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Quarterly Gaming Machine Proceeds data is a snapshot and correct as at the time of publishing. Please refer to the latest GMP Quarterly dashboard release to get most up-to date data: Gaming Machine Proceeds (GMP) Data

The following table lists the sites/venues that were on a society’s schedule of sites on 17 October 2001.

Please note: Banks Peninsula is listed in this table as a Territorial Authority. However, Banks Peninsula is now a ward in Christchurch City (as of 05/03/2006). Its information ought to be considered in conjunction with that of Christchurch City.

Sites or venues that were on a society’s licence on 17 October 2001, and have not been without a Class 4 venue licence for a period of six months or more, may operate up to a maximum of 18 gaming machines. The venues in this table were on a society's licence as operating gaming machines on that date. Some venues may have changed their name and you may find it easier to locate a venue by its address.

If there has been a period of six months or more where a venue has been without a Class 4 venue licence, a territorial authority consent will be required, and the venue will be limited to a maximum of nine gaming machines.

The actual total able to be operated at a venue will depend on the number of notified gaming machines shown in the table on the page titled Gaming Machine Numbers as at 22 September 2003. If this is less than 18, a territorial consent will be necessary if a society wishes to increase the number of its machines being operated at a venue to the potential maximum of 18.

Contact the Gambling Compliance Group to find out if there has been a period of six months or more during which no licence was held.

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