call.
Hi I got a call from NZ number 048893988, the said they are from IRD, and I have fines to pay.
I believed him because the phone number is from New Zealand. I gave him my debit card but for some reason he was not able to charge $2750 dollars.
When you call the above number, he says IRD department, Mark Franklin speaking.
Over a period of time we have been receiving phone calls from 0061280386346. However the caller seems to be stepping up and today has phoned 4 times. The accent sounds Indian. Sometimes they say hello mostly end the call when it is answered. I have told them I am reporting this to the police but they are not apparently scared of that.

Hi There, I got a call from 04 889 3988 it was a voice recording saying he was Detective ***** from the IRD Financial Crimes Unit and wishing me all the best because things are about to get very bad for me.
I rang back and an Indian accent told me he was Detective Ray Hamilton ringing from IRD wellington and asked for my Debit Card number - I hung up.
I just had this suspicious call from - 04 889 3248 from people from Indian accent posing to be ( James Patrick )and mentioning about a grant from NZ grants Dept for $ 8500 to 1500 people and further asking about my bank details and when I hesitated he tried expiry date on my visa.
When caught during the conversation for accidentally mentioning Reserve Bank of India instead of NZ they hung on me.
Someone called me just now and asked to talk to my father. It was an Indian guy with a weird accent. He knew my father's name and said he's from IRD so I talked to him for a bit. As we talk I recognised a lot of mistakes with his grammar but I didn't want to judge so I let it pass. Anyway, he told me that we were randomly selected from our phone numbers and were gonna be given $6400 as appreciation reward. He said it was for international students and immigrants. He then gave me some numbers that I should call and give my reference number. I was suspicious of the whole thing because of the little things like he pronounced "Z" as zee, called Auckland "THE Auckland", said he's from the Confirmation department, and was assuming I'm a international student. Anyway, I hung up. He calls again over and over even when I didn't answer or when I said he's got the wrong number. Finally I told him I know it was a scam and I'm annoyed by his calls then I hung up.
We have had a couple of calls from people claiming to be from “The Grants Dept. of the Government in Wellington.”
The caller tells us that we have been granted $9000 and must call 048892828 to receive information about our so called grant.
The second caller, calling herself Serena Williams also added an extension number 786.
Hi, I am writing from Land Information New Zealand. Yesterday we had a report from a gentleman advising that his mother had received a call from a woman that identified herself as calling from the Ministry of Land (New Zealand does not have a Ministry of Land). They offered his Mother a $9000 grant as she owns land in New Zealand but to confirm the transfer she had to give them her banking details. This is not an offer being presented by LINZ and it is my opinion that this is most likely a scam.

Hi There, I got a call from 04-8892881 on my mobile from someone posing as Matt Henry from IRD Finance department. He even gave me his employee ID as well-M9211. Advising that we have been selected for Govt refund programme for paying all our taxes on time and they intend to pay us back $9000. He had my correct address as well. When confronted that how come you are eager to pay when you haven’t even sent me one official document, he said we will send documents today. When I said we don’t want any grants, then he said why have you wasted my time.
Greetings, Have just received a phone call from a woman with a strong Indian accent. She offered me $9,300 from the NZ Govt grants dept. I said thank you very much please could I have a phone number to call back and confirm. She hung up.
Just received a call at home from a man with a heavy Indian accent who asked for me by name and informed me that he was calling from the IRD in Wellington and I had been selected to receive a tax refund of six-thousand-something dollars. When I said sarcastically, "Oh, yes, and I suppose you want my bank account number?," he said no, no.
When I told him I was sure the real IRD would contact me in writing, he quickly responded that the documentation had already been sent to my address--which he gave, and which was correct--and they were worried because I had not yet responded.
Caller named himself 'Tim Johnson' and had a heavy Indian or similar accent.
Said he was calling from the 'New Zealand Government Unclaimed Monies Department'.
When I challenged him on the existence of such department he hung up on me.
I received a call on my mobile but was unable to hear anyone. This occurred twice. I let the third go to voicemail but the caller did not leave a message. I rang the number that appeared as the callers. This was not a valid number. Shortly after I received a call from a male calling from a noisy room. He said he was from the IRD in Wellington and demanded my name. When I questioned why he was calling from the IRD he just aggressively continued to demand my name. I asked him not to call me again and hung up.
I strongly suspect this is some sort of scam. The number that appears is +64990422178
I just received a call from a man with an Indian accent claiming to be from DIA and saying a criminal case had been filed against me. He asked if I had been contacted by the NZ Police. When I said no I was then supposedly transferred to a ‘manager’, and I would be put on hold for a bit. I was positive this was a scam, but decided to follow along and didn’t hang up immediately.
A new man then came on the line and told me again that a criminal case had been filed against me. I was asked to take down a Case #. He then verified if I was still living at the address they had on file, and then asked me to verify my full name.
At this point I asked him how many people fell for this scam.
He said he couldn’t hear me.
I repeated my question.
He pretended the line was breaking up and he couldn’t hear me properly.
I repeated my question.
At this point the line went dead.

I rang the Wellington number left on my answer phone and wouldn't identify myself (they answered even though it was out of business hours) and told them I would be reporting them to the IRD and the Fraud Squad. The man said he was the NZ Government and then just said 'God Bless you ma'am' over and over and hung up when I repeated that I would be reporting him. Both the lady who left the message (Serena William) and the man who answered were obviously from overseas, but are using the number (04) 889-2881. They said I was due a $9300 payment for paying my taxes on time and having no bankruptcies.
My elderly mom got a call from a man with a strong Indian accent stating that she was entitled to a large sum of money for " being a good citizen". I took over the call and the man wanted to know her date of birth, withdrawals from bank account, expiry date of card, and the customer number on the bank card. I got suspicious and asked for a call back telephone number which was a fictitious number when I tried calling. The man gave a name - James Patrick and kept calling me "dear" which is neither professional nor official sounding. He didn't get the chance to ask for a fee as I cut the call.
A Hindu man with very poor English phoned at 10.30am today (30/07/2015). He said his name was David Miller & he worked for the NZ Government, according to their files I receive a benefit, have no criminal records & pay my taxes on time. He said I was entitled to a special grant of $9,300 & all I had to do was speak to his manager directly to get details for applying. He then gave the following information:
David Miller (NZ Government, Grants Commission)
(04) 889-2881 ext 677
Ref: ZM626
Then before I hung up he tried to ask me for my date of birth which confirmed my suspicions that it was a phone scam.
At first he didn't declare which department he worked for and during our discussion it was obvious that he got my details from the NZ Whitepages, as he didn't know my full name.

An indian man with a nearly impenetrable accent rang me and told me he was an IRD officer and they were charging me with $5000 tax fraud. The number he used was 09 9507181. He asked if I have a lawyer or attorney and could I get one. He then told me IRD had been investigating me since 2009 and told me the police have been notified and are awaiting IRD's instructions to come and arrest me. He then said my assets and bank accounts would be frozen, my credit rating blacklisted and I would go to jail and my car and house were to be seized. He gave me an address which I forgot to write down and indicated this was a courthouse and if I turned up with the money the police would not come and arrest me. His tone was super aggressive but I told him my accountant and I submit honest returns every year. He told me that I would be liable for any mistakes my accountant had made. He then read me an avadavit detailing my supposed offences and told me not to interrupt. He gave me a chance to respond and there was a pause and it sounded like he was recording me he did this twice. I told him again that I haven't done anything wrong and then he hung up.
This guy was extremely aggressive.
"I have just received a call from what sounded like an Indian man who called himself Brad Cooper and gave me a number in Wellington 04 889 0580, where he is supposedly based. He also gave me my “case number” RC9396.
He said he was calling on behalf of the government and that I am one of 15000 people that has been selected randomly to receive $9000 from the government - all because I pay my taxes on time and have no history of delayed payments etc. All he wanted was my name and date of birth and which bank I use. He told me I would receive a cheque in the mail which may take 20-25 days to arrive."
"I received a call from an Indian man named Mark Taylor yesterday @ about 12.40 ish 7th May 2015. He said his name was Mark Taylor from the IRD Manager of Govt grants he told me I was entitled to $9300 in a grant it was govt money and I didn't have to pay it back. I was not asked for my bank account details but I was asked for my last detail of where I lived I said you should have that on record then I was asked my expiry date on my eftpos card which I did not give out . I was given a reference number and then a phone no of 04 8890580 saying he was the manager for the Govt Grants."
"I got a call on my landline from "Brandon" from IRD New Zealand. In an absolutely inappropriate tone for IRD staff member he was pretty aggressively trying to frighten me saying I hadn't been paying taxes for a number of years. He read a "legal affidavit" stating that all my assets would be seized, bank accounts frozen and I will be put in jail. I hung up on him."
Today (06/05/2015) at approximately 1020hrs I received a call from an Indian sounding gentleman who claimed to be from IRD and that I was entitled to $6300.00 for 'always paying my bills on time' and that John Key had approved it. He said his name was Edward MARTIN. He gave the following quote number 1432347 and the following landline number 04 889 3859 with extension 1988. He told me I needed to call this number and extension straight away to be entitled to the money. I said "ok" and hung up."
"I received a call today 1st May 2015 between 11.00 and 11.15 from a lady called Anna Johnson, claiming to be from IRD department, Auckland.
She indicated that I am entitled to a Tax Rebate - special prize of (NZ$6400.00) for survey conducted by the IRD department for good citizens. IRD conducts this survey every five years and your name has been appeared in this special prize. She provided file ref. no. NZ 0709 and to claim this refund call I need to call today on 64(04) 889 0951 and provide the reference number, so that money can be credited today itself.
When I said IRD have all my details including bank number than why I need to call? She insisted that this is a special prize and to claim it I need to call today."
"I am reporting a phone call my elderly mother received today (2/5/2015).
The person was an Indian woman saying my mother was entitled to a sum of over $6000 through IRD and asked her to phone 0488 90951 and discuss it further.
After the call, my mother rang me puzzled. She was thinking of ringing during the working day to find out what it was about and perhaps IRD were giving money away, as they told her she was a great saver, good credit rating and had not been bankrupt etc. I advised, Mum, that IRD do not give money away for no reason and it must be a scam."
"Greetings. This morning approximately at 10.30 a.m. I received a telephone call on my land line telephone number in Christchurch from a male voice with an Indian accent stating he was from the New Zealand Government in Wellington offering me $7000.
At this point I asked for his details. He stated his name was: Michael Johnson and that he was ringing from unit 5 Johnsonville Road in Wellington. When I asked what building number he was ringing from he stated: 686034. He stated his phone number was: 804 889 0330.
I then stated that I would be passing this information onto the Police at which point he stated he would have to put down the phone."
"At 2.40 pm today I received a telephone call from an Edward Martin, (Indian voice) who advised me that John key had selected me as a upright citizen and that I would get $6,300. I was to ring IRD at 04-8893-859 and quote 23 421 56."
"Hi there, There appears to be a new twist on the IRD phone scams. We received a phone call yesterday (27/04/15) from an Indian sounding woman saying she was from the IRD and that we were being awarded a grant of $6400.00.
In order to claim this grant we were to telephone her supervisor at IRD on 0488 90951 and provide further details (of course we didn't make the call.....)
Received another phone call from the same person today (28/04/15) saying we hadn't rung yet and again to please ring the number to process the claim."
"Received a message from an 'Officer James Patrick' calling from something called the 'Government Grants department in Wellington'. Saying I had $8,400 to claim. He left a NZ phone number 04-8893878"
"Today (28/04/2015) at approximately 1530hrs, I answered the phone at my 89yr old mother's Paraparaumu home. The female on the other line had a very strong Filipino accent. She claimed to be from IRD and that my mother was owed $6400.00. She said her name was Sendra WHATSON (and this is how WHATSON was spelt to me. The first name was also Senda, not Sandra). She gave the following quote number 14039 and the following landline number 048890951. She told me to make sure she called back between 1400hrs and 1530hrs, as the lines would be too busy otherwise. I did not let on that I am fully aware this was a scam and then ended the call."
"Afternoon, I had a phone call from 0061313639897 at 2:43 today (20/4/15). They claimed to be from the Inland revenue Department, they had an very English name but had an Indian accent. This added to the non NZ number had me suspicious so when they did not ask for any one specific, I ended the call.
Searching this number online, also brought up queries from people all over the world."
"Hi, At 13:30 today I received a phone call. When I initially answered there was complete silence at the other end, which alerted me to a possible overseas call.
A woman named Sandra claiming to be calling from the IRD Information Centre, and asking to speak with first one and then the other householder - knowing the initials and surname of the householders, told me that my IRD number had been chosen, because I had no criminal history, to receive a Government Grant of $6400.
Would I like to receive that money? I was asked. I tried to get further details from her of who she was. She avoided these questions.
I was told to call 04 889 0951 with the reference number NZ14039.
The woman spoke poor English, I found it hard to determine what she was saying.
She did not like me interrupting her to clarify what she was saying.
She ended the call by saying she was passing my file to her manager for when I made the call as instructed."

"I had a message left today on my landline saying i had a refund owing of $8400. I rang the number they left (04) 8893878 asking for James Patrick. when they started to ask personal details about my bank account number, my mothers maiden name and when was the last time i used my bank account."

"At 1145am today an Edward Martin with an Asian or Indian Voice claiming to be from the Financial Department of the IRD quoting the phone Number 048893859 extension 1988 Application Number A149 informed me that I had a rebate of $6,300.00 due to PM John Key choosing a number of citizens with no criminal or bankruptcy report over the past five years and stipulating that the money cannot be used for criminal purposes. This Edward character expected me to immediately contact him to claim the amount."
"Hi there, We have had voice message left at home, asking to call back as there were funds of $8500 waiting to be claimed, a James Statford from a Wellington Government Grants Department called at 12.19pm. The number he left to call back on was 04 889 3878."

"Hi, My mother received a call this afternoon around 4pm 01/04/2015 at her home number. A woman named Jennifer Davis called to advise IRD would like to pay her $6200. She also gave a reference number of NZ2577 and asked her to call her back on 04 889 0951."
"I received a message on my answer phone yesterday regarding a government grant of $9,300 which I was told I was able to receive. The message was difficult to hear and the person was possibly a non New Zealand-er and used the name Mark Tander &/or Mark Taylor twice. He also mentioned the NZ Government were to give me this grant twice. There was a phone number to call which is 04 8893878 and press ext 590 for Mark Taylor."
"I received a call today 2 April, 2015 at approximately 2:20pm from a lady Sandra Watson, claiming to be from IRD department.
She indicated that we were entitled to a Tax Refund ( $6400.00) and to claim this refund call (04) 889 0951 and provide the reference number she also gave to me which I knew was a hoax because we have been approached in the same way some time ago."
"I received a call at home today 7th Apr 2015 (Easter Monday) at 12:15pm from Sandra Watson at the NZ IRD Dept. She had a strong Philippine accent and said I’d been selected to receive an ‘Appreciation Grant’ of $6400 from the IRD. Apparently I have to call 04 889 0951 to ‘verify’ some details (which would no doubt include my bank a/c number & password). She gave me a reference number Ref: NZ14039. I asked for the name of her manager but she declined."

"I’ve just taken a phone call from a convincing Indian women J.Watson saying I have been awarded an Appreciation Grant of $6,400 by IRD and that I need to ring 04 8890951 to obtain further details. I was told grant number was NZ14039.
I asked her why IRD was calling me on a public holiday (Easter Monday) and was told they were working a half-day today."
"Hi, I just received a call this afternoon (Thursday 9 April 2015) from a man calling himself Edward Martin claiming to be from the Financial Department of Inland Revenue in Wellington. Edward advised that I had been chosen out of 60 people to receive a tax refund. Edward’s African accent was so strong I could barely understand what he was saying whether I was one of 50, 60 or another number.

Edward claimed John Key had decided that a number of people across NZ who had no criminal record and had a good tax history would receive this tax refund. Also the refund could not be used for criminal purposes. Then Edward ask what I would spend the money on. I said, “Bills”.

Edward advised I would receive a tax refund of $6,285.35. Again I think this is the figure he said due to the accent the only thing I can now be certain of was it over $6,000. All I had to do to receive the money by either cheque or deposit into my bank account was to ring (04) 889 3859 and give them my application number A629. Edward said that his Operator Number was 1988.

I then asked Edward if he could give me the name of his Manager or the Commissioner. (I have previously worked for Inland Revenue though I did not mention it to Edward). Edward paused for a long period and then said he would be back. When he came back he said his Manager was Bob Martin. So I said so you’re telling me that Bob Martin is your Manager and your name is Edward Martin. Is that right? I didn’t get a response. I then said, “Can you name the current Commissioner of Inland Revenue? Edward simply said, “Ring the Lower Hutt, Financial Department on the number I gave you and give them your Application Number.

I rang the number and I got another heavily accented African male on the line. He introduced himself, gave me his Operator number. None of which I can now recall. He then asked me for my Application Number which I gave him and then he asked me for my name. To which I said that my name would be attached to my tax number so I won’t be giving it to you. His response was to hang up on me."
"Hello, I received a call from the following number 64-48890900. The person had a slightly Chinese accent to his English and claimed to be calling from the New Zealand government and said we could reclaim certain money that was being refunded since we had over paid our taxes and later when he transferred the call to his manager - Mr. Peter he said we were amongst 483 others who were getting the money from the govt.
They started asking which bank should the money be put it ANZ, BNZ, kiwi account.
When I started pressing for an email of all this and would not cooperate in giving any further information the caller hung up."
"I received a call at 1pm from a woman who asked to speak to me by name.
She said her name was Jennifer Devis and had a strong Indian accent. She told me she was ringing from the IRD. She told me I had won a prize draw with the Inland Revenue Department of $6400.00 "because I had always paid my tax on time and had no criminal convictions"
She told me to call 04-8890951 and gave me a reference number and said it would be confirmed I had won the prize.
She didn't ask for any details apart from knowing my name but I assume that would happen when I phoned the number given. Of course I didn't do that."
"Hi there, I have been receiving calls all week from someone who claims to work at Inland Revenue named Sharon. Every time Sharon rings, my staff picks up the phone and she says to them that the phone call is urgent and to call her back on the phone number: 04 889 0951. I have only managed to call Sharon back today (21/02/15).
Sharon claims that Inland Revenue would like to give my business an "Appreciation Grant" to the value of $6400. I think this is a scam of some sort as she was not able to tell me what my name was and also any details about this grant. I searched online for this grant and there was no such thing. I also spoke to my accountant who said that he has never heard of this grant and usually grants are applied for and I have never applied for a grant. Sharon said that she would call me back in 5 minutes as she is "very busy". I have not received a call since. "
"Hi there, I received a call this morning (Saturday 21 February) from a person with an Indian accent, purporting to be from an NZ government scheme. He said that the government had selected certain lucky people to receive a refund, and that I was owed $7,000 (or thereabouts, I can’t remember the exact figure). He asked if I had received any official communication about this and of course I said no. I said, “That’s nice, I suppose you want my bank account details,” and responded that he didn’t as everything would all be dealt with by their Verification Department.
Other details he gave me were that my application number was CG2045, that I could call 04 889 0900 if I wanted to check on his story, and that the government was doing this because there were a lot of people who were struggling in the current economic climate. Also that others had been chosen to receive other sums, $1,000, $2,000 etc, but that I was to receive $7,000.
He said he was going to transfer me to some senior person in their Verification Department and while he put me through I rang off. He rang me back immediately at which point I said I wasn’t interested.
It sounded like he was ringing from a very busy office – not sure if it was a real office, or whether he had some kind of recording going in the background."
"Hi Team. Today, James Patrick from New Zealand Government Grant Department Wellington called my home phone number and left his number with my mum to pass on to me to call him back. My mum only told him that I’m at work. She didn’t tell him where I work.
James number is 04 889 3878.
(This transcript is only what I remember..)
I called James back at 3.33 pm and a foreign accent man answer the phone.
• Me: What is this company?
• Operator: We are New Zealand Government Grant Department Wellington
• Me: I’m returning a call
• Operator: What is your surname
• Me: I refuse, so I asked for their company name again
• Operator: We are New Zealand Government Grant Department Wellington
What is your name?
• Me: First name or surname
• Operator: Surname
• Me: I then provided my surname
• Operator: Ok I’ll bring up your profile. I will transfer you to James Patrick
• James: Greeted me (James had a foreign accent as well, I think it’s Indian accent)
• Me: What is this company?
• James: We are New Zealand Government Grant Department in Wellington. You have been selected because you have been a loyal government employee. You are entitle to $8,400 fund. Have you been paying your tax?
• Me: Yeees?
• James have you been bankruptcy in the last 6 months?
• Me: Nooo? How did you get my details?
• James: Because you are a government employee
• Me: Soooo
• James: If you have any questions, you can ask me now or ring me back (he sounds like he is in a hurry)
• Me: Please bear with me because this is new and I need... (I was searching there company in Google)
• James hung up
"I got a call from a person called John when I was not home. My dad took the number and name and passed that to me later.
When I rang that number ( 048890900), I was told that I am one of the few selected to get Free non repayable grant from NZ Government as I am a noble Citizen of this country. This money is sum of unclaimed tax, money captured under corruption charges etc. He did say I don’t have to pay anything. He new my address, and when he tried to verify me by asking my address, I declined to give. He knew my address so he told me that if I live on this address. I told him to send a Cheque to my address as he already knew it. He refused and said there is a formality and once I agree, he will complete a form on my behalf. I said to send the form to my address, so I will complete it, why should he do it. Which he said he will. I doubt it."
"Hi I got a call today 29/01/15 at 10.34am that ministry of internal affairs offering me some grants of $8400.
They left the same message yesterday 28/07/15 at 1.53pm and my husband had another one last week.
The phone no used to call is 04-8893601 but the one left with the message is 04-8893878. The name this person used is Jim Patrick, the accent sounds like East European English. They knew my full name and address and requested some password/bank info which I have refused. I told him there is No NZ Government Grant Department and if even does exist they would send ma a proper official letter, so he hang up."
"Hi, we get a lot of scammers calling us at home. For the past two days, an Indian male has rung with poor English, saying he is from the Government Dept of Grants and that we are owned $300 odd dollars. By this stage I have told them to not ring again. The first time they rung they were very assertive and told me to get pen and paper, but I told them to get lost as I didn't even know who they were or what they wanted. I can only they assume they wanted my bank account details.
We get a lot of scammers ringing us trying to invest or buy some product or service but have learnt to deal with them and their annoying phone calls. In the past they have rung at six oclock every second night for weeks. Very annoying."
"Hi There! Yesterday afternoon my 67yr old mother had recieved a call on the landline from 04 889 0900, an indian speaker supposedly working for the NZ Grants informing her that she was one of the 450 people randomly selected to be refunded tax money owing to her. There was no need for her to pay for anything. It was her money to spend on whatever she wanted. The amount to be refunded was a total of $7300.
They asked for personal details including bank account and passport numbers etc for identification. They were quite thorough with what they wanted. Unfortunately we disclosed account details (luckily they were empty accounts). They specifically asked for a kiwibank account as if it was any other bank like westpac or ASB it'll take 10-15 days to process it, where as it only takes 24-48hrs to process that money to a kiwibank or BNZ bank. When she had informed them she had a joint account they told my mother that after have discussed with their manager my mother was now entitled to $12,000. $6,000 for her and $6,000 for the joint account. This didn't make sense but just played on it. Then they told her that she would recieve that 12k in her joint account by Midnight, however, in order to get that 12k she had to go to the postshop and fill in western union forms and pay an application fee of 5k that will be paid by them and not out of her own pockets. So they told my mother she needed to go to the bank to withdraw that 5k out of her joint account but if the teller was to ever ask who that money came from just to say it was from a "friend of his" and to ring him as soon as the money is withdrawn. After then my mother most definitely knew this was not a good deal. However, we proceeded to the bank and rung him to let him know she was there and they told her they'll call back to let her know they've deposited the money and it'll only take two minutes. Well two minutes turned out to 5 and i had to get to work so my mum said we should go home. She didn't want me to be late. So went home and they decided to ring her to let her know they transferred the money but my mother told them we had already left the bank. The guy (his name was peter) begged and pleaded my mother to go to the bank and withdraw the money but she refused and he asked her what about the money (the 5k)?
She told him she doesn't care just take it out. However peter admittedly asked my mother "how?" Automatically he knew he was screwed. So i had my mother get in contact with kiwibank to have the money reversed. It was ever so lucky my mum did this as she came to find out it was STOLEN money from a family trust. So my mother is in the process of shutting all her accounts and shifting banks as she was advised to do so."
"Just received a phone call from 048893878 ext: 619 saying that the nz govt grant department is reimbursing tax of nz $10800.74. They did not ask for account number but did ask for other information like date of birth etc."
"Hi,I just received a landline call from someone calling himself New Zealand Government’s grants department officer and was asking about my wife (using her surname). He sounded Indian or Sri Lankan and was telling me that my wife won $6000 asking how would she want to collect the money. I told him I have never heard of such a department and I am not going to be plotted in this scam. I told him ‘Don't you feel shy making such fraudulent calls?’, but he just hung up and disconnected the conversation."
"Hi, I received a call from 'Sam' from the phone number (04)8893193. He said he was calling from a government department to advise me I had received a grant for around $7000. 'Sam’s' employee ID number EZ254, was going to transfer me to a Jason Morgan in the Grants Department."
"Hi, Today (14 Oct 2014) around 1PM, my wife received a call from a placed called NZ grants Department (04 8893193) saying that I have been spot selected by the NZ government among the 450 people to distribute some cash prizes. The amount to be claimed within 48 hours is $7003.00. When I inquired around 1.40PM on the same telephone number (04 8893193), a person Called Sam transferred the call to Jason Morgan (both of them had the Indian accent). He gave me his address as 5, Johnsonvile Road, 116 Lower Hutt, Wellington.
He wanted to know my bank account number to transfer money to NAZ or BNZ. When I said that I didn’t have any account with them, he wanted me to open an account and cut-off the line."
"Hi there, I received the phone call today telling me that I won 9300 $ and asking me for my detail. He told me following information
Michael Clark
04)8893878. Extn. 619
Nz govt grant department internal affairs"
"Hi there, My girlfriend was awoken by a call from 027 849 5698 at 1:30am on 2/10/14 by a person claiming to be "Daniel from IRD" seeking to confirm and update her online records.
The caller spoke clearly and sounded thoroughly New Zealander in origin and insisted that 1:30am was a standard time to call. Combined with the cellphone number indicated by caller ID she chose at this point to end the call."
" We were phoned by a woman with Indian accent around 9:30.
The woman said that my wife had been selected to be granted $6,300 by the NZ Government Grants Department, because she always pays bills on time.
The woman gave us a phone number 04 2807225, and a document number SV2701. The woman was very convincing that it was real and that she was not after our bank details. Before my wife could receive the grant, she had to "confirm" some details, such as name and date of birth.
Then the woman wanted to know whether she was living alone or married and if so who the name of the husband was, including his date of birth.
After this the woman wanted to know how long we lived at this address.
Thereafter the woman wanted to know to which bank the grant should be sent to, which gave us the feeling that this was a scam and we hung up."
"I have just received a call from an obvious scam offering me a $6000 government grant and wanting my personal details.
The details of the person who called are:
Bryan O'Connor
Goverment Grants Department
Independence Building
Khandallah Street
Lower Hutt
Ph 04 280 7225.
That is definitely the correct number as I called it. They all sound Asian and he was very rude and did not like me challenging him or calling him back."
"Hi, I received a phone call just now from the 'government grant department' telling me I was one of 752 people random selected by the government to receive a grant due to paying taxes on time - $6300. He gave me an ID# and a call back number - 048893878. When I asked to speak to his supervisor someone else came onto the phone. Both had thick accents."
"My wife received a call today referring to her “full name” and our full home address stating we have been chosen as one of 400 special families who are entitled to receive $7300, he went on to say as John Key decided post winning election, he wanted to help deserving families!!! My wife encountered the caller (an Indian accent speaking male) with lots of details to which the caller said he was from the Ministry and that our hard paid taxes are used to give this special offer. My wife knew this was a scam and asked them to talk to me and they called my office landline to discuss further. I told the caller who identified himself as JASON Morgan (Chinese accent) that it cannot be true as Government has schemes to help poor people and not call people directly and give away lotteries!! He was persistent and was asking if I have ANZ or BNZ accounts; as I was in office, I could not talk much and call his bluff, so asked for his contact details, to which, he has given audaciously his Wellington number 04-8890506 !!"
"I had an Indian lady ring me on my home number and ask for me by my last name and said she was from the government of finance and said I have been randomly selected for a grant (forgot what she called the grant) she said I had been selected to receive 6.500 dollars and ask me to verify my id. So I played along and gave her my name and home number which they already had I was assuming then she put me thru to her manager and it went into more details saying I need to verify my identification so he asked for my driver license number and expiration date and issue date so I played along and gave him false details and he said they were all correct and said he'll ring me back in half in hour which he didnt... (this all happened a few weeks ago) today an Iindian guy rung my cell saying I am ringing to congratulate you on being selected on a government grant and you will receive 10.000 dollars from the government which you can spend on whatever you like to help you like pay bills etc. And said I would receive it in 24 - 48 if I pay a application fee of 255 but I will be refunded that money when i receive my grant and asked me for my account detail which I said im not comfortable giving my account detail over the phone can he said me an official letter from the department of fiance asking for my account number he said he cant do that so gave me another option of receiving the funds by cheque so I agreed by check so he asked me to go to anz to deposit the money into an account he will give me I told him I dont have the money at the moment and said to give him a date I will put money in and he will put my application on hold so apparently its on hold at the moment. I asked where he was ringing from he said perth and I asked why he was ringing from perth he said that hes based there and is working together with nz government. The number he rung off is+61894674235"
"Hi, I received a phone call this morning from someone claiming to be from the New Zealand department of Government Grants and that I had been selected to received $6,500 in grants against my paid taxes. I told him I understood government funding having worked in the sector and had never heard of that department , he said they were up in wellington then mumbled they are part of the Inland Revenue. I said he should post me the details and he knew my address."
"Hi, I received the call at 9:10 from a female with an Indian accent, who called to advise they were from the Government Grants Dept Lower Hutt then the call was transferred to a male: Peter Smith (Indian accent). I was asked questions such as what was the last 3 bills I paid and the bank I banked with, the caller said they were offering $6,000 free and can this can go up to $10,000."
"Hi there, I received a call from someone claiming to be an IRD official called John Lee. He said he was calling from 04 889 0047 and claimed that we have an arrest warrant issued against us and our physical address was under federal investigation. He asked us to call him urgently and he will explain us our case."
"My wife had a call at home from a person who identified himself as a government employee. He tried to obtain her bank account details so she would be able to claim $7,300 which he said she was entitled to from the government. She had a lengthy argument disassociating herself from any such claims or money expected from any government agency. She did figure out that it was a scam but she insisted more information from the caller and then she was transferred to the caller’s senior to discuss further. During her conversation with the second person, I came home during my lunch break. She saw me and continued talking when she was told that her husband would be able to claim the money if he had a joint account or even otherwise. By this time the second caller had identified us by names and home address. He said BNZ and ANZ were only two banks very easy to deal with and insisted that there should be at least one account somewhere that she knows of. At this point in time I took the phone and asked the caller to identify himself but he did not want to talk further. My wife managed to obtain the second person’s ddi: 04-8890506 during her conversation. So when he cut me off, I then called him asking why did he cut me off. Firstly, when he picked up the phone he said it was some government agency (was not clear) the other end but I recognised him as the same person I had spoken to who sounded to have Chinese accent who would not want to talk any further."
"I received a phone scam today from a foreign guy telling me I had been chosen to receive a $6000 grant from the NZ Government Grants Department - I told him to get lost as he was a scammer. the number was 006442807225"
"The person claimed his name was Johnny Walker and an employee of NZ Govt grants Dept. He phoned 3 times and told us we received a grant of $6000.00. He asked some personal information but we declined to give any information."

Microsoft / PC scammer / Compromised internet reports

Pop up on the computer requesting the person seeing the message call an 0800 number to speak with a Microsoft technician
Hello, this morning between 4am-6am I was on a website when this page popped up asking me to call 0800-442-818, they claim to be part of the Help Desk National Microsoft Pinpoint and that there was something wrong with my computer.
I spent two hours on the phone with them trying to get me to log into the website www . fmu1 .com which is on the logmein platform
They tried a variety of ways to try and get me to connect to the logmein platform. If they were successful I was to leave my machine on and not use it for 10-12 hours.
They said I could use my own technician to get the internet working which they said would cost me about $1000 to get a NZ tech to fix the adware and viruses but they could do the job for $300.00 US (447.00 NZ) and I'd be saving about $600.00.

I received a call Monday 7 December 2015 at 09.13 hours from the following phone number 002745812954. The caller was of an Indian/Asian accent and said they had trouble with our computer logging onto a home shopping site. He informed me he was a representative from Spark and Microsoft and required me to log onto my computer so they could see the problem. I do not and never have been on a home shopping site so therefore knew it was a scam.
A foreign voice rang this morning claiming to be from Telecom Spark and that my computer had some great fault and telling me to turn it on and he would tell me what to do to prevent it suffering great damage. When I asked for his phone number he said 04 5282535 and that he was calling from Telecom’s place in Whitemans Valley Upper Hutt. I terminated the conversation, and he rang back immediately haranguing me to do as he said and that Telecom would not accept any responsibility or liability for any losses I suffered by not doing as he instructed. I hung up again, and no more of him.
Just received a call from ‘a Windows technician’ about my computer. When I asked which computer he was referring too, he asked if it was a business and when I said yes, he hung up. The phone number for the call was +441143601694.
Received a phone call from a woman saying she was from Vodaphone and that our internet connection would be disconnected in half an hour “due to receiving negative signals with our online activity, such as corrupted files”. She repeatedly instructed me to log on to the computer so she could talk me through how to prevent this or “Vodaphone will disconnect your internet connection in half an hour”. I requested her phone number, she refused and kept instructing me “ma’m you must log onto your computer right now”. She was very persistent, had an indian accent and there was a lot of noise (like a party) going on in the background. She refused to give me her phone number, I refused to log on to our computer, and she eventually hung up after I yelled very loudly at her. Not how I’d usually interact with Vodaphone but then she clearly wasn’t from Vodaphone either.
Today I have received 4 calls from an Asian sounding male. He tells me he is with the World Wide Web and that my computer is being hacked, and that he can walk me through the steps needed. I just listened to him the first 2 calls and did not bother to answer the last 2. This is the number he is calling from per my caller ID 212 777-3461
Hi I have received a phone scam from 09 2390000 saying they were from Vodafone and she said she was calling about our internet. We are not with Vodafone, when I said we had no internet she hung up.
Good morning, I had a phone call around 10.00 am this morning from someone calling himself Senior Officer Ben Chang who said he was investigating fraudulent use of my ISP last night, with someone trying to hack into it. He quoted the number of (I may not have written that down correctly). He mentioned his investigation had to be completed in an hour and gave me his phone number on which I could call him back, which made it seem legitimate. The phone number was 98898242, which he said was an Auckland direct dial number to his desk.
I was unhelpful, and told him I would ask someone with more computer knowledge than me to phone him.
I have just received a phone call 9.35pm from a female saying she was from Telstra Technical Dept, the phone number she used came up on caller ID 09 2390000, I then put the phone down.
My experience is similar to the reports on the website. After 10.30pm last night an 'Indian' lady phoned saying that Microsoft had reports that my computer was sending many error reports due to malware and was infected with viruses. I said I didn't have a PC so she asked me to hold on for a man who was their 'Mac' expert.
I played along with him. I was not at my computer and did not follow any of his instructions, hesitated when he asked what I read on the screen until he told me what I should be seeing and clicking on. He asked me to open Google Chrome, search for 'validator' select 'w3pvalidator service (?), type in my email address, type in or select 'teamviewer .com' a picture of a lady with a book would come up, click on the green box to download 'team reviewer .com XP' or similar(?), RUN the teamreviewer setup, select the Basic Installation. By this time I was extremely annoyed and put the phone down. He rang back saying 'hello' in a lame version of an English accent. I kept silent until he eventually terminated the call.
Today i received a phone call from "Tech support" who they said they work for chorus, the New Zealand internet company and these people couldnt even speak good English and had a heavy Indian accent. So they asked me to open event viewer and check my errors saying that hackers are using my computer but the errors were internal and had nothing to do with the internet. I played along and they asked me to download teamviewer and give them my id and password so they can control my computer, they said that i have to quickly press trustworthy, i stopped at that point and hanged up.
Hello, I’ve just received a phone call from overseas saying they were Microsoft and that my computer was is in need of repair or something.
I dealt with them in a Kiwi way. The number left on my caller ID was; 0021352281432
2 days ago i got a phone call from possible an Indian stating he was from spark an vodafone technical team up grading internet. they get you to down load a site called teamviewer. DONT DOWNLOAD IT. They have full control over your computer. i was a bit suspect so hung up and uninstalled the software. they keep ringing back. the number they using is 078546954.
I received a number of calls from a very aggressive Indian sounding man who rang back four times after I hung up on him.
He said my computer ID was being hacked and used for illegal activity and would be cancelled if he did not do something to it, he asked me to turn my computer on and use the window key and the the ctrl key on my keyboard, I told him mine was an apple keyboard and didn't have those keys, I could hear someone in the background talking to him in another language,he said this will validate his information, I then asked his name phone number and company he worked for.
He said He was Anaxcamby - which he spelt very quickly and the company was Windows Service Centre and the phone number was +61290378526, he will hold while I use my cellphone to ring, I said I will verify this and he can ring back in an hour.
twenty minutes later or so he rang back but my daughter answered and said I was unavailable and he is going to ring back tomorrow about 1100hrs.
He also rang my daughter in law that lives down the road and after the third callback she told him to cut the computer off then and she will sort it in NZ with her provider.
At 5:15pm today an Indian sounding woman called me from the number 1073849703. I did not notice the 1 and thought it was a call from Hamilton so answered. She tried to tell me that my computer was sending error logs to Microsoft and that it has been compromised with malicious viruses. I asked her to explain how the hell Microsoft knew how to contact me on my home number and that I was very suspicious about the nature of the phone call, and that my PC was working fine, and that if it had any issues I would get a local shop to fix it. Her reply was to re-iterate that my computer was infected and it was Microsoft's duty to inform me that it was being used maliciously. I told her I was busy and she would have to call back. If I had time I might have strung her along a little while longer to see what she was trying to do.
A lady with Indian accent phoned reporting to be from Microsoft saying I had virus’s on my computer. She asked me to go to my computer and turn it on. I was nowhere near my computer but told her I had turned it on. She asked me to look at the keyboard and find the CTRL key on the left hand side. I first pretended to look to the right hand side. She asked me to find the four leaf key on the right of my control key. I said yes, I could find the four arrow keys. She said no, it is a four leaf key beside the CTRL key. She spelt the key C T R L, I said yes I have a C T R L spelling it back. She said can I see the four leaf key, I said yes I have four arrow keys. She said are you looking at the left side of your keyboard, I said, Oh, you mean the left, sorry, yes. She said can you see the C T R L key, I said yes I can see the C T R L key, she said what key is next to that, I said the A L T key. She said what is in the middle of that, I said A L T, she said no what is between the C T R L key and the A L T key, I said “nothing”, she said what do you mean nothing, I said I have a C T R L key, an A L T key, and a big long blank key. She said what is a big long blank key. I said the big long one in the middle. She said not the middle of the keyboard, but beside the C T R L key. I was having good fun by this stage and strung her along a lot longer. She eventually said do you have a Start Key, I said no I do not have a Start Key. She then got a supervisor on the phone. He said he was a technical supervisor for Microsoft. The phone cut off for some reason so I hung up. He phoned back and asked me why I hung up, I said I did not, you did. He explained we must have had a technical fault. I said that was nice. He asked me if I had a start key. I said no. He said what is on your screen. I said nothing. I organised for him to call me back as I was now busy. I will string him along again another night. I might tell him I am running an obscure operating system tomorrow.
HI – I am in Cambridge. I just had Asian sounding caller claiming to be from Spark advising my Internet will be closed down form tomorrow. They tried to get me to go in to my computer, but after 10 minutes of games from me and consuming the time of 2 technicians they hung up – I figured the longer I hold them on the line the less people they can call.
Hi I have just had a scam caller (5:30 PM local time) claiming to be from Microsoft offering to fix my computer. It was quite an elaborate call, where an Indian lady said there have been many errors hitting the Microsoft server from my computer. She got me to run CMD and type ASSOC. She then sounded very plausible and read my CLSID code correctly, which she claimed was unique to my computer, but is common on windows computers. Once she confirmed that, she got me to type EVENTVWR to run the Event Viewer and then asked how many errors were appearing and got me to try and delete the errors in the Administrative Events window which can’t be deleted. She then says this proves there is an infection on the computer and will pass me to her supervisor to resolve.
Enter supervisor who confirmed the current state. He then asked me to type TEAMVIEWER in my browser. At this point I said I want to validate his credentials and asked for his full name (Ricky Smith). His colleagues name was Shelley Lin and his manager Steve James. He provided 95185800 as an Auckland number to call him back on.
Just received a phone call at about 6.50pm from an Indian sounding gentleman who said he was from windows technical support and that they had noticed that I have been having some issues with my computer. I said I didn't have a computer and he said I was lying. He said I did have a computer and he knew my last name. I told him if I was having problems with my computer I would take it to someone local and get it fixed. Too which he replied that they wouldn't know how to fix it because they won't know what's wrong with it. I was a bit surprised by him knowing my name and his aggressiveness so I asked him for a phone number so I could call him back. He gave me a phone number: 1844-695-4187 I asked him what the area code was, he said "1". I then asked where he was calling from, he said Cypress, California. I haven't tried the number and won't be. I did ask him, why would windows support ring me but he had an answer for everything I asked. Eventually after he gave me the number I said thanks and hung up. Haven't heard back so far and hope not to in the future. I found the amount of information he had quite scary.
Hi, My mother in law was taken in by a scam last night (27/08/2015). She lives in Hawera, Taranaki.
It was a phone call and she was told her computer was running slow and they could fix it.
She gave them her Credit card number and they somehow gained access to her computer.
We aren’t too clear how they got access to it but her son has found Ammy Admin running on it, which appears to be remote access software.
Her credit card had $417 removed from it and she has since called bank and cancelled the card and the bank will attempt to recover the money.
During the course of the night she was called a number of times and told to turn her computer back on so they could finish fixing it.
By this stage her son had turned up and he was taking the calls which eventually stopped.
As I understand it she has been a target of these types of calls before but this is the first time she hasn’t just hung up on them.
This is the email she received after making the payment: View email (.PDF, 536KB)*
Hi, I received a phone call today from a woman at the "Windows Technical Department" (allegedly), telling me that they had detected a high level of fraudulent activity on my computer and that they wanted to help me fix the problem. When I asked her how I could be sure she was genuinely working for Microsoft she gave me the unique ID number of my computer, known only to me and them, and said that I could verify it against the number in my computer. I wasn't convinced and she handed me over to her supervisor. He explained how I could check the number by going into the "Run" box, and typing "cmd" then "assoc". At the bottom of a long list of apps was an entry called "zfsendtotarget=CLSID\" followed by a long number, which he said is the ID number: it was indeed the same number as the one I had been given earlier.
He asked me to go into "eventvwr" and check the number of Administrative Events that had a yellow Warning symbol (lots), and then to go into "msconfig" and check if any apps listed under the Services tab had stopped running: there were many! Not being a computer geek, I wasn't sure whether these findings were of any great significance but I went along with his very convincing spiel that my computer was seriously infected and likely to get worse if I didn't take action - with their assistance.
However, I said I still wasn't convinced of the authenticity of the call, and asked them if I could ring them back after I had had time to think about it. He said yes and gave me 2 toll-free numbers I could call: 424 250 6044 and 888 880 5007 - both of them US numbers. A short time later I decided to give it another go and rang the first number above. This call (different receptionist) followed exactly the same pattern as the original one, and once again I was handed over to a supervisor who seemed to speak with more authority than any of the others! He talked me through exactly the same procedures as before and told me they were able to help me get rid of the offending viruses, but I would need to hand over control of my computer first. At this point alarm bells started to ring in my mind, and so I terminated the call.
By the way, three of the four people I spoke to had Indian accents, and the last one had an accent that was difficult to place (maybe Middle Eastern?). There was a babble of chatter in the background which made it sound as if they were in a call centre, but from time to time this chatter cut out, as if they were using a mute button to talk to each other without me hearing them.
Hi there, I work for a call centre, and I have just had a call through from +3156675432 saying that I had a virus from something I have downloaded. I laughed at them and let them know that I have taken their number and will be reporting them.
Had another scam call from an indian-sounding man,posing as Microsoft in Ak..threatening me with a dreadful virus,if I didn’t immediately open my computer details to him ! I almost got taken in once,but not this time! but know people who have lost $400+ to this scam—they’re amazingly convincing and very pushy! they had my name and address..but nothing that they couldn’t have seen in the phone book…but anybody less wary than me would surely have been ‘sucked in’ … I noted the name and callback no of this fellow,which of course is bogus…Ricky Ak ph 5495811 Microsoft House Viaduct Harbour Ave—all very plausible to the unwary?!
Hey, For about the last week I have been receiving multiple phone calls a day from heavily accented, possible Indian, men and women claiming to be from Microsoft or various other companies (e.g. Chorus) that deal with computers and internet. They all try to get me to sit in front of a computer and open a certain window to show me the 'errors' that occur on my computer or confirm their identity using the code beginning with 888DCA60. Having received around about 10 of these calls in the last seven days, I'm getting a bit fed up.

Hi, I had a call from an Indian sounding man telling me he was from Windows technical support and that my computer had problems. I recognised this as a scam and strung him along. His English wasn’t that good nor was he that convincing. Once he thought I was interested he passed me on to his supervisor, Shane. Shane then got me to open the run window on my computer and run “inf”. He then told me the listing that I saw was of various errors and infected files. Next he got me to run “eventvwr”, then click on Applications and filter the log files to show all the “Error” ones. Next he got me to type in “iexplore.exe” and run this command. I didn’t run this as I am aware that the next step in the scam is probably for me to click on running a file on this site that will give them control of my PC.
At this point I said that my computer wasn’t connected to the internet as we had router problems, which won’t be fixed until Monday at the earliest. He then wanted to know what other computers were in the house, still trying to get me to connect to the internet. He was keen to call me again tomorrow, but I said the internet connection won’t yet be working so he said that he’ll call me Monday. I asked him for his phone number so that I can call him on Monday. He was very reluctant to give a number, saying that it is very hard to get through etc. Eventually he provided the number 1 – 800 – 2336 – 952, which seems to be non-existent from a web search. I haven’t tried calling this number.
I was contacted this morning at 8.57am NZ time by a number shown on my LCD as “overseas call”.
A man who called himself Greg told me he was from Spark and that he would need to uninstall and reinstall my internet to cleanse it of viruses and malware. He then told me to go to my computer and turn it on with the intention of giving him remote access.
He spoke with an Indian accent and to be honest might have been a little drunk – certainly a bit slurry tongued.
Having had problems with viruses before and running a home business I felt quite certain that Spark wouldn’t be calling me under this set of circumstances – it just did not seem likely that it would be something they would do. So I asked “Greg” to give me his surname and contact number so I could pass to my IT company.
He then hung up.
Tonight at about 6.50pm I received a phone call from a woman claiming to be from Microsoft in Sydney, Australia. I found her heavy Asian accent extremely hard to understand as she spoke fast and aggressively. She said our computer had been accessed by hackers and that if we did not give her our licence or some other no. number then she/they would block our computer. I asked for a ph number and she gave me 612930. Eventually after much discussion I hung up. Within minutes she rang back and this time spoke to my wife who said we didn’t believe her and also hung up. Not one to give in easily the woman rang back yet again and got and even more abrupt response! 20 minutes later the computer is still working. It is unsettling though and easy to understand how some people could be tricked in to giving information.
On two occasions, one last Friday evening and again 4ish today, NZ time, I had a call from an alleged Nancy, with an Asian accent asking for my licence agreement No. She became very aggressive when I questioned her further claiming that they were trying to prevent scammers accessing my computer. On Friday evening I asked for her number and again today she claimed she was from Windows Service Centre in Sydney. Her number is/was 61290378569 and she ‘demanded’ I return her call immediately, both on Friday and today.
On 11/8/15 at approx 6.45 we received a call from a foreign man...sounded like an Middle Eastern like accent, but spoke good English, claiming to be from Global internet services or some such place.
He asked for me by surname and proceeded to tell me that our computer was under threat.I politely told him that I doubted it, as we had no computer.
He was persistent and started rambling on so I said I wasnt interested and hung up.Seconds later the phone rang again.Same man.I hung up.He re rang...I hung up after saying I was not interested again.Seconds later, another call, so we let it ring.It did not stop so lifted and hung up again.Then re rang.We answered and in no uncertain terms told him where to go.It Rang again....we hung up...and again so I answered and had a discussion asking why he kept bothering us especially at dinner time and that he was interrupting .
He replied that it would be better if I listened to what he said as it would be better to have an interrupted dinner ,rather than a death in the family.
I asked 'Are you threatening me' and the reply was... yes ,have you heard about hackers.You had better listen to me. I have your name and address and phone number and you need to listen and that they were going to cause us problems etc etc.
I hung up yet again...but still he rang back.
We disconnected our phones etc.
The same evening my mother in law had the same person call twice too.
Tonight I received a phone call from an Indian sounding person (Guy) who was hard to understand, he claimed he was from the Microsoft Windows help desk, and that my computer had been compromised by 5 people who were using my windows registration to send malicious emails. He also claimed my computer was not receiving the windows updates. He said he could prove that he was legitimate by getting me to verify the registration code on my computer which he gave me over the phone. When I challenged him with my suspicions of him being a scammer, he kept insisting that I verify the registration number. I spent as much time as I could on the phone, pointing out all the reasons why I thought he was a scammer and then finally hung up. The fact that he probably did know the registration number was quite convincing but I had dealt with these types of scammers before and saw though their pitch before very long at all.
Several minutes after hanging up on the guy I received another call from an Asian /Indian woman claiming to be his supervisor. This woman continued where the guy left off and tried to get me to verify my windows registration number. I spent as much time as I could with her as well, as this helps reduce the number of people they can call in a day and hopefully costs them for the international call. This time instead of verifying my registration number I logged into the DIA web site and pretty much found several accounts of similar encounters. When I started laughing and told her what I was reading she hung up on me. (How rude of the MS support desk supervisor)
Some of the thing about the call that raised alarm-bell with me where.
• The fact that they were calling me (if your computer is sending out scam emails someone from your address book will probably contact you and ask if your email is legit)
• The noise clutter in the background. This is meant to make the call sound like it is coming from a busy office. And is consistent with other scam calls in the past.
• Having the supervisor ring soon after, this is also consistent with accounts from other writers on you website
• The fact that they knew my registration number. Never be amazed at what people can find out about you on the net. I never checked the code but am pretty sure that it would have been correct.
Only advice I can give anyone is that if you have a problem with your computer take it to a legit computer repair person
Hi, on 10 July about 6:40pm I was contacted by a woman with an Indian accent and an angry attitude.
She said that the light for my Windows Id on their monitoring system was blinking and my computer was being attacked by hackers /viruses from Malaysia, Korea, India, Pakistan etc.
When I asked what was the Windows ID she said 00C04FD7D062 (which strangely enough coincides with an error code of ‘00C04FD7D062’ reported in another scam).
When I said that I had 35 years experience in the computer and that was not my Windows Id and started laughing she got even more angry.
Several times I said "this is a scam" and laughed at her. She screamed at me "Are you mad - why are you laughing?"
I hung up. Her number was 004 42033180712.
I just received a phone call tonight at approx 9:20 pm from a heavily accented Indian man saying he was from Microsoft. He mentioned my father in law's name who used to live at this address. I said I'm not interested as its late and he said its urgent that's why he's calling this late , that my Microsoft windows license had been hacked. Someone apparently has logged into the license and used it 20 times. He gave me some code for the windows system and wanted me to check it was my system license number. He said that he will walk me through on how to check and so for me to go open up my computer right now. Otherwise they were going to cancel the license in 2 hours. It all sounded very urgent and serious.
At this point I said I don't have any windows system and I'm not interested and they hung up phone.
I have just received a call from a scammer claiming to be from Spark/Telecom’s “IT Security Department” advising I have a virus and he needs to take control of my computer remotely to remove the virus.
Because I work at Spark’s IT department I am well aware that Spark will never contact their customers in this manner.
When I asked the scammer to provide his ‘T number’ (a six digit Spark employee number) he tried making one up, but I kept telling him he was wrong. In the end he got so frustrated that he hung up.
My advice to anyone who receives a similar call from “Spark” is to ask the caller for a “T number”.
If the person calling cannot answer you by providing a 6 digit number (starting with 8 or 9), you know right away the call is not legitimate.
A man with an Indian accent rang me tonight and as soon as I heard the voice going on about a computer I did my usual – dump the phone in a corner and wait till he stopped talking to hang it up. This time however that wasn’t the end of it. He rang back again and again, getting increasingly angry, and saying it wasn’t a scam, that I had a Windows licence problem. A couple of times my husband answered and hung up on him, but he just kept phoning back. He got increasingly angry and aggressive and kept telling me this was not a scam, that I had a problem and that h had a job to do. I’ve never struck one before that kept phoning back or that bullied me like that. He said his phone number in Australia was 61895216019, which I haven’t tried phoning, and he said his supervisor was listening and if he couldn’t get me to do what he needed he might lose his job. I pointed out if this was a security issue he should be glad I’m being careful but that made him angrier. He made me write down a licence number 888DCA60 but I baulked when he wanted me to do anything on the computer. I eventually rang the man who installed my Windows and he confirmed it will be a scam, but even though I’m computer savvy, this cold caller was beginning to make me wonder. This man is really pushy and hard to resist; I worry about other people out there being phoned by him.
A man with an Indian accent called us Wednesday afternoon, told us our computer causing their system to corrupt and because of this, he needs to fix our computer. He asked me to go google and type www .teamviwer .com and download it and asked me to give the id and password. From there, he is going to firewall all the websites I go to. The he asked me to login into my online banking, I stopped to verify if he is really working from Spark. He felt upset and insisted that if Im not going to log in in my bank account in 5 minutes my computer will be block out.. so I put down the phone and took my pc to a Technician..
"Good morning. I received a call at 7.10am this morning from a man with an Indian accent saying he was from Spark. I immediately thought it was a scam and was about to hang up. However, he was extremely insistent in his message that my computer had been hacked into and that he would guide us through the process involving the IP address. I hung up and he rang back twice. We asked for a number to call but he didn’t provide. As it happens our internet is through Vodafone."
"Hi had call from Indian gentleman on Wednesday this week telling me that my internet would be cancelled if i didn’t follow his instructions . This was not the first time i had experienced this type of call , i quickly grabbed a referees whistle i had on hand expressly of for this type of phone call and blew it as hard as i could down the phone. I don’t think he will be calling my number back anytime soon."
"On the 21st of April an Asian voice said that my computer was seriously affected with viruses. As I had had a message from google that someone unauthorized had been trying to get into my google account an hour before (I had upped my security on my google password just before the call) I was very suspicious and said simply ”I don’t believe you” and put down the phone."
"Someone has called our house trying to run the Microsoft scam 4 times in the last 3 hours from the phone number 7192423654.
When I told them to stop calling and hung up, they called back immediately and began abusing me."

"I have just had 2 phone calls at approximately 0930 10/4/15. A hard to understand guy who said he was from the "......dept of Spark told me my computer was to be shut down for 2 months as it was infected/infecting etc.... He also asked me to turn my computer on.....etc...the phone number 08000788452 was being used by him."
"At 1:46pm to-day (06/04/15) I received a telephone call asking for me by name and claiming to be from "Telecom Technical Department", advising me that there had been an attempt at un-authorised access to my internet. My Caller ID recorded the following number: 0019856310155."
"I had a phone call from: 0044 203 3180712 claiming to be from ‘Windows’ telling me hackers were going to hack my computer. When I asked if I could return the call they said I only had ½ hour before my computer would shut down. I told them I was going to report them. I phoned them back on above number and someone answered “Global Connect Cloud”! I told them also that I was going to report them. They asked me if our address was (removed). We haven’t lived there for 2-1/2 years!
"I received a call this morning. As usual there was a pause after I answered before the person spoke. He informed me he was from the IT Department of Telecom and Spark. I said yes - and he repeated it. I assumed it was going to be the computer virus scam and was already suspicious given Telecom is now Spark yet he said he was from a Telecom and Spark. He then said they were going to have to disconnect my internet broadband for two months. I should have waited to find out what the next part was but knowing that our broadband was through another supplier I knew it was a scam so simply said "you are a scammer goodbye".
"Hi, I was at my mother's house this morning and I received a phone scam around 11am from someone overseas (bad phone line; South Asian accent). He said they were from Spark/Telecom and claimed that her computer had been sending out "messages". He told me Spark was going to disconnect her for 3 months. I was very suspicious so I told him to go ahead and then hung up. I then called Spark on 123 option 9 to report the issue and they confirmed it was fake."
"Hello, caller claiming our 'microsoft server' is recording errors from the below phone number, needing payment to fix the problem remotely. Yeah right. 0019898216962"
"Hi there, I received a phone call from a Indian sounding 'Eric'. Who told me he was from Spark and that my computer was being hacked so I should immediately turn my computer off until they have 'fixed it'.
They did not ask me to do anything prior to turning it off. Which I thought was unusual as the hackers usually ask you to do something to the computer first. This tactic is new, and I think would work with people. He said he would be in contact with me, and I have no doubt he will then say it is fixed and instruct me to download whatever, or go to whatever site.
I said he was a scam, so he gave me his number 09 889 0696, and to ask for him by his I.D Eric E8600052 so I called, and sure enough another foreigner answered saying "Spark Technical Report".
This is such a load, but because they are saying to turn the computer off first this may fool some people."
"I believe I’ve received a spam phone call from a man claiming to be from Microsoft Windows Technical Support. He advised I had a virus on my computer, said to turn on my computer and he could verify he was genuine by giving me my registration number. I said I was not comfortable with that and was not going to do this. Since it was nearly 8pm I asked if he could ring back tomorrow – he said it needed to be fixed within 10 mins. I said “I’m not going to open my computer, give me your number and I’ll call you back tomorrow”. He gave me 2 numbers 610390135507 and 610390135705. I asked if he was outside of New Zealand. He seemed surprised but said no, he was in NZ. I said we wouldn’t normally give a country code when giving out our phone numbers (although I realised later that it was Australia’s country code, not NZ)."
"At 10.25 am 7 January 2015 we received a call from 015124511556 on our landline the caller said “hello I am your Spark technician”. I replied saying “no you are not as you called from an international number. I will be reporting you to the police”. The caller replied saying “you will be reporting me to the police. Do you know I am a police superintendent”. I repeated saying I would be reporting him to the police and he then hung up."
"Hi, I have received 3 phone calls where the caller claims to be from Spark & tells me my internet connection will be disconnected. I don't have an internet connection."
"Hey there, I am reporting a phone scam that occurred today. Called three times in a row! There was a man that sounded Indian on the phone, with some delay, telling me I had trouble with my Telecom Spark internet connection, and that it had been downloading things without my knowledge. He was here to help with my security... Anyway, after I hung up, he rang less than 10 seconds later, AND left a message on my answer machine. Then he rang another 10 seconds after that, sounding very sad that I hung up on him while he was trying to help."
"Hi, I received a call this morning from Justin Parker claiming to be a IT Technician from Spark. After being told to check the settings under my computer to see some errors that were affecting my PC’s internet performance, I was then asked to type :www. teamviewer .com under Run on my computer. I became suspicious so I did not do this and took his details and said I would call him back. He gave his contact number as 09 8894086."
"Just had the second call this week after 9pm from a very loud call centre. The lady on the other end said there was something wrong with my Windows computer. I knew it was a scam so didn't provide any details but they already knew the last name of someone in the house (just not mine). After a few minutes of me giving her a hard time and laughing she called me a 'silly old man' (I'm in my 20s) and I then hung up on her."
"Hello there, So yes, I had a phone call from what seems to be an Indian scammer wanting control of my PC. I knew this from the start and recorded his instructions as follows:
Scammer: Press windows key and R, what can you see sir?
Me: it says RUN
Scammer: is anything written inside that box?
Scammer: do you see the long white box where you can type something?
Scammer: Now type in mscomfig, click ok, then what can you see? Click on services, click on it and see 'status' and give me a count of how many services have been stopped, is it between 10 or 20?
ME: more than 20
Scammer: thats the reason why you computer is slow, so many viruses etc. Now close that window.
Now once again, hold the windows button and R, now type in EVENTVWR. now do you see custom views? double click on administrator events, can you see warnings? How many events can you see? it should be at the top of the screen? These a viruses! This is the reason your computer is running slow. Now close the window.
Now once again hold windows and R, type in " www support99 .webs .com " and press enter.
This is where I told him where to GO!"
"I had a caller claiming to be calling from TelstraClear (Vodafone's old name) wanting me to go on to my computer to fix some problem. This was obviously a scam, and he wouldn't give me a valid number to call back on. By his accent, I believe he was probably calling from India. I have asked Vodafone to trace his number and pass it on to the police, but Vodafone were of no help - although I've pointed out that my caller was breaking the law by illegally trying to obtain fraudulent access to my computer, Vodafone say they're not allowed to trace calls unless I've received 4 calls from the same caller (they claim that the privacy act prevents them from doing this)."
"Hi I just had an Asian guy called Sam phone me trying to get to my computer.... 000013154587682 I missed a call about half hour ago suspect same guy 000016075278800. He told me he was from Spark and that he needed to fix my internet and turn my computer on... I told him I am not a spark customer so therefore he is full of it and I am going to ring the police. We get these calls quite frequently!"
"I've been contacted 6 times in the last 24 hours, claiming my computer has been sending signals to an international server and my internet is going to be terminated. The scammer claims to be from Telecom (caller ID from overseas). My internet isn't with Telecom for one, so don't be fooled they're extremely persistent and just want your money. Hang up"

A message from Spark

"Spark have been receiving calls from people (both customers of Spark and those who aren't) advising they have received a called from 'Spark Telecom' and that they are calling regarding the recent internet issues Spark has experienced and they have been impacted and 'Spark' need to gain access to their computer and internet or 'Spark' will cut off their connection.

The scammers are inviting people to phone 098892060 to verify the legitimacy of the call and when customers call the number it is being answered as 'Spark Technical Support'.
We have traced these calls and they are definitely coming from an International source. We are attempting to stop these calls at present. 098892060 is not assigned to a Telco that we can see, but we will look into trying to get this stopped.
One example we had: Person identified themselves as Alana Wright and provided verification number PEL4012 to our customer and to call 098892060."
"I am 71 years old and today 18/02/2015 at 8.23am we received a phone call that my husband answered and a man said he wanted to talk with me about my Broadband connection. I took over the call a foreign speaking male said he was from Spark and he was informing me that he had disconnected me from broadband for life, because of what I had been looking up on Google, and went on and on about being disconnected from Broadband for life so I told him that he was talking a lot of nonsense, said goodbye and hung up.
There was a lot of noise in the background of other people talking.

2nd call 2 minutes later at 8.25 am
My husband answered again the man wanted to know why we hung up, my husband asked where was he phoning from, no answer, just went into insisting that I had been disconnected from Broadband for life, My husband told the man to go away and hung up

Lucky I am very alert about phone calls that the person is foreign and keep referring to me as Mam plus the noise in the background but others may not. Needless to say my Broadband has not been disconnected."
"I have just been phoned by a foreign man claiming to be from Telecom telling me Telecom was about to turn off my internet connection due to
the number of scam emails addressed to me. I didn’t allow him to get to the next step which would no doubt have been to solicit further info from me."
"This morning I received a phone call from a very angry sounding poor English speaking Asian man telling me that he represented Spark which is New Zealand's largest phone and internet provider. According to him he had the power to disconnect my internet.....I twigged it was a scam and let him talk a bit longer. His English was so poor it was very hard to understand him properly. I got angry with him and cut him off."
"I have recently transferred all my phone/internet to Trustpower from Spark so was pretty certain he had no power at all to do what he said. I rang Trustpower who were very interested in my story and assured me that no one has the power to disconnect any phone or internet apart from the genuine provider but they took my information and have tracked down the call. Unfortunately as I thought it had come from an international source which means Trustpower can not do anything further about it but warn people this is happening."
"Hi, I have just received a phone call from some dodgy network. The guy was using my correct name and also knew my phone number he said your window system is been hacked and will be shut down in an hour he was giving my licence ID also which I didnt note down. He said I have to follow his instruction and do what he is saying regarding system update or something , when I said I know you yourself might be an hacker then he started swearing at me. I asked him how did you get my name and number and from where you are calling he replied he is calling from India.
This is not the first time I have received this kind of call two weeks ago I have received similar call someone saying I have received some refund from New Zealand Grant commission have given me a refund of $6300.00 on my good conduct . The guy sounded Indian he was telling his name Peter. He gave me a phone number : 042807225 and also my file code : PS 9414. He also knew my name and said you have to call at this number and claim your amount, he also asked my bank name. He was very confident and continuously repeating his message."
"I was rung about 9.15 this evening. The caller said my computer had been tracked for the last 97 days and it had been used to access account details passwords and other information on computers. He spoke quite fast and it was difficult to follow. Telstra was mentioned several times. I asked for name of the organisation he represented as I wanted to check with the police if they were a valid enforcement agency. He repeated that I had been tracked for the last 97 days and would soon be contacted by Federal Agency. He then hung up."
"I received a phone call tonight from the number 0019896832639, he stated his name was Jordan and he was from Microsoft and he was phoning about my problem.......I told him yeah right you are just a scammer trying to get money from me, with which he then hung up."
"I had a call from "Jim Sanderson" with strong Indian accent, claiming to be a Windows security officer. He said my computer was being hacked and after telling my computer identification (I haven't checked it), wanted me to go online. When I said this was impossible he became agitated and told me he would have to lock my computer to protect me. He asked me to phone him back on +61290 378 569, or go their website www. win247.web. com. I suspect a large fee would be asked to unlock it!"
"I have received four phone calls in the last few weeks from different people with Indian accents claiming to be called from “the computer department” of Microsoft or from “Microsoft Head Office in London”. The caller tells me that he wants me to open my computer as all my personal information is leaking out onto the internet and he is going to show me how to stop it."
"Tonight they phoned again and I told the guy I was recording the phone call and that the call was also being traced and that I had spoken to authorities and they were helping me. This didn’t put him off at all. He got cut off and even phoned me back!"
"Hi There, I’ve received about 6 calls from various Indian women and men in the last 2 weeks claiming to be from the Windows Corporation, telling me that my computer needed to be protected from viruses and to do the usual thing: I needed to connect to the internet using the offending computer and from there I presume I would be asked to go to a website and give them access to my computer etc. One of the callers is John Martin, he claims to be the Technical Supervisor of Windows Corporation. The number they call from is 0019099240710 and when I see it on caller ID now I just hang up. But they are persistent, probably because I strung 'John Martin' along once I don’t think he picked up on the sarcasm in the questions I was asking. Even if you tell them you operate an apple mac (as I do) and do not run windows, they still insist on a ‘check’ and to go to the website. We have a number of computers in our house too, and they can’t tell you which one has the problem. I asked Mr Martin for the registration ID of the computer in question and he prattled off a number which I found very hard to comprehend, I believe deliberately so, I am yet to check if it bears any resemblance to any of the registration numbers we have for our computers running windows but doubt it does. I did ask John Martin for a number and a name for a person I could call at windows corporation to verify that indeed he was a real person and the technical supervisor at Windows Corporation, but all I could get was a number to call him back on - 290 378 569. I thought they’d have that covered and was curious to see where it went but I don’t think he understood (or wanted to understand) what I was after."
"I was caught out on this scam where they claim to be computer technicians with a Indian accent they will claim to be associated with Microsoft and they will tell you that there is something wrong with your computer and will lure you to download a software if agreed upon they will ask for your credit card details and then they will ask you if they can have access to your computer for them to download the software which of course is a Trojan horse software that will steal all your information form your hard drive. Be aware of these Overseas Numbers if you have a Caller ID. 0019516153313, 0085215890000, 0017148680120. The refund scam works like this: Several months after the purchase, someone might call to ask if you were happy with the service. When you say you weren’t, the Scammer offers a refund. Or the caller may say that the company is going out of business and providing refunds for “warranties” and other services. In either case, the scammers eventually ask for a bank or credit card account number. Or they ask you to create a Western Union account. They might even ask for remote access to your computer to help you fill out the necessary forms. But instead of putting money in your account, the scammers withdraw money from your account."
"I received a phone call at about 5.30pm last night from an Asian voiced man who told me he was from Microsoft and phoning from Auckland. In fact the caller ID was 00441614081867 – a UK number. He said that my home computer was being hacked and that he needed to assist me. He asked me to open up my computer and at this stage said he needed to put me on to his supervisor. The supervisor was also an Asian – I suspect Indian – but was clearer in speech. He wanted me to go onto the internet but my internet connection was not working. I told him I was just home from work and he said he would phone me back at 8.00pm. I subsequently phoned a friend who told me it was a scam and that Microsoft do not phone people. She also said he would have been after my credit card number. When he phoned back (on a private listing) I challenged him and he hung up on me."
"I received a call from an Indian sounding man claiming to be calling from Telecom and reporting that she had a fault with her computer. The man gave his name as John Morris and provided an ID number of 1097652071. The caller ID showed that the call came from the phone number +61390055805."
"Hi, I received two calls tonight the last at 10.43pm, one from a man then a lady claiming to be from Microsoft, both people insisted that they had detected my computer had a virus.
I'm aware of this scam and this is not the first time they have attempted to call us. I told them I did not have a computer, after the second call I informed them that I would contact the police, the scammer hung up immediately.
Since we have caller i.d. the number they called from showed up. The number is as follows: 0019896552274"
"My 86 year old mother recently purchased a new lap top about a week after having it home she had a call in the evening saying her lap was in danger and needed to be protected unfortunately she panicked and gave the caller her visa card details.
We cancelled the card and had the laptop checked they had loaded key tracker along with other unnecessary programmes, this took a couple of hours to clean out and reset all her passwords
These are the contact details given to her
Southend Enterprises: phone 2135997489
Alex Brown ph 64 09 8891995
Ryan Williams ph 64 09 8891995
I called this number on a number of occasions and a women with Indian accent said neither of these 2 were available Surprise surprise. The last time I called they hung immediately when I identified myself"
"Hi, I have just been called by the "computer technical support". I am a qualified Microsoft engineer, so I know they are telling lies to what the problem is. I strung them along, just to waste their time, so they are not scamming someone else. Finally they asked for payment, which I said was too expensive and they said if I paid I could call their technical team anytime, and my computer would be good to use for another 10-12 years. I asked them for a number and they provided +64 98891995. This does actually get answered by 'technical support'. So I thought I would report that this number is being used by them, it seems.
Of course I did not pay and declined their support."
"Hi there! I just had an unsolicited call from a gentleman claiming to be from "Windows Operating System Technical Support Service" asking for details of my computer's IP and some other technical specs. As this call was on a phone which has no online presence and he asked for personal details. The number in question is (04)3853020."
"I have had three calls this week claiming to be Microsoft about our computer (all from Indian/ Asian accented people). The first time we told them ( him ) they had rung a Police station and the man hung up.
The second time, the same night, strung them (him) a long a bit then told them we had no computer (they usually don’t seem to hear that statement) and finally told them where to go, not to ring again and hung up.
Tonight told them (her) we had no computer, repeated that and hung up
If there’s a next time, it’s the whistle down the phone"
"An Asian man advised that he was ringing from Microsoft Technical Dept and that had been made aware that my computer had been hacked and thousands of files had been downloaded and malicious software was secretly uploaded to my computer and they wanted me to log onto a web site so that they could "assist me get rid of the problem!"
I was immediately aware that it was a phone scam so I engaged them and let them burble away for about 5 minutes. I then told them that I was on dial-up modem so if I went on line, they couldn't talk to me at the same time. Further I was an old duffer (bet that confused him) and I didn't have a mobile phone either. I said that I would terminate the call - this was 15 minutes after it started - and dial www. 1010 .com.
The purpose of dragging the call out was to stop them annoying at least another 2-3 people being interrupted. A few minutes later they rang back and I advised that I hadn't turned my computer on as I was having a meal. They offered to ring back at 8pm. I asked for his name and number at Microsoft so I could ring him if I went on earlier. He said he couldn't do this as "Microsoft doesn't call consumers!" I then said that it was a scam as his phone details were hidden and I didn't trust him. He strongly remonstrated that he was legit. I said that I was referring this call to the POLICE - he hung up."
"Hi I have just received a phone call from a Apparent Microsoft department employee saying that they have received signals from my pc saying there is errors/viruses. She sounded Indian. I asked to speak to a manager but was told that he was busy. I then challenged her saying that i believed she was lying and that this phone call was a scam, she then gave me a code to verify that she was from Microsoft, (00c04fd062 was the code), I then hung up. This is 6th call in 6 months. I normally get them in the middle of the night and they normally get very irritated and aggressive when i challenge them."
"Hi, Last night I received a call on my mobile from an Asian (Indian) lady alleging that she was from Microsoft Support and claiming that my Windows 7 computer had been continually sending an error code of ‘00C04FD7D062’ to the Microsoft Genuine Advantage Servers (her caller ID started with a 018). She claimed that there was most likely a Virus or Malware on the system and that if I switched on my computer, she would guide me through in getting this obnoxious piece of software off my computer.
Further discussion elicited her name as ‘Seera’ and that she was calling from London UK. I asked if I could call her back as my computer was downstairs away from the phone. She said that she would call me back once I had my computer on (she didn’t get the fact that my phone was away from the computer). I also asked her what the Registered Key for the operating system was as we have several computers in the house. I am aware that any error report that goes to Microsoft does include the Version, Build & Key.
Two things that aroused my suspicion:
1. Microsoft does not call customers out of the blue!
2. She was unable to provide the Product Key and the location of the relevant Microsoft GA Server.
Needless to say, she got the short shift and a parting shot that her spiritual & physical well being was at risk of being inundated with malicious & horrible things (just like the software nasties!).
To further validate the bogus call, in the morning I rang Microsoft Support here in NZ on the 0800 # (well, the guy was in the Philippines), only to have him confirm that it was a bogus call (including the error code) and that Microsoft would never call a client unless they had an incident number to a problem. However he was very happy for me to pay $169 for Microsoft to do a remote check to check my computer!
I declined and hung up."

A message from IRD

Inland Revenue is warning its customers to beware of aggressive telephone scammers who are targeting people for money and threatening actions such as deportation and prison if not paid.

"We have received numerous reports of scammers telephoning our customers claiming they owe money. The caller is threatened that if they don't go to NZ Post within 30 minutes and pay, they will be deported, face court action or jail time," said Pat Crawford, Acting Group Manager Customer Services at Inland Revenue.

The caller ID that appears when the scammer calls is identical to Inland Revenue's Customer Services number, 0800 227 774. The scammer then aggressively demands money and directs the person to go to a New Zealand Post shop counter where they can deposit the money into a fake bank account. In some cases, people have been directed to purchase a Prezzie card and load it with the amount owed.

"Just to be clear, Inland Revenue will never call customers from our 0800 number or demand payments to be made through NZ Post, a Prezzie card or within 30 minutes," said Mr Crawford.

"Recently, a customer contacted Inland Revenue who had been instructed to make a payment. Out of fear they went to a NZ Post shop to pay the money demanded. They only realised they were being scammed when asked to load their money onto a Prezzie card. Since this time, the victim has continued to be called by the scammer and abused in a foreign language.

"This is an example of how aggressive and threating these scammers are. They are deliberately using Inland Revenue's brand to trick customers into paying money they do not owe.

"If you are suspicious, hang up. If you have replied to and given money or provided personal details please contact your bank or credit card provider immediately. To help protect your identity it is a good idea to enrol in Inland Revenue's Voice ID service and register for an online myIR account," said Mr Crawford.

Inland Revenue continues to work with phone companies and the New Zealand Police's National Cyber Security Centre to track this hoax number and shut it down as soon as possible.

To report suspicious phone calls that target Inland Revenue customers, please send an email to

French Lottery phone scam

"I received a call on my cellphone today at 9:45am wanting me to pay $30.00 per month for entries into a $48 million dollar lottery in France with a 1 in 12 chance of winning a prize.

He said he would be my account manager for 4 weeks and would report to me on the success my lottery entries either in the main pool or in smaller prize pools.
The accent could have been trained American or Australian, but it wasnt convincing and he had a polished scripted sales track.
He wanted me to agree on the phone. There were only 15 entries left today. When I asked for information to be sent he hung up.
0016048712799 was the number that came up on my cellphone screen."

"Telecom" phone scam

Telecom has become aware that some of its customers have been contacted by fraudsters claiming to be from Telecom.

The fraudsters, are reportedly telling customers that their Telecom services are about to be cut off because of security issues and then asking the customers to go online to a fake Telecom webpage. Customers are also being asked to give remote access to their computer and provide personal banking information as part of this scam.

These calls are not from Telecom and Telecom strongly advise anyone who receives one of these calls to hang up immediately, do not to hand over any personal banking information and do not proceed to the fraudulent webpage. If anyone has passed on information, Telecom advise you to contact your bank immediately.

Telecom also emphasise that these fraudsters do not have access to Telecom systems.

Automated phone call purporting to be from ASB

People are receiving multiple automated phone calls claiming to be from the ASB and that there is a great offer available to you and to hear more push any key.

Phone scam claiming to be fundraising for The New Zealand Child Abuse helpline

A number of reputable child/family health organisations have advised that they have no knowledge of any helpline operating by this name.

Caller purporting to be from Air New Zealand

I received a pre-recorded voice call claiming to be from Air New Zealand, advising me that I have been selected to receive a $995 credit off my next flight. Claiming that I was entered in the draw as a result of my last flight requesting that I press #1 to continue, out of interest, I did and the person who picked up my call immediately asked for my credit card number. I asked who I was speaking with and the person hung up.

Refund from the "Ombudsman"

Reports received regarding suspicious calls claiming to be from the office of the Ombudsman, stating a refund of around $700 was available to the recipient of the call, however the claimant was required to pay $300 to an Indian address via Western Union to a person by the name of Robin Siner.

"Yellow® NZ" phone scam

Yellow® NZ have contacted the Department to warn us of the following: "Our customers have contacted us to advise that they are being phoned by people purporting to represent Yellow® NZ. Characteristics include pushy selling behaviour, trying to obtain immediate payment (via PayPal), claiming to be calling in response to “poor service” from Yellow®, and hanging up when pressed.

Google Ad Words phone scam

Hi there, I just received a call on my cellphone from the following phone number: 001 727 330 2062. An Indian sounding man asked if I was (name removed), and when I confirmed he said '(name removed) I am calling from Google Ad Words. You have a balance on your Google Ad Words account of $62, for March, which needs to be paid. You need to log into your Google account and provide credit card details - ' at which point I said "that's not going to happen" and hung up.

He was very urgent / aggressive sounding and was 110% likely to be a scammer trying to get access to my account / credit card details - seeing as I do not use Google Ad Words, nor do I think they would be making international phone calls to collect payments details by phone for an account due the same month!!!

Libai phone scam

A number of people have received a phone call from a representative of “Libai”, a company purportedly from Hong Kong. The caller asks the recipient about three shopping habits. The caller then explains that the recipient has been awarded an MP3 player for their time. The next evening, a further call is received and the caller asks what colour MP3 player the recipient would like, and that there will be a conference in Auckland the recipient is invited to attend (the conference is supposedly about “Libai”). When the recipient says that they are unable to attend, the caller gives a raffle number with the chance to win some money, which will be drawn at the conference. A day or so after the conference the recipient receives a call to say that they have won HK$600,000. The callers explain that they will email a claimants form and require the recipient to fill this out and scan it back to them. Once the form is filled and sent back, the recipient is asked to pay NZ$3,300 to cover an international accountants time and preparation for the winnings.

The caller is often a lady with an Asian accent. She goes by the name of “Alice”, “Margaret” and “Elizabeth”. The details they provide are (09)889-5918, fax number +85230078949, email addresses enquiry @ and libaigroup @

"Silver Lake Resort" scam

"I received a call from phone number 003212893157 saying I had been selected to answer questions about Silver Lake Resort the later said this wasn't a prize but discount travel and accommodation. They wanted my credit card details and wanted me to pay $US 698 up front, with much of the rest paid on arrival and it didn't cover flight or transfer costs. The prize was for 4 people and they kept adding more and more stopovers and hassling me for credit card numbers or they wouldn't be able to give reduced flight prices."

Sunshine Travel phone scam

This afternoon my 56 year old mother received a phone call from a female by the name of Ariel claiming to be a representative for Omni Florida Travel, agent number: 2379. Ariel informed my mother that she had won a 2 week holiday package for 4 people to Florida and The Bahamas. She will stay in Radison Hotels and travel on an 8 deck boat to The Bahamas.

Apparently, my mother had been randomly selected from a random non-specific survey she had apparently filled in, the origin of which can not be specified.

After a 30 minute spiel about how wonderful her holiday will be and all the extras included, Ariel kindly transferred mum to the travel agent who then tried his very best to get a credit card number. Upon my mother’s refusal to supply him with her credit card details, he continued to berate her for the credit card so she could “hold her place” in the competition whilst she thought about it. And if she did not supply it, she would simply miss out on this wonderfully-too-good-to-be-true holiday. My mother refused him four times. Eventually the dear scammer gave up and hung up the phone.

These scammers are very organized. They knew my mother’s full name, her address and her email address. They are claiming to be from America.

Here are the details supplied by Ariel:
Website: www .omnifloridatravel .com
Phone: 0011 727 940 94521

I have rung ASB cancelled my current Visa card. The bank tell me that there are two transactions for this outfit, one for $1300 odd and another for $1400 odd that was declined. There was absolutely no authorization for the second attempted withdrawal which proves the whole process was not cosher.
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